Full Moon in Libra- Weighing In


April 4 .2015

Full Moon in Libra
8:05a.m. (EDT)

Sun in Aries

Total Lunar Eclipse
5:01 am (EDT)

I see the many
Truths of my being
As time weighs and
Measures their value.

I stand strongly in
The light of their power
And hold this strength
Within the core of my
Manifest form.

I move with the tides
Of ebb and flow that
Is held within a mind
That seeks balance.

The fires rise from
The great depths of
Healing and what is
Birthed from these
Waters if quickening
Is Beauty in all of
Its forms.

The Moon waxes full in the astrological sign of Libra tomorrow morning at 8:05am(EDT). Libra is a sign of balance and harmony through refinement.It is also a sign of Air or Mind/Intellect and a Cardinal Modality which give emphasis to the catalytic nature of mind and thought. The energy of this Moon is one of realizing our power over mind and the ability to harness the natural flow of mind to be productive in its creative efforts in restoring inner and outer balance.

This is not the balance of equilateral scales, but the dissonant harmony that occurs when the correct amount of action is exerted leaving enough of a lack in its opposite form that creates something of refinement and beauty of its own accord.

We have the support of Father Sun in these endeavors in its mid-point of Aries fiery energy. The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are directly opposite the other in astrological sign. The combination here provides Fire (Aries) of the Mind (Libra).

The Lunar Eclipse

Last weekend I taught a workshop entitled Celestial Magick. One of the components was about the energy of the eclipses. When a Lunar Eclipse occurs the Earth finds itself as mid-point between the Sun and the Moon.

I see this as an opportunity to infuse the earthly and manifest realm with the strength of the Sun as it gathers to itself the healing of the Moon. In the action of reciprocity, the manifest realm becomes the place of filter for the Sun’s enlivening and the Moon calls into itself a dynamic potency that has been “flavored” by physicality.

The total Lunar eclipse will begin at 5:01am (EDT). Read more about it here::::

The Total Lunar Eclipse

“In New York City, the moon will be below the horizon at 6:36 a.m. although the partial eclipse from that location would actually end at 9:44 a.m. They only get to see the beginning of the eclipse,” Edelman said.

Those in the Eastern U.S. will likely not have the best viewing conditions anyway due to clouds, but especially in New England, which will be facing stormy weather, AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Mark Paquette said. Elsewhere, Paquette said conditions look average in the mid-Atlantic and the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, with good viewing weather for Florida, the Mississippi Valley and western Great Lakes.

On Oct. 8, one early riser arrived at work early enough to capture the lunar eclipse next to the Corning Tower in Albany, N.Y. (Photo/Matt Pollock‎)

The blood moon moniker is derived from the red color that is cast over the moon from light refracting in Earth’s atmosphere.

“The red portion of sunlight is what makes it through our atmosphere to the other side, bent toward the eclipsed Moon, so that even though the Moon is within Earth’s shadow, the red portion of the Sun’s light can give the Moon this ghostly illumination,” Edelman said, adding that how red an eclipsed Moon gets depends on the characteristics of the atmosphere on that day such as clouds, and temperature. (Accuweather)

Esoteric Implications

This is another way to utilize and contemplate the Lunar Eclipse.

Within the practice of Esoteric astrology the Sun has a tri-fold nature. Its physical energy is that of the fohat, pure electromagnetic dynamics. The spiritual overlay is that if Prana, pure life force energy that sustains and enlivens us. And, at the level of the individual the Sun is the space of awakened consciousness. The potential of what we strive towards as spiritual beings that has been charged by the flow of solar energy in our physical form.

The Moon is the storehouse and keeper of memory and the subconscious space of desires, want and need. This is the space of reconciliation between our physical and mental processes and what it is that our Soul truly desires to make it whole. This is often the deeper disparity between what we feel to be true and what we know to be true. When these are working collaboratively there is no separation between mind and heart as each informs the other.

The Earth is the place of our inner and outer journeys. The outer is one of physical experience and the weight of responsibility held in what that physical experience has as offering. The inner journey is one of recording the lessons of these experiences, the acceptance of the effects of what we cause to be and what visions we infuse to quicken this lifetime. This is the place of service and the yearnings to make whole that service in offering to the Divine.

The experience of these three planets of alignment as the lunar eclipse comes into focus of energy is one of wholeness. It is one of moving into a collaborative state with the physical you, the will-filled you and the you that remains outside of space or time that is reflected in our HIgher Self.

Weighing In

How will you align strength of will(Sun/Aries), body(earth) and healing mind(moon/Libra) at this Full Moon? he eclipse offers the power to infuse body with the Fires of Will and the Healing of Mind and our perceptions. I will call to the fullness of a state of balance that vacillates between will and mind, at times each having more weigh in than the other. I will call to the continued flow of healing and refinement of where that healing exerts more of its weight in response to my need. I will contemplate my place as manifest form in the stream of Father Sun’s Light and the compassionate reserves of Mother Moon. I will become the scales that are flexible and resilient in their receipt and offer freely from what has been accumulated as the treasure of greatest worth- the wholeness of my being….

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