The Temple of Venus- Learning to Love


Cool soft lavender,
Blending and merging
Into a sea of powder blue caress
Loving faces~ arms outstretched
The butterfly kiss of a child’s soft lips
On rosy red cheeks.

Soft, silky panels enfolding gently
Like a lover’s embrace
And vibrant color of passion and
Scent of Sandalwood of soft skin of ecstasy.

The heart yearns to unite with another
And the sweet intoxication
Of a moonlight tryst
Beckons and awaits the paramours.

Kiss, caress, transcendence and
Heartfelt love spilling forth
To all humanity~
Magnet of attraction
Desiring nothing but the Beloved.

And who is the “Beloved”
It is the harmonizing energy that
Surrounds it is what captures the
Spirit and carries it aloft
Poised on wings of breath.

The Beloved we all yearn for
Is the shimmering reflection of
Our Higher Self bathed in
The light of Divine embrace
Transformed in the Womb of the Mother
And revealed only when we surrender
To our heartfelt longing.

Welcome to the Temple of Venus.  This month we will be exploring the energies of the planet Venus and process that information through a variety of esoteric systems. This is the planet of refinement, compassion and beauty expressed through the emotions and the grace of forming relationships. In summary, Venus sets up the process of opening and guiding in a more loving way whatever its energy is applied to.

Each week during the month we’ll look at the gentle Venusian energy of this planet astrologically; the mythology and archetype of its Deity; its application in Lunar and Solar Magick, and through the lens of the hermetic Qabalah. And, Venus will take center stage this month on December 21st  when it stations Retrograde, aligning with the powerful Winter Solstice.

I will be posting on Fridays – the planetary day of Venus. Reading recommendations, poetry and pathworkings will bring this Temple to life and your understanding of its energy will deepen your understanding of beauty and compassion in all of its forms.

So, to begin, read through the poem at the beginning of this post again. Let the words create the images of your understanding. Breathe deeply into these images, open your mind and your heart and step into the Temple of Venus.

Image: Fractal Heart Swirlyness(Deviant Art: timittytim)

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