Bonus Post: 4th Quarter Dreamtime Fiction

Today we are in the last full day of the 4th Qrt Waning Moon in astrological Scorpio. Tomorrow morning propels us into Sun and New Moon transiting into the Fiery sign of Sagittarius. In honor of the last callings to the occult and mystical support of Scorpio’s heated waters I am posting an excerpt and links to Parts I and II of a writing of a piece of Esoteric fiction entitled- X’anyuae. Enjoy!

Esoteric Fiction as a Key

An important aspect of spiritual training and magickal practice is that of versatility and being able to re-invent the tools you are working with. This applies not only to being adept at adapting to what you physically have at your disposal, but also developing mental agility in how you express yourself creatively (or as an act of creation).  So, with this thought in mind, I’ve decided to step outside of my comfort zone and try something different- esoteric fiction! The art work was my eldest daughter’s gift to me some years ago as a representation of my former lifetime. It has been the source of much inspiration for me, so it seemed appropriate to name her and tell her story. Here goes and hope you enjoy!….


20130725_135532Image Credit: Caitlin Fennelly Art

As she lay in her dreamsleep, X’anyuae could hear the gentle voice in her mind saying “It’s time”. She opened her eyes slowly and sat up, allowing the last bit of dream vision to clear. She did not know how long she had been in the dream Temple but she sensed that it had been several days. Today was the final test she must undergo if she was to be initiated as a Vessel. Read More…

X’anyuae – Part II

X’anyuae exhaled a clear and intention-filled “yes!” and she stepped through the archway and into the sacred chamber. As soon as she passed through she felt the first of the changes in her physical form take hold. Heat spread through her like wildfire. It was not in the least unpleasant as she had developed a tolerance for this phase of the transition. It had not always been so and the memory of her first time entering this chamber flashed quickly through her mind’s eye. Read More…

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