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Full Moon in Aries and the Maiden

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October 20.2021
10.57am (EDT)

Today’s offering is an extract from Day Thirteen of 30-Days of Samhain posts. Enjoy!

A Full Moon cues the tension held between the Sun and Moon, each in the sign of its opposing other. This moon in particular is carrying with it a crowning of fullness in the final hours of Aries’ energy just as the Sun is readying to move into the Solar mantle of Scorpio two days from now. We have just been released (Mercury stationed Direct on Oct. 18th) from the scrutiny of a Mercury Retrograde, so communication is a bit slow going as the deftness of Mercurian energy amps up to normalcy.

Other actor’s upon this stage include the retrograde intensity of Uranus and Neptune. Here, the supporting cast assures that our intuitive and watery nature will be actively and assertively (Moon in Aries) expressed, infused with a bolt of electrified stability and manifest-like quality (Uranus in Taurus). All is called to the depths and darkness of the abyss of compassion (Neptune in Pisces). And the ensuing stationing of the Sun in Scorpio gives preview of just how deeply we are able to go…. Read more: 30-Days of Samhain: Day Thirteen

Emotions Running High?

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Art: The Titan’s Cup by Thomas Cole (1833)
New Moon in Cancer
July 9.2021
9:16 (EDT)

Sun in Cancer Retrogrades Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Saturn in Aquarius Pluto in Capricorn

Mother Moon waxes New in astrological Cancer on Friday, July 8.2021 at 9:16 (EDT). Cancer is an elemental sign of water, ruled by the Moon and as such emotions, who we call family and the spaces of sanctuary we have created may feel as though they are surrounding us in deep waters of healing-or of overload. 

A New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start, bolstering what has been put into place through previous cycles or just simply a time to allow to arise what needs to be actuated. This particular New Moon gains the support of astrological Cancer and the tides of its waters of foundational home and support from those you have chosen as family. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon so there is a very pure and clear sense of purpose around cultivating the nurturing and loving wisdom illuminated through your emotional state of being. 

The Sun has stationed mid-point in astrological Cancer for this solar month, so there is both the support of strengthened and blazing light and the cool soothing moonlit waters. The caution is remaining too long in those sunlit waters - think sunburn from the reflective waters in the blazing noon-day sun. Bask in the heat and renewal of the waters but be mindful of allowing only what is needed and appropriate to infuse you with life giving revitalization. 

There is more to this New Moon's energy that may be used as inspiration. Retrogrades of four (4) heavy hitter planets flows through this moon;'s energies:

Expansive Jupiter and the Deep and Murky waters of Neptune's embrace are both under the influence of watery astrological Pisces. Neptune is the higher amplification of Venus' energies of grace and relationship, and with that amplification of nuance, emotions run deep and relationships (with self and others) can be emotionally overwhelming. Jupiter provides the ebb (contraction) and flow (expansion) of the emotional tides and in astrological Pisces this often expresses as mood swings and a feeling much like the retreating sand under foot when standing at the ocean's edge as the waters move in and out. Stand too long in the same spot (loop of emotional outpouring, even with the highest intent) and you will lose footing. 

Saturn is retrograde in airy and mental Aquarius, so there is the opportunity to create the supportive structure of thought and mind that sees through the illusion and perceives the bigger picture of "what could be". With the abundance of water flowing through this New Moon's grace, crafting the appropriate boundaries and aligning the mental blueprints for how to most productively use its bounty can go a long way.  And, finally Pluto-keeper of death, rebirth and the higher amplification of Mar's dynamic force, is retrograde in astrological Capricorn-the Sea-Goat. The gift here is one of active movement towards regeneration that reaches deeply into the depths of watery flow and has the adept sure-footedness to scale the heights of inspired growth. Capricorn's earthy presence provides the foundational stability that allows for resilience. Think buoy in the rocky and stormy seas. 

Emotions Running High?

So, what does all of this mean? I invite you to use this New Moon to settle more deeply into who you are in your best self that is loved unconditionally. That is supported by those you cherish and resonate with as family. The you that carries "home" as the internal space of knowingness that you are a citizen of the Cosmos-a vast and broad space that holds the blueprint of creation itself in its mysteries; and as such every space is home when you are in it.  

I invite you to allow yourself the grace of immersing yourself in the nurturing waters of a moonlit pool that is just right and has been crafted by the boundaries you have established as a space of resilience, expansion, contraction and rebirth. And, when you arise from those waters, you see with clarity and have a new and a re-NEW-ed sense of purpose. I invite you to embrace this New Moon in Cancer in the spirit of excited anticipation of refuge as you would your family on returning home after a long, challenging and emotionally difficult day  at work knowing that the table is set, the food is nourishing and exactly what you are hungry for, the company is welcoming and this home is the blessing of sanctuary and stability.  Blessings of this New Moon!  

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Gifts of the Winter Solstice 2020

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December 21.2020

Astrological Capricorn:

Astrological Aquarius:
Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

Astrological Pisces:
First Quarter Moon

Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice of 2020, and there is probably no other time when we could certainly use the lengthening of the day’s light and the promise of Spring that the Solstice offers. There is also an auspicious planetary configuration occurring today-a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in astrological Aquarius. This occurrence happens rarely enough on a Solstice that there has been much anticipation around what this stellar event will bring. There have been other Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions, just not on such an auspicious date, so this one is receiving lots of attention.

With that being taken care of I’d like to draw your attention to some specific patterns of flow that are occurring, rather than any specific event. I like to look at the bigger picture-a trait of my Aquarian Sun- and there is some very interesting energy that can be brought forward as the natural flow from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces occurs in the solar months ahead.

Let’s begin with Capricorn. The Sun stationed for its solar month into the earthy and anchored energy of Capricorn. This is the energy that held in the mantle of the Sun’s persona, renews and strengthens our resolve, both physically and ephemerally. Joining the earthiness is Mercury-bringer of communication extraordinaire and Pluto-the gate of death and rebirth as the thresholds of past and future converge into an informed, deeply rich and malleable present. Mercury in the grasp of Capricorn assures that how we interact, communicate and otherwise express ourself will be deeply rooted and stable in delivery. The only problem that of inertness at times, because of not trusting the innate abilities and sure-footedness that abounds. Pluto reminds us of the need to revisit our past without trepidation, to dive in deeply and excavate what can be used in a purposeful way to transform and prepare for what the future may hold. And, an additional reminder that death is not the end, just another form of expression coming into existence.

On the great astrological wheel, Capricorn flows into the energy of Airy and practical Aquarius. This is the energy of seeing the biggest picture possible, holding the vision of potential outcomes and holding all of humanity collectively accountable. Today’s conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn bathed in the energy of Aquarius provide the ultimate “what if” of envisioning the future you wish to out-picture. Saturn’s energy is one of time and structure, providing the boundaries and “mold”, if you will, that awaits the pouring in of your active will. If you do not choose to take these steps and re-organize, Saturn will do it for you and in its own timely way. Jupiter is the quintessential essence of expansion, breath and reaching beyond. But, we often neglect the necessary polarity of contraction, inhale and drawing everything back into its core center. This often overlooked nature of Jupiter us ultimately what ends up bursting in chaotic outpour, never having the chance to return to itself and replenish from its unlimited stores. Both Saturn and Jupiter hold the keys to movement carried on the inspirational breath of Aquarius’ sight.

And, as the breath of intention in astrological Aquarius settles into a steady and rhythmic current, the compassionate and healing waters of watery Pisces well up as the 12th and last sign of the great wheel. Today the Moon waxes in First Quarter phase, inching towards a blessing fo fullness and is in astrological Pisces deep waters allowing for the grace of first steps taken in healing and self-care.

Let’s Put It All Together:

Today, on this day of the Winter Solstice, we stand in the last vestiges of the longest night and the winter’s darkened cold. But, in our wisdom, we call to the rising of a Sun bathed in renewed light, able to give the gift of its burgeoning strength into all that is manifest. We speak our truths and offer our stories of past Solstices as we call to ourselves the blessings of what will inform the present. We envision what this day means to us and dream, wish and plan for a future moving forward that will be abundant and rich in what we receive and what we are able to offer to others. And, in the rising of the Sun tomorrow, we see more clearly the road ahead and the choice that we have been gifted of how and what we will choose to carry with us on this new journey and turn off the wheel. We feel the flow of self-compassion and step assuredly across the threshold into the glowing warmth of a light of our making.

Blessings on this journey!

The Measured Grace of Ma’at: New Moon in Libra

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September 17.2020

About the Ritual:

The Moon waxes New in Astrological Libra, flowing from the grace of Virgo’s detail. This ritual will call to the intention of Virgo’s Sun and Libra’s New Moon as the measure of detail required to achieve change. Libra’s balance and intention will flow as the gift of Ma’at -order and creation – becomes the recipient and harmonious energy carried forward. The Equinox and station of the Sun in Libra follow a few days later and the work of this New Moon will ensure an equinox of power.

Time to See the Big Picture:Full Moon in Aquarius

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August 3.2020 11:58am (EDT)

The Moon waxes full in the electric sign of Aquarius tomorrow late morning. The atmosphere is filled with tiny charged particles of an electric stimulant that typifies the Aquarian thought process. The ruling planet of this airy sign is Uranus, whose impact moves full force with a strong pulsing current that provokes radical change and heightens the neurological system as it prods the entirety of the being to evolve.

Time is moving swiftly, although each day feels as though it goes on forever in the wake of COVID-19, financial concerns, political fires and a general state of unrest and uncertainty. We want things to return to “normal”-whatever that means to each of us, and straining at the bit to make it so, now! Unfortunately, time has its own accord of movement and the status we are calling the “quo” is slow to have final resolution. Now, e are being called to reflect and create a new “normal”, see through the illusion and practice discernment in all areas of our ives.

The Sun is in astrological Leo. Leo ad Aquarius are noted as being in opposition ( a natural occurrence during a Full Moon phase) because they share a line on opposite sides of the astrological wheel. I don’t perceive these as opposing forces. The bombastic and in your face nature of Leo, forcing you to take notice and the expression of communication (an air thing) that Aquarius commands are necessary components to accomplish great things, with visionary experience (Aquarius) and share in a dynamic way (Leo) with others. The flow of energy from Solar and fiery Leo and Airy and communicative Aquarius allows for each to dip into the gifts of the other and coalesce as a viable and dynamic expression.

Aquarian energy is all about what “can be”. It is dynamic, does not pause for a misplaced beat and allows the space for a vision of future potential and outcomes. Movement is a key word, as is thoughtful process given to every endeavor, action, emotion and of course, thought. Trust is another key word. This, however is not the semantic of trust implying unquestioning loyalty. Rather this is a trust cultivated through trial and error, surrender to your own truths and stepping into your mantle of creative power, regardless of the outcome. Trust is cultivated when we allow ourself the grace of making mistakes, getting back up and replaying the scene with all eyes on what and where the error occurred.

When we approach life in this way, we begin to see the bigger picture. We begin to trust that challenges are not obstacles that impeded our growth. We begin to see beyond the challenges and envision what the outcome can be when we trust the process and our discernment.

Add to this Full Moon three (3) potent retrograde planets-Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Jupiter provides the opportunity to breathe into opening the lens of the aperture wider to see the bigger picture. This is the natural flow of physical breath-contraction and expansion as air fills the body and is exhaled. Saturn calls us to greater structure, compelling us to step through the gates of time and our choices made and emerge stronger, wiser and more fully present. Saturn is the secondary ruler of Aquarius and it is this energy that allows Aquarius to refine in such a precise way. And, Pluto pulls us into the cycle of past-present and future, death and rebirth. Pluto is the unknown, the fear of what lay beyond. Trust requires that fear of the unknown be put aside and acceptance that there is a natural order and cycle to all things. We move into this cycle and the limits of time are broken in the realization that past-present and future are continually evolving simultaneously and as such we have access to all that we need to see the reality of the bigger picture and truth of our existence.

So, what does this all mean? This Full Moon is an opportunity to break free of what limits you. To fully envision the life you wish to have manifest. To lay down the blueprint that will call you to action. To align your mind with the knowledge of your own power and control over your life. To claim the mantle of your humanity and to hold true to the vision of your truth.

Want to know more?

About Astrological Aquarius:

The Motherboard: Sun in Aquarius

The Magick of Aquarius

Full Moon in Capricorn

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July 5.2020 12:44am (EDT)

The Moon is Full in astrological Capricorn this month and the work we are called to involves all that is manifest, of a physical nature and provides the foundations from which we grow, move and learn to trust in ourselves.

Capricorn is of the Earth element and of a Cardinal modality. These are the qualities that provide Capricorn with the ability to remain steady and sure of its footing – the Sea Goat- but only if we allow ourselves to keep moving. The detriment is not having belief and confidence in your abilities, despite organically being graced with the ability to navigate the heights and swim the depths. This can make for a very slow moving journey-much like 2 steps forward, 4 steps back.

The key here is to trust in your “physicality”. To trust in the many gifts of physical and corporeal nature and to step confidently without continually looking down.

These are certainly challenging times and how we navigate them is largely dependent on how assured we feel that we are safe, cared for/about and are not lacking in our manifest needs. Take the opportunity at this full moon to call in all of the manifest debts owed to yourself. All of the resources of endurance and health and prosperity. And, then allow them to be infused with the strength of Capricorn’s scaffolding and the openness of a full heart to receive this strength-in perfect love and perfect trust.

Blessings of the Full Moon and be sure to check out the 5-Minute Full Moon video.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

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June 5.2020 3:12pm EDT

Mother Moon waxes Full in the astrological sign of Sagittarius, a sign of Mutable modality. The quality of the mutable nature is one of expansion and contraction, allowing for each increment of reaching outward to move slightly further than the previous effort. The image of Sagittarius is one of the archer. This exemplifies the ability of reach and expanse as the arrow is set, the aim is sited in and the release is one of controlled precision. If accurate in aim the target intended will be breached and the begins of a new connectivity will be out-pictured for exploration and action. Intention is everything, and even if the target hit is far amiss from what was hoped for, the effort of practice and setting into motion a method of reach is never wasted.

This month’s 5-Minute Full Moon calls to the work of connectivity and reach. It is the work of of synthesis of Gemini’s New Moon energy of communication and Sagittarius’ tools to achieve that connection……

5-Minute Full Moon Videos

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April 7.2020 Full Moon in Libra

Join me for the first in a series of videos using poetic rune as the vehicle of working for devotion and intention during the Full Moon lunation.

Each month’s Full Moon will focus on practical application of the astrological mantle in a simple and brief span of 5 minutes. Nothing, other than yourself and your heartfelt intention is required.

You will be directed to my YouTube Channel to access the video.Click here: 5-Minute Full Moon-April 2020

Transcript of Runic Verse.....

Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
Holding Libra’s scales
Weighing the measure of night.
Heed my call
My devotion, my gift
That harmony prevails
Uncertainty set adrift.
Healing waters rising up
Renewed and filled with grace
Strength in your light
Pouring onto upturned face.
Breath flowing strongly
Opening clarity of mind
Healing all of Spirit
Divinely and lovingly refined.
Strength of Will to action
Resilient and bountiful
Body made whole and manifest
Cloaked in Mother’s soothing mantle.
Mother Moon comfort is offered
From your nurturing and gentle hand
In the blessing of your revealing
In your watery image collectively we stand.
Mother Moon, ruler of this night
Milky orb of my heart’s desire
On this night of unending devotion
Awaken the depths of my Spirit’s purifying fires.
In your likeness may I be renewed
In your power may I guide the way
In your light may I see my inner truths
And in gratitude and health may
I greet each day.
Mother Moon
Full faced of Light
The scales of balance sway
Held in my hand of knowing sight.

A Temporary Rest for Recovery!

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Dear Followers..

Please be patient for new posts. Two-weeks out from a total hip replacement but on the mend and soon back to posting and sharing. In the meantime, there is plenty to read in the archives. Enjoy!

Blessings …Robin

The Healing Waters Flow-A Full Moon in Pisces

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Enjoy this audio pathworking and the blessings of this Full Moon…

A Witch's Sacred Journey

Full Moon in Pisces
August 26.2018
7:56a.m. (EDT)

Sun in Virgo

Tomorrow the Moon waxes full….
Tomorrow the healing flows in grace….
But, Today your healing begins!

Lady Moon spreads her light and the waters of renewal reach deeply into cavernous spaces that have long lain barren. It has been a long and tiresome time leading up to this Full Moon. The intensity and power of retrogrades, eclipses and Solar power that has been un-relentless, has left many feeling raw, exposed, vulnerable and uncertain.

Neptune, the ruling planet of astrological Pisces remains as one of five currently retrograde planets and with this lunation of fullness provides a deeper level of healing that may be called upon. The Sun has just recently transited in astrological and earthy Virgo and its gift is one of a solar month of refining, assessing and accounting for everything that passes through the calculated energy of…

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