Jupiter Retrograde-Expanding Spaciousness


December 8.2015
Jupiter Stations Retrograde
3:41 pm (EST)

The largest planet in our Solar System- Jupiter- stations retrograde this afternoon in the astrological sign of Leo. Jupiter is considered the great expander and has strong affinity with prosperity of all manner. Jupiter is the planet we use for money matters and financial gain calling upon the God, Jove as conductor of a strong and steady flow.

We have already explored the dynamics and magnetism of Leo in the Temple of the Sun and the fiery will to action that emanates from this brilliant centerpiece as the Sun itself reigns as ruler of this sign. When we think of Jupiter and Leo as co-conspirators the result is nothing less than spectacular!

The key point here is the retrograde stationing of Jupiter. As mighty Jupiter hangs in pause, things are going to expand and heat up. Beginning this retrograde while the Sun is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius adds an extra boost of dynamic flame to whatever it is applied towards.  The opportunity is one much like a hot air balloon. The heat exerted on the expansive balloon offers enough flow to cause the craft to rise and be carried aloft in search of new adventures. Leo’s  Fires applied to expandable Jupiter carry aloft the aspirations of will, desire and action to a place of the new trails and new connections of Sagittarius.

Now let’s apply this thought to the concept of spaciousness. Spaciousness is being open and receptive to allowing things to move through your awareness and being. Spaciousness is perceiving yourself as having room to grow and space gently between those intervals that gently pushes apart cell and structure as it creates space for more. Spaciousness is breathing deeply and fully taking in everything and still  not being completely filled as each increase creates paths of opening for more.

Now what if we could take this spaciousness and add layer upon layer of magnetism. As we expanded our spaciousness we drew more and more to ourselves. Each exhale opens a little more space to be filled. Each inhalation draws in magnetically what we wish to attract. And, so this cycle of expansion and contraction continues.

Let’s go back to the beginning and the traditional application of Jupiter’s energy towards abundance. This Jupiter Retrograde sets up the action of attraction, opening the “space” to receive this abundance and then breathing into the heart of its catalytic fires .

Jupiter remains retrograde until April of next year;so, use these months to slowly and steadily increase those areas you wish to be more abundant in your life.

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