Through the Veils:In-Visioning the Future

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius
November 7.2016
6:42p.m. (EST)

Today marks the date of astrological Samhain; the mid-point between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, soon to be. This is the final post of the series of focus on ancestral connection and embracing the energies of worlds interwoven as the veils between soften and open.

At the New Moon of Scorpio on October 30th we entered the sacred grove of the Ancestors with open hearts and ready to receive. Now, on the date of satrological Samhain, the veils are thinnest and the potency of energy that flows btween those gates is primed and ready for interaction.

Today marks the First Quarter phase of the waxing moon. The New Moon’s energies are building and whatever intentions were planted as seeds at the phase are now germinating and soon to be flowering when Mother Moon rises Full on November 14th. This, like Samhain, is another mid-point energy and takes its place between the beginnings of the New Moon and the peaking at the Full Moon.

We can make use of this moon phase at this most sacred of times in thinking of it as setting the stage for Gates flung wide open ready to receive the outpouring of respect and honoring of those who have left bodies of flesh and bone and the gifting of wisdom to those loved ones remaining in mortal life. The intention of deepending those connections begun at the New Moon are quickening and ready to sprout the tender buds of new flowering fed and nurtured by the act of remembering and seeking the wisdom of those remembered.

Waxing Moon in Aquarius

This year’s Samhain is marked as the Moon transits into the Fixed sign of astrological Aquarius. This sign is of the element of air and as a energy of the Fixed modality has ability to synthesize, sort and hold steady all that is of intellectual pursuit. Because of this ability to see many possibilities, the potential of the future is most prized giving a unique visionary quality to the energy of Aquarius.

Mother Moon in this sign and waxing towards Her fullness provides the opportunity to reach into the architecture of what could “be”. Father Sun remains in astrological Scorpio, another of the Fixed signs; this being of the water element. The strength of this peak point of solar month in Scorpio brings the natural intuitive nature of Scorpio to the place of the second of its symbols; the Eagle. The keen sight and perception of this magnificent bird aids in accurately and precisely focusing in on what is the optimal outcome that has potential to manifest.

These two elements used together on this auspicious date of Samhain can be used to maximize your meeting with your beloved Ancestor.

In-visioning the Future

Please enjoy the last pathworking of this series, as we once again enter the grove of the Ancestors. This journey will plant the seeds of wisdom that may be used after the veils close and we continue our work in the manifest world.

The altar that you have been using honoring your ancestors should be maintained throughout the year. Keep it clean and add to it whatever you feel your ancestor would appreciate (or appreciated in life). And, remember that you may always reach out to your ancestor; seek his/her wisdom or simply talk with as you would have in life.

Blessings on this and your future journeys…

Future’s Gate

I hope you have enjoyed this series of posts and recorded pathworkings. I am always looking to improve the quality and content of this blogs’ posts and welcome comments and suggestions… Robin

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