Auspicious Days – Astrological Samhain


November 7.2014
7:56 am

Although the traditional celebration of Samhain is marked as October 31st the astrological energy of Samhain stands at the midpoint (or Cross quarter between the autumnal equinox and the Winter Solstice). The date and time of astrological Samhain is designated by the Scorpio Sun having reached the 15th-degree (mid point of the 30-degrees of each astrological sign); usually occurring around the 6-7 or 8th of November. You could think of this as the climatic release of a buildup of all the necessary components to reach deeply towards accessing ancestral wisdom. This space of time occurred from All Hallow’s Eve on the the 31st/1st until it’s peak at astrological Samhain.  This is also why we often will still be very receptive to what seem to be “extra” messages from loved ones after Halloween’s date and our formal celebration and acknowledgement has ended. The signs are still very much present that the spirits are still strongly among us, but we seek them in the full light of the Solar day, rather than in the shadows and crossroads of All Hallow’s night.

The focus of this calling of Samhain’s energy is one of transformation. The heat of the Solar light flowing as the Scorpio Sun rises from its sleep in the dark caverns  and embraces the Sun as the Phoenix rising. Visually, by the time we reach the end of the first seven days of  November, the darkness crowds in more quickly, a sign that the energy is gaining momentum as it gathers what is needed to call forth the light at the Winter Solstice. This is the opportunity to gather that light within, to call upon the gifts of accessing the wisdom of what lay beyond the veils of our human experience and allow its power to light the fires within the space of our human form. We open our awareness and our consciousness to the potential of what awaits us within these solar gates.

There is the under-current of chill in the air that reaches deep into bone and joint. The chilling at times cannot be  warmed, so deep is its reach and the reminder of being alive is accented by the thought of the coldness of a form for whose flame of light has gone out. This chill seems to move with us, at times enveloping us in its cloaking. This is the continued turning of the Great Wheel and the exhale of expansive release as it reaches towards the next Sabbat.

I like to think of the balance that is achieved in formulating the intention of Samhain as a tool for greater self-knowledge and transformation. Standing in the darkness of the crossroads on All Hallow’s eve and calling to the ancestors to guide my way through the labyrinth of the underworld as I seek the fine gems of their wisdom is the beginning of a journey that pierces the veils that separate. Sorting through and taking in what I retrieve from that opening and space of darkened awareness  lays the foundations. And coming 7 days later (remember 7 is the mystical number of great learning and extended paths) to awakening under the Solar light of Astrological Samhain provides the catalytic flames that will ultimately transform. This is the initiatory experience of gathering from the past to enhance the present and thus inform the future.

The Moon waxed full in Taurus last night and remains in that sign until 11:17am when it transits void until 8:45p.m.; moving into Gemini. The strength of Taurus’ energy provides the foundation of human form, alive and vital in that strength. As the Moon transits into Gemini on the eve of astrological Samhain, that affirmation of human form and life can issue the call to those who have passed beyond the veils of the living and communicate with heartfelt emotion and inspired mind.

For the Celts, Samhain marked the end of the magickal year and the work of crafting the new; another attribute of Scorpio’s gates of death and rebirth. This is not the ending of our magickal aspirations, just the closing of the Gates of access to the deeper wisdom of the ancestors to guide and inform as the day’s energies find respite at sundown. Hail farewell to those who have heeded your call. There is still much work to be done and in keeping with any New Year, that work begins with taking inventory of what you have gained from your experiences of the previous year.

So dive a little deeper into connecting with the oracular self today. The ancestors remain for this brief amount of time to provide the support needed. As the energy of the Solar Month reaches it’s apex, Scorpio rises to the point of the Phoenix- ablaze in the glory of its transformation guided by the wisdom of those loved ones who released their hold on life.

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