Gifts of the Winter Solstice 2020

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December 21.2020

Astrological Capricorn:

Astrological Aquarius:
Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

Astrological Pisces:
First Quarter Moon

Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice of 2020, and there is probably no other time when we could certainly use the lengthening of the day’s light and the promise of Spring that the Solstice offers. There is also an auspicious planetary configuration occurring today-a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in astrological Aquarius. This occurrence happens rarely enough on a Solstice that there has been much anticipation around what this stellar event will bring. There have been other Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions, just not on such an auspicious date, so this one is receiving lots of attention.

With that being taken care of I’d like to draw your attention to some specific patterns of flow that are occurring, rather than any specific event. I like to look at the bigger picture-a trait of my Aquarian Sun- and there is some very interesting energy that can be brought forward as the natural flow from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces occurs in the solar months ahead.

Let’s begin with Capricorn. The Sun stationed for its solar month into the earthy and anchored energy of Capricorn. This is the energy that held in the mantle of the Sun’s persona, renews and strengthens our resolve, both physically and ephemerally. Joining the earthiness is Mercury-bringer of communication extraordinaire and Pluto-the gate of death and rebirth as the thresholds of past and future converge into an informed, deeply rich and malleable present. Mercury in the grasp of Capricorn assures that how we interact, communicate and otherwise express ourself will be deeply rooted and stable in delivery. The only problem that of inertness at times, because of not trusting the innate abilities and sure-footedness that abounds. Pluto reminds us of the need to revisit our past without trepidation, to dive in deeply and excavate what can be used in a purposeful way to transform and prepare for what the future may hold. And, an additional reminder that death is not the end, just another form of expression coming into existence.

On the great astrological wheel, Capricorn flows into the energy of Airy and practical Aquarius. This is the energy of seeing the biggest picture possible, holding the vision of potential outcomes and holding all of humanity collectively accountable. Today’s conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn bathed in the energy of Aquarius provide the ultimate “what if” of envisioning the future you wish to out-picture. Saturn’s energy is one of time and structure, providing the boundaries and “mold”, if you will, that awaits the pouring in of your active will. If you do not choose to take these steps and re-organize, Saturn will do it for you and in its own timely way. Jupiter is the quintessential essence of expansion, breath and reaching beyond. But, we often neglect the necessary polarity of contraction, inhale and drawing everything back into its core center. This often overlooked nature of Jupiter us ultimately what ends up bursting in chaotic outpour, never having the chance to return to itself and replenish from its unlimited stores. Both Saturn and Jupiter hold the keys to movement carried on the inspirational breath of Aquarius’ sight.

And, as the breath of intention in astrological Aquarius settles into a steady and rhythmic current, the compassionate and healing waters of watery Pisces well up as the 12th and last sign of the great wheel. Today the Moon waxes in First Quarter phase, inching towards a blessing fo fullness and is in astrological Pisces deep waters allowing for the grace of first steps taken in healing and self-care.

Let’s Put It All Together:

Today, on this day of the Winter Solstice, we stand in the last vestiges of the longest night and the winter’s darkened cold. But, in our wisdom, we call to the rising of a Sun bathed in renewed light, able to give the gift of its burgeoning strength into all that is manifest. We speak our truths and offer our stories of past Solstices as we call to ourselves the blessings of what will inform the present. We envision what this day means to us and dream, wish and plan for a future moving forward that will be abundant and rich in what we receive and what we are able to offer to others. And, in the rising of the Sun tomorrow, we see more clearly the road ahead and the choice that we have been gifted of how and what we will choose to carry with us on this new journey and turn off the wheel. We feel the flow of self-compassion and step assuredly across the threshold into the glowing warmth of a light of our making.

Blessings on this journey!

The Measured Grace of Ma’at: New Moon in Libra

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September 17.2020

About the Ritual:

The Moon waxes New in Astrological Libra, flowing from the grace of Virgo’s detail. This ritual will call to the intention of Virgo’s Sun and Libra’s New Moon as the measure of detail required to achieve change. Libra’s balance and intention will flow as the gift of Ma’at -order and creation – becomes the recipient and harmonious energy carried forward. The Equinox and station of the Sun in Libra follow a few days later and the work of this New Moon will ensure an equinox of power.

Time to See the Big Picture:Full Moon in Aquarius

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August 3.2020 11:58am (EDT)

The Moon waxes full in the electric sign of Aquarius tomorrow late morning. The atmosphere is filled with tiny charged particles of an electric stimulant that typifies the Aquarian thought process. The ruling planet of this airy sign is Uranus, whose impact moves full force with a strong pulsing current that provokes radical change and heightens the neurological system as it prods the entirety of the being to evolve.

Time is moving swiftly, although each day feels as though it goes on forever in the wake of COVID-19, financial concerns, political fires and a general state of unrest and uncertainty. We want things to return to “normal”-whatever that means to each of us, and straining at the bit to make it so, now! Unfortunately, time has its own accord of movement and the status we are calling the “quo” is slow to have final resolution. Now, e are being called to reflect and create a new “normal”, see through the illusion and practice discernment in all areas of our ives.

The Sun is in astrological Leo. Leo ad Aquarius are noted as being in opposition ( a natural occurrence during a Full Moon phase) because they share a line on opposite sides of the astrological wheel. I don’t perceive these as opposing forces. The bombastic and in your face nature of Leo, forcing you to take notice and the expression of communication (an air thing) that Aquarius commands are necessary components to accomplish great things, with visionary experience (Aquarius) and share in a dynamic way (Leo) with others. The flow of energy from Solar and fiery Leo and Airy and communicative Aquarius allows for each to dip into the gifts of the other and coalesce as a viable and dynamic expression.

Aquarian energy is all about what “can be”. It is dynamic, does not pause for a misplaced beat and allows the space for a vision of future potential and outcomes. Movement is a key word, as is thoughtful process given to every endeavor, action, emotion and of course, thought. Trust is another key word. This, however is not the semantic of trust implying unquestioning loyalty. Rather this is a trust cultivated through trial and error, surrender to your own truths and stepping into your mantle of creative power, regardless of the outcome. Trust is cultivated when we allow ourself the grace of making mistakes, getting back up and replaying the scene with all eyes on what and where the error occurred.

When we approach life in this way, we begin to see the bigger picture. We begin to trust that challenges are not obstacles that impeded our growth. We begin to see beyond the challenges and envision what the outcome can be when we trust the process and our discernment.

Add to this Full Moon three (3) potent retrograde planets-Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter provides the opportunity to breathe into opening the lens of the aperture wider to see the bigger picture. This is the natural flow of physical breath-contraction and expansion as air fills the body and is exhaled. Saturn calls us to greater structure, compelling us to step through the gates of time and our choices made and emerge stronger, wiser and more fully present. Saturn is the secondary ruler of Aquarius and it is this energy that allows Aquarius to refine in such a precise way. And, Pluto pulls us into the cycle of past-present and future, death and rebirth. Pluto is the unknown, the fear of what lay beyond. Trust requires that fear of the unknown be put aside and acceptance that there is a natural order and cycle to all things. We move into this cycle and the limits of time are broken in the realization that past-present and future are continually evolving simultaneously and as such we have access to all that we need to see the reality of the bigger picture and truth of our existence.

So, what does this all mean? This Full Moon is an opportunity to break free of what limits you. To fully envision the life you wish to have manifest. To lay down the blueprint that will call you to action. To align your mind with the knowledge of your own power and control over your life. To claim the mantle of your humanity and to hold true to the vision of your truth.

Want to know more?

About Astrological Aquarius:

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Full Moon in Capricorn

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July 5.2020 12:44am (EDT)

The Moon is Full in astrological Capricorn this month and the work we are called to involves all that is manifest, of a physical nature and provides the foundations from which we grow, move and learn to trust in ourselves.

Capricorn is of the Earth element and of a Cardinal modality. These are the qualities that provide Capricorn with the ability to remain steady and sure of its footing – the Sea Goat- but only if we allow ourselves to keep moving. The detriment is not having belief and confidence in your abilities, despite organically being graced with the ability to navigate the heights and swim the depths. This can make for a very slow moving journey-much like 2 steps forward, 4 steps back.

The key here is to trust in your “physicality”. To trust in the many gifts of physical and corporeal nature and to step confidently without continually looking down.

These are certainly challenging times and how we navigate them is largely dependent on how assured we feel that we are safe, cared for/about and are not lacking in our manifest needs. Take the opportunity at this full moon to call in all of the manifest debts owed to yourself. All of the resources of endurance and health and prosperity. And, then allow them to be infused with the strength of Capricorn’s scaffolding and the openness of a full heart to receive this strength-in perfect love and perfect trust.

Blessings of the Full Moon and be sure to check out the 5-Minute Full Moon video.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

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June 5.2020 3:12pm EDT

Mother Moon waxes Full in the astrological sign of Sagittarius, a sign of Mutable modality. The quality of the mutable nature is one of expansion and contraction, allowing for each increment of reaching outward to move slightly further than the previous effort. The image of Sagittarius is one of the archer. This exemplifies the ability of reach and expanse as the arrow is set, the aim is sited in and the release is one of controlled precision. If accurate in aim the target intended will be breached and the begins of a new connectivity will be out-pictured for exploration and action. Intention is everything, and even if the target hit is far amiss from what was hoped for, the effort of practice and setting into motion a method of reach is never wasted.

This month’s 5-Minute Full Moon calls to the work of connectivity and reach. It is the work of of synthesis of Gemini’s New Moon energy of communication and Sagittarius’ tools to achieve that connection……

5-Minute Full Moon Videos

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April 7.2020 Full Moon in Libra

Join me for the first in a series of videos using poetic rune as the vehicle of working for devotion and intention during the Full Moon lunation.

Each month’s Full Moon will focus on practical application of the astrological mantle in a simple and brief span of 5 minutes. Nothing, other than yourself and your heartfelt intention is required.

You will be directed to my YouTube Channel to access the video.Click here: 5-Minute Full Moon-April 2020

Transcript of Runic Verse.....

Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
Holding Libra’s scales
Weighing the measure of night.
Heed my call
My devotion, my gift
That harmony prevails
Uncertainty set adrift.
Healing waters rising up
Renewed and filled with grace
Strength in your light
Pouring onto upturned face.
Breath flowing strongly
Opening clarity of mind
Healing all of Spirit
Divinely and lovingly refined.
Strength of Will to action
Resilient and bountiful
Body made whole and manifest
Cloaked in Mother’s soothing mantle.
Mother Moon comfort is offered
From your nurturing and gentle hand
In the blessing of your revealing
In your watery image collectively we stand.
Mother Moon, ruler of this night
Milky orb of my heart’s desire
On this night of unending devotion
Awaken the depths of my Spirit’s purifying fires.
In your likeness may I be renewed
In your power may I guide the way
In your light may I see my inner truths
And in gratitude and health may
I greet each day.
Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
The scales of balance sway
Held in my hand of knowing sight.

New Moon in Aquarius-Our Temple of Haven

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January 24.2020


The Moon transits New tomorrow morning in the airy astrological sign of Aquarius. This is the call to visioning what could be. To creating a new narrative and thus a new blueprint of desired outcome and hope. This all sounds quite grand, but the reality is that we are in the midst of some very challenging times and reserves of health, will and stamina are in short supply.

I am currently running a series of classes entitled The Power of the Witch:Magickal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit. This past week our focus was on renewal and health of the Body. Our corporeal form that provides the day-to-day support to enable our greater work of spiritual practice.

The intention was simple enough, that of honoring our bodies and the marvelous ways we move through this world, and thus, honoring the work we do as Divinely inspired beings of spirit and soul. The complexity lay in all that we encounter along the way back to ourselves in all of our beauty and grace and the limitations, and script we write that support less than healthy behaviors of mind and body.

There is no doubt that going about the work of being human is difficult. Staying healthy (no judgement here as to what that should look like) in the sense of knowing your limitations, nourishing your body, relaxing your mind and having good boundaries and realistic expectations consumes most of us. And, as much as I love the (Aquarian-driven) techie age, there is often too much information at any given time that fluctuates in the messages more often than a chameleon changes color.

This New Moon is all about opportunity to envision and to be the advocate for humanity-in this case, I am going to say the humanity of YOURSELF. Forget about New Year’s resolutions, Instead, make a fresh start at replenishing your reserves and moving towards a place of wholeness and stamina that is fed and nurtured in appropriate and sustaining ways.

Aquarian energy is infused with Uranian electricity and transformation. Use this energy to motivate and electrify your resolve to step more fully into the best version of yourself. The space of having just enough of all aspects of your physical life and thus enhancing your spiritual self in a way that encourages growth and allows for that growth to evolve without draining or depleting your vitality.

One of the recommendations I had for us was in creating an astral Temple of Haven (respite). This is a self-created space that is abundant in healing and renewal, all the while holding the intention and vision of you strong, empowered, renewed and ready to take on the work of the mundane and the spiritual.

So, I ask you on this auspicious New Moon of Mind’s Creative Vision…

Are you seeking a respite from the demands of physical life and spiritual practice? Are you reaching towards a space of clarity that will be your haven, your space of healing and your Temple of Devotion to your Gods/desses and yourself?

Make vow to yourself on this day of the New Moon that you will use its energy to carry you through whatever lay ahead, and in so doing grow and evolve into the changes and the challenges knowing that you Temple awaits you whenever needed…

This brief 10-minute pathworking is a live recording from The Power of the Witch class; part of the Temple of Light Series 2020….

This track is a brief pathworking recorded live as part of the Temple of Light-The Power of the Witch series. The focus in this class was on the Body. The Temple of Haven is a space of respite. A creation of your own that allows for renewal and introspection. You may return to this Temple anytime you wish. The realizations uncovered within this space are the mysteries of your own corporeal form, your Divinity and the collaboration of each in creating a healthy-whole -YOU.

The Temple of Haven
You will be directed to Bandcamp

Blessings of this New Moon of Grace..

Full Moon in Gemini: The Perfect Timing to Reboot!

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December 12.2019 aka 12.12.2019
12:12am (EST)

Uranus Retrograde in Astrological Taurus

As we near the end of this year-and a 10-year cycle within the year 2000, there is a lot of energy, change and shifts afoot. For many this year has been an especially challenging one at all levels. Climate change, political tensions, injustice, death, natural disasters and more have bombarded us with stressors beyond the norm that our technology driven day to day life imparts. And, today as Lady Moon rides high in the astrological sign of talkative Gemini and electrically charged Uranus remains retrograde it is the perfect time to “reboot”!

In technological jargon a “reboot” means that a device needs to be restarted, most notably after stalling or installation/introduction of a new program or application. The existing power is not terminated, as in shutting down and requiring a generation of start-up; instead I like to think of it as a momentary pause for integration and recognition of what has been newly added, while maintaining the initial energy used to start the entirety of the device itself. In other words, we don’t always need to let go if the momentum when we introduce something new to the mix. Especially if that something new holds the component of an upgrade to what exists with sole intention of making it perform or respond better.

The overlays of several potent astrological markers in this Full Moon’s venue offer maximum opportunity to upgrade, refine, open new lines of communication and reboot your being as we are soon to enter a new year. These are some of the highlights that you may wish to use in forming an intention for this moon’s work and/or the coming year:


Some very interesting iterations of numerical patterns such as the date of 12/12 and the moon waxing Full at 12:12a.m. this morning.
The number 12 is envisioned as a separate identifier of the month and the day; and 12 ( 1+2) = 3 when reduced. We have a double iteration of 3 (month) and 3 (day). Two layers of a triune nature. Think, Maiden, Mother, Crone Youth, Father, Sage. Using this pattern we have a 3 of Feminine energy and polarity(not gender, rather the quality of the energetic signature) and 3 of the Masculine energy. The receptive nature and that which seeds that receptiveness when combined providing the space of creation.

And, where is the product of that creation: 12:12a.m. Two coalescing to produce within itself a mirror reflection !2 (3) : 12(3)a.m. of what is held in the potency of today’s date and month.

The second iteration is yet to come as the promise of something transformative and foundational in its expression- this being the last full moon of a 10-year cycle and heralding the nearing of crossing into the year 2020.

This last full moon of a 10 cycle is the final stamp of “pass through” that is energetic nature of the number 10. 10 evolves from the number 9-last of the single digits and the space of finality, crossing thresholds, death and rebirth. 10 marks the return to the singular nature of “1” now standing in collaboration with the “0” of the limitless all, infinity and all potential. This new way of being that is offered by the number 10 speaks to having learned the lessons as the singular being and choosing to be reborn now knowing one’s place as part and parcel of the Divine (the 0).

This is the potency and potential we carry into the year 2020 and that full moo;s light that guides the way as herald from this cycle into the next. 2020 reduces to 2+2=4; and as such this upcoming year promises to bring about new foundations (the ultimate gift of 4-think about the strength of a 4-sided cube and the support on all sides) and changes that will redesign how we perceive ourselves in this world and how the world perceives our philosophies and actions.

The Full Moon and Uranus Retrograde

The astrological sign of this Full Moon is Gemini; the quintessential master of communication, shape-shifter in ability to change course instantly and Mutable (flexibility and resilience) Air (mind, intellect, breath) that is sharp as a knife and just as insightful to change philosophies, agendas and blueprints to accommodate the currents of change. Add to this the intensity of a Uranian retrograde and everything is now amplified, aped up and running at micro-speed. Uranus and Mercury are reflections of one another. The latter being the higher amplification of communication’s gifts (think computer email) and the former being grassroots style (think of phone call), up close and personal. An additional component of Uranus is how it works directly on our neurological system because of its potency serving as an electrical current vs a battery (Mercury). Whenever Uranus stations retrograde, life forms, in general feel more agitated and neurologically stimulated than at other times; primarily because all life forms are electricity themselves.

Time to Reboot!

What do you want the memory of this year to be?
What do you wish to bolster and carry with you into the New Year?
What will you retain in its original form and seek to upgrade as you leave this 10-yr. cycle behind and start anew?
What do you seek in the deepest of places of your heart to rekindle and awaken to serve you in your highest and most human forms?
How will you deepen the connection of communication between your fullest and most compassionate nature in alignment with your most inspired mind?

Give pause on this Full Moon to allow the reflection of all that have brought to this point in your journey to shine in its fullest-good-bad and indifferent. Take time to offer up gratitude to all that you are now and make oath to yourself that you will keep the lines of communication open within all of your parts of self. And, perhaps most importantly, allow the electrified light of you-just simply you-to fill the world with the joy of your gifts.

Blessings on this most auspicious of Full Moons….

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Mercury Transit 2019 and Full Moon in Taurus: Knock! Knock! Who’s There?

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Image: KHQAnews

November 11.2019

Today (retrograde) Mercury will transit the Sun in a rare and auspicious event. We are also in the aura of a Full Moon in Taurus (Nov. 12 @ 8:34a.m. EST), giving this already powerful alignment even more potential for communication between the physical and spiritual nature of our being.

The Astrological Impact:

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio
Solar Month of Scorpio
Lunar Phase of the Full Moon in Taurus

The Mercury transit will occur over a 5.5 Hr. period, beginning at 7:34a.m. (EST) – peaking with the greatest contact at 10:34a.m.(EST) and having final contact around 1:04p.m.  (EST).

Read more here:

Knock! Knock! Who’s There?

Mercury is the quintessential planet of communication and is of the mental (Airy) realm. It guides the flow, quality and depth of how interaction occurs at all levels and assists in formulating the construct of thoughts, blueprint of experience and what we think can be. How we process the world and our experience within it are directly influenced by Mercury’s potency, albeit often transparency as we tend to consider communication from the perspective of social dialogue. This is part of the equation, but the most effective communication occurs at multi-levels of expression-how we move and displace energy through that movement-the verbage left unsaid, yet thundering through our thoughts-a look, a glance and every visual moniker that offers expression of what cannot be said, and more – you get the picture.

The Sun has been moving through the astrological sign of Scorpio, intense, intuitive and holding the power to transform at deep levels if we allow the shedding of the Scorpion’s stinger and take on the winged aspirations of the Eagle and the final rendering down and re-creation of the Phoenix reborn (all symbols of Scorpio’s waters. The Sun is our strength of being, the Divine spark of our spiritual essence and the power we emanate as corporeal beings carrying the memory of our own Divinity as spiritual foundation. Wearing the mantle of Scorpion allows for growth that is palpable and transformative in a way that out-pictures in all of our expressions.

Mercury’s transit will amp up the level of communication in a way that opens the doorway to those aspects of ourselves that lay deeply hidden below the surface.A new network is now flooded with the strength of Solar light and the tempering of heat and fiery will to “become” How we choose to respond to what is gifted us and what we turn away from is entirely of our free will, but, what needs adjusting and closer inspection will be persistent and will “sting” in its efforts if we struggle and resist.

As if this were not enough, Lady Moon waxes Full in astrological and earthy Taurus with peak tomorrow. Taurus is of the Earth Element and is the embodiment of manifestation and stability (a sign of Fixed Modality) that provides the foundation for our expression as physical beings. The Full Moon wears this mantle lending boundary to the watery outpourings of gnosis and heart. Think-the boundaries of shoreline that provide container for the vastness and depths of ocean.

Putting it Together:

We stand at the doorway of opening to a greater expression of who we are-at all levels of our being. Mercury transits and moves between Sun (the generator that provides life, light and the fires of will) and Earth (manifest form and physical foundations). The Moon waxes and builds in preparing the vessel that will become the meeting place of dialogue between mind (Mercury) and will (Sun).

We knock on this doorway, seeking entry into a most sacred sanctuary of our inner being. A place that has been uninhabited for some time and now is ready to receive its guest seeking deeper understanding and knowledge of self. What we find beyond may not be what we wish to encounter, just relax and know that if you knock on these doors, and speak truly your identity they will be flung open wide, for they are of your creation.

Blessings of this auspicious opportunity!

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Aries Full Moon-Lets Play

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October 13.2019
5:08p.m. (EDT)

We welcome the Aries Full Moon and the playful energy that can be harvested if we allow ourselves to partake of the mysteries and beauty of the Samhain season. There is power and strength as we prepare to honor the ancestors and our beloved departed and as we remember their lives, we can also appreciate the bounty and beauty of the life we now enjoy and for the moment allow cynicism and negativity to fall away. As we ride the crest of Mother Moon’s full bounty we can use this freedom to simply “be” and carry it into the deep recesses of our being to illuminate and inform how we move forward.

This full moon is one of Fire and holds the energy of beginnings in the Cardinal astrological sign of Aries. The opportunity for a fresh perspective unencumbered by pre-conceived notions abounds. Aries is the first of astrological signs and as such brings a youthful and certain naivete to all that it touches. Think back to the enthusiasm and limitless energy and visions you had as a young child. Nothing was unachievable. Nothing was impossible and everywhere offered a new adventure. All of this is what is needed desperately now, and using it as a tool to simply enjoy the catalyzing effects of fires newly begun can light the pathway of bringing a fresh start to anything you wish.

Some things you could allow to arise from this moon:

**Allowing yourself the gift of child-like wonder and applying it to something that has become tired and worrisome to you;

**Setting the intention of allowing the adventure of life to unfold and be guided by your deepest desires;

**Becoming the loving parent that kindles confidence and unconditional love to your younger self;

**Giving yourself permission to run and dance and sing in pure joy and freedom;

**Honoring that “play” is the opportunity to try out a new way of being, and to savor the “playful” energy that is continually reaching out to us to pull us from the lethargy of assumption.

So, in the glow of this Aries Full Moon, when you look up at the beauty and light that fills everything,call out to HER and issue the invitation…“Lets Play”

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