It’s Fresh-It’s New and I’m Ready Now!


September 27.2015
Full Moon in Aries
10:50pm (EDT)

Total Lunar Eclipse

The energy has been building exponentially- retrogrades, lunar cycles and eclipses have been dancing the celestial dance and now the time for breaking through is at hand.

The Moon waxes Full late tomorrow evening in the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is Fire, new beginnings (the first sign of the astrological wheel), unbridled enthusiasm and just the injection needed to pull us out of the heaviness we’ve been experiencing. Now, that is not to say that there are not still challenging times ahead, but consider this Full moon an opportunity to reset and realign. The astrological sign of Aries is noted as the “baby” of the zodiac. I prefer to think of its energy more that of the child. Children are naturally enthusiastic and see no limits to what they believe they can accomplish. Children trust what is around them, giving unconditionally and embracing every new experience. That is until, they are taught fear, caution, mistrust and begin the process of creating blocks. This full Moon brings an opportunity to reset to that space of openness and receptivity, expecting only the best as a future outcome.

The Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon phases Full as the Sun – Earth and Moon line up; with the Moon passing through the Earth’s shadow. Spiritually, this energy can be considered as an opportunity of centering (our Earthly form) and opening to the strengthening of Solar Will (Sun) and the enlivened shadow of the Lunar Flow (Moon) of our Emotional self.


Click on the image for some very interesting scientific information about this Super Moon

Other Allies:

The Moon in Aries provides a fresh perspective when engaging the emotional landscape that is revealed in the fullness of Lady Moon. The planet Mercury recently stationed retrograde, as is Uranus and Neptune as well. Remember that Sun-Earth and Moon dynamic that is occurring during the eclipse? We have Fire – Earth – and Water at play. Retrogrades provide an intensity of focus of the energy of that planet. Mercury is retrograde in Libra (Air) – Uranus is retrograde in Aries (Fire) – and Neptune is retrograde in Pisces (Water).

During this super-moon the dance is a trio of Fire- Earth and Water, action/will partnering within the foundational and human experience that is expressed so beautifully through our emotions, desires and compassion.

The Sun and Retrograde Mercury recently transited into the Airy sign of Libra. Taking that into consideration, we have all four of the alchemical elements represented during this dynamic Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. The bountiful gifts of each Full Moon are punctuated by the relationships and interactions in a dance of emotional empowerment and active will. The gifts of this Moon are those of great expectations and excitement about all that lay ahead as we begin anew the inner dialogue (Mercury-communication) of  alignment (much like the alignment of sun-earth and moon in the eclipse) of Mind (Air-Sun/Mercury)- Heart (Moon/Neptune) – the Fire of Action and Will (Uranus) and Body (Earth).

Blessings of this Moon of grace and light…

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