Bonus Post: Sleeping with the Goddess

Waning Moon in Libra
Ruling Planet: Venus

Tonight the Mother Moon is waning in the astrological sign of Libra. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus and tonight I call upon the beauty and grace, ferocity and transformative nature of her energy. As the flow of moon’s light wanes towards the mystery of her darkness, seek her in the growing shadow just as you call to her in the fullness of her waxing light.

Sleeping with the Goddess: The Power of the Sacred Feminine

I twist and turn as the Fates
Spin the multicolored threads
That are the web of life.

Strength and beauty grace my path
And Mother’s gaze softens
As she looks upon my weaving.

I awaken joyous and bursting
With life and renewed spirit
Youth my ally and wisdom
Just from hand’s reach
Not ready for the taking.

I sigh into the pain as
New life issues forth
I am caretaker and guardian
Of this sacred living gift.

I close my eyes and slumber finds me
Her beating heart echoes through me
Arms cradling Her child of making
Welcoming me home into her
Womb of creation.

We, as pagans celebrate the duality and polarity of all manner of things as we perform our workings of magick, make offerings to the Deities and weave the rich tapestry of our magickal and mundane lives. Contained within these polarities are the concepts of the masculine and the feminine that transcend gender and sexual dynamics. These are the outpourings of the solar and the lunar, strength and emotion, force and form. Read More at: Womb of Light Blog

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