The Temple of Venus- The Victory of Netzach


This week we will take a look at the expression of Venus through its attribution on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  Venus is the Planetary energy of the sphere of Netzach. In order to fully understand the nature of this sphere you must have a bit of knowledge about the Tree of Life, itself and the other spheres that form the greater whole.  Although this broader information may not seem to directly relate to the Temple of Venus it is an important piece of this dynamic planets energetic signature.  The lesson to be gained from this exploration is an affirmation of the expansive, yet stable quality of Venus’ outpouring of compassionate mind and heart. In other words, replace the name of Netzach with that of Venus wherever you see it used!

Applying this overlay of a mystical system that expands and easily maps in accord with its topic of application in much the same way Venus envelopes and enfolds all that enters its realms, opens new doors of experience and interconnectedness found within all of the planetary temples.  The inherent wisdom of these energies permeates all levels of understanding, philosophy and teachings.  The semantics may differ, but if you have the basics down, you can easily identify Venus’ (or any of the planets) place in the equation.  So, as we open further to the beauty of Venus in all of its forms let’s begin our journey into the Tree of Life.

Note: The introductory QBL information below is a reprint of what was offered in the temple of Mercury.  Although, it may seem redundant in nature, reinforcing and restating this preliminary information will begin to set into place a pattern of deeper understanding and the connection of the planetary energies with the tree of Life.  Even, if you are familiar with the Tree of Life, rereading the basics will often reveal new layers of meaning that have developed as you have progressed in your understanding.  With subject matter such as this, any opportunity to review is an opportunity to grow!

Qabalah Boot Camp – Just the Basics

The subject matter of the Qabalah is one that many people do not easily gravitate towards; either deterred by the sheer mass of its scope or feeling that this particular overlay of system has no reference to the purely magickal systems.  Although, rooted in the Judaic mystical system the Kabbalah (spelling is Judaic form)/Qabalah (spelling used to distinguish as Western Hermetic overlay) this construct of energy, thought and working is a suitable companion to any magickal and spiritual system. The sheer fact that a statement such as that can be made offers testament to the enduring scope and permanence of its application over a broad and diverse

spectrum.  Within the Tradition to which I belong, The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, the principles of the Qabalah are strongly and consistently used throughout all of our covens and the enhancement to the magickal workings and rituals is undeniable and the change evoked through its deeper exploration is palpable among those who incorporate it into their lives.

The Qabalistic Tree of Life describes the descent of the divine into the manifest world, and methods by which divine union may be attained in this life. It can be viewed as a map of the human psyche and of the workings of creation, both manifest and un-manifest. Some of its components are:

10 Sephiroth (Spheres) each having their own specific energetic signature and action.

22 Paths that connect the spheres and act as the synthesizing conduits of connection

3 Pillars of Application of that energy. The Pillar of Severity (Hod-Geburah-Binah), The Pillar of Mercy (Netzach-Chesed-Chokmah)- The Middle Pillar (Malkuth-Yesod-Tiphareth-Kether)

4 Worlds of Action– Each of the spheres exists in each of the four worlds and has a slightly different emphasis of intent depending on which of the worlds is acting upon it.

The Qabalistic story of the creative action of manifestation from the Source of All/Godhead down to the realm of physical and manifest form can be described in this way:

In the beginning there was nothingness- the absence of substance and form (Ain); and as the nothing became aware of itself it also realized the limitlessness nature (Ain Soph) of its being. This realization expanded and with more awareness came the birthing of limitless light (Ain Soph Aur). This limitless light felt the urge to create- and from it emanated Divine Intelligence – Kether. All things needing balance- in its wisdom Kether split and from this source of being the remaining nine (9) spheres became emanations of the varied permutations of Wisdom, Understanding, Mercy, Severity, Beauty, Victory, Glory, Foundation and finally coming to rest in the Kingdom of Earth- Malkuth.

10 Sephiroth (Spheres) of Emanation

The Sephiroth are States of Being and act as vessels to contain the Divine energy that spills forth from the God-Head or Crown of Kether (being the highest expression of the Divine) down into Malkuth, the densest and manifest physical world of Man. The spheres at the top of the tree are more refined in energy – more transparent and expressive of pure Light. As we descend down the tree each sphere gains more density- less clarity of brilliance of light until we come to rest in the earth plane of Malkuth. Each sphere has both an English and Hebrew name and countless correspondences attributed to each. These are keywords only to a larger tome of mystery.  The pictures below show the diagrams of:


Fig. 1– The Tree, the names of the spheres, the number in order on the Tree

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.39.53 AM

Fig. 2- The Planetary Correspondences to Each Sphere


Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 10.39.19 AM

Sphere 1-Kether – The Crown- The Crown of Attainment- the ‘Cause of causes”- the unknowable- The Mystical Consciousness- (Modern- Uranus)

Sphere 2-Chokmah– Wisdom- The Word of God- true Will untainted by the material nature- The Radiant Consciousness- The Zodiac (Modern- Neptune)

Sphere 3-Binah– Understanding- The Great Sea- absolute belief- The Sanctified Consciousness- Saturn

Sphere 4-Chesed– Mercy- Majesty- The place of greater awareness and pure compassion-The Settled Consciousness- Jupiter

Sphere 5-Geburah– Might – Strength and Justice- excision and the necessary cutting away- The Rooted Consciousness – Mars

Sphere 6-Tiphareth– Beauty- Sacrifice- the receptive place of the flow of emanations from Kether- The Transcendental Influx Consciousness- The Sun

Sphere 7-Netzach– Victory- The Beauty of Nature- The Hidden Consciousness – Venus

Sphere 8-Hod– Glory- Splendor- the sphere of science and craft- the analytical nature and communicative learning- The Perfect Consciousness – This is the place of Mercury

Sphere 9-Yesod– The Foundation- sphere of the subconscious- the Lunar Gates- dreams and illusion – the astral – The Pure Consciousness – The Moon

Sphere 10-Malkuth– The Kingdom- the plane of physical existence and manifest reality- the elements and all of manifest Life- The Scintillating Consciousness – Earth

The Sphere of Compassion

Deep within the heart
Of the emerald jewel
Lay the great mysteries
Of time and love.

The lamp is lit
And glows within
Edges sharp where
Line and point intersect
Poignantly within the
Space of equilibrium.

From the wellspring rises
Form of beauty and
Intelligence refined;
As Pleiades’ dance
In response to
The sound of planets’
Harmonious symphony.

And, all is held gently
Contained in beauty’s grace
As she unites with clarity of
Mind and focus of heart
Birthing the perfected one
Whose victory mirrors
The beauty of the sun’s
Radiance streaming
Down from above.

The Planetary ruler of Netzach is Venus, so it is fitting that this sphere is considered the sphere of beauty, relationship and love. It is also the place of establishing the balance (Libra) of hedonistic and aesthetic ideals. Love is the primary focus, but not at the expense of over indulgence in physical pleasure. This is also the place of expression of Love of Nature (Taurus) in all of her forms. The connection between beauty and the energies that are contained within the force of Nature is a strong one. Even in the Natural world’s more disruptive expression, the order and intelligence in design applied in her shaking free from her mantle those disruptions of energy is done with a sense of order, intent and aestheticism.

Netzach is known as the sphere of Victory. The principle of victory here is not one of wanton take-over and infringement of another’s space, but rather victory that is found within the triumph over obstacles, whether perceived or real. This over coming is brought to a place of clarity and scrutiny primarily through the action of revealing the true nature of the experience. The resulting balance that occurs is the interaction between Hod and Netzach, academia and pleasure, science and art. This is the work of a polarizing effect. The balance of male and female principles, expansion and contraction, mercy and severity of nature are those obstacles which when brought to a place of control and exertion of will form the basis of foundation for creative outpour.

Netzach sits at the base of the Pillar of Mercy, being the closest sphere towards the manifest form of Malkuth on this pillar.  This is the perfect vantage point for drawing down into itself the Higher expressions of Love held within the spheres above it (Chesed and Chokmah) and then setting to its work of harmonizing and refining (the scales of Libra) this energy to create a thing a beauty that inspires the emotions reach upwards in adoration.  This is Mercy in its highest expression; the cultivating of what will inspire so that all may reach the pinnacle of their potential.

The Element of Fire

The sphere of Netzach is assigned to the element of Fire; despite the appearance that its should be a sphere of Water given the strong component of heart centered emotion and creative outpouring. Within the energy of Netzach we can identity this Fire as that of longing, desire and the impetus that coerces the creative urge towards manifestation. The nature of this Fire is to quicken and then spread and reach towards distribution through the flowing waters of Hod (Mercury and Mind). This is the Fire that initially burns very hot and very bright but if not tended carefully will spread out of control and consume that which created it.

The Intelligence of the Heart

Intelligence of the Heart refers to the concept that was explored by scientist and metaphysician, R.A Schwaller DeLubicz during his studies of Egyptian spiritual and alchemical practices. For most, the concept of intelligence is confined to the physiology of the mind and those senses that the mind effects. To the ancient Egyptians, the “heart” was the holder of these attributes of intelligence and deep gnosis.

This way of thinking is deeply reflective of the principles of heart centered Netzach and its force of impact upon the rational mind. Without this innate intelligence that serves to provide the deeper understanding (realized through expansion and issuance of those qualities of Divine Love) pure reason will never have the necessary glue to produce thoughts of substance and viability. They will always remain within the world of ephemeral and lofty ideals that never come to full fruition.

The Illusion of the Sphere: Lust, Promiscuity and Manipulation

The Illusion of Netzach is that of lust and promiscuity. The highly idealized and divinely infused love contained within the sphere of Netzach can readily be used as a means of only gratifying oneself under the guise of spiritual practice. Many an unscrupulous spiritual leader has seduced the unwitting practitioner into sexual servitude by promising a way to higher enlightenment through the energies of the sex act.

In reality, the sacred sexual practice of Tantric Yoga would fall within the sphere of Netzach. In contrast to the vice of the sphere, in this practice of Tantra, sexual union and the highly refined and potent energies it produces are solely used for the purpose of spiritual development and benefit with the practitioners receiving very specific trainings in technique and undergoing various levels of initiation.

Manipulation is most easily accomplished through matters of the heart.  Where logic may have thwarted the efforts, when love and compassion come into the picture reason, logic and concern for one’s own well-being often go out the window.  We see too often the scenario of the abused spouse remaining in the relationship despite the warning signs of safety and financial loss.  The emotional bond is a strong one and the vice of Venus’ energy can be all pervasive and all consuming (remember the Fire attribution!) in leaving nothing in its wake but destruction and death.

Connecting to Venus Through Its Expression in Netzach

It has been said that spiritual growth occurs in accord with the flexibility and resilience of the heart working in conjunction with Higher Mind. We saw with Mercury that much of its intent is directed via an outpouring of communication. Taking what is within and modulating it in adaptation to whatever the desired goal is.  Venus works from an opposing principle.  Her goal is to gather into herself all of the outer experience of the world, turn the exploration within to the deepest chamber of the heart, transform and transmute it and then send it back out into the world in a form that will attract and engender similar action in all that are held within its loving embrace.

Love is what serves as bridge between disparate energy.  Love is the great healer in times of greatest need.  Love calls to the soul and brings it to its victory in what can be accomplished in a given lifetime.  Heart begins the conversation that inspires those to the Great Work and its is the sustaining of the heart center in that work that allows false pride, selfish ego and personality to fall away revealing the mystery of the Divine within.  We call upon the Fires of Netzach to quicken our resolve and it is within the core of their flames that we find the wisdom of the Heart.

An Exercise in Claiming Your Victory

This week’s exercise involves journaling.  The tactile and kinesthetic quality of journaling is one that fuses the emotions with the thoughts flowing through the hands as word is set to paper.  When we journal we are allowing ourselves to open deeply to what is held in our heart’s mind and capturing the essence of those feelings in safe space and private working.  In this exercise you will be calling up a personal moment of Victory to be relived and recorded.


  • Select a time in your life when you felt you had great insight and clarity into a situation.  The word “victory” in this sense relates to moving through the illusion of what you think is true and seeing and sensing a deeper level of meaning and understanding from this newly opened perspective.
  • As you write about this experience, allow any additional insights that you may have to flow uncensored.
  • Then, after finishing, go back and take a look at what you have written. How much more clarity or definition can you add to this writing. What new insights arise as you red through what you have written?
  • Do this for several more rereads. Finally, go back to the beginning writing and make note of the differences, additions, and deletions you may have made after spending some time looking more deeply into the facets of this writing gem.

Next week: Venus stations Retrograde on the day of the Winter Solstice- December 21@ 4:53pm (EST). What does this mean and how to use its influence?



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R. Fennelly.Serpent’s Gate.2012

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