Aries Full Moon-Lets Play

October 13.2019
5:08p.m. (EDT)

We welcome the Aries Full Moon and the playful energy that can be harvested if we allow ourselves to partake of the mysteries and beauty of the Samhain season. There is power and strength as we prepare to honor the ancestors and our beloved departed and as we remember their lives, we can also appreciate the bounty and beauty of the life we now enjoy and for the moment allow cynicism and negativity to fall away. As we ride the crest of Mother Moon’s full bounty we can use this freedom to simply “be” and carry it into the deep recesses of our being to illuminate and inform how we move forward.

This full moon is one of Fire and holds the energy of beginnings in the Cardinal astrological sign of Aries. The opportunity for a fresh perspective unencumbered by pre-conceived notions abounds. Aries is the first of astrological signs and as such brings a youthful and certain naivete to all that it touches. Think back to the enthusiasm and limitless energy and visions you had as a young child. Nothing was unachievable. Nothing was impossible and everywhere offered a new adventure. All of this is what is needed desperately now, and using it as a tool to simply enjoy the catalyzing effects of fires newly begun can light the pathway of bringing a fresh start to anything you wish.

Some things you could allow to arise from this moon:

**Allowing yourself the gift of child-like wonder and applying it to something that has become tired and worrisome to you;

**Setting the intention of allowing the adventure of life to unfold and be guided by your deepest desires;

**Becoming the loving parent that kindles confidence and unconditional love to your younger self;

**Giving yourself permission to run and dance and sing in pure joy and freedom;

**Honoring that “play” is the opportunity to try out a new way of being, and to savor the “playful” energy that is continually reaching out to us to pull us from the lethargy of assumption.

So, in the glow of this Aries Full Moon, when you look up at the beauty and light that fills everything,call out to HER and issue the invitation…“Lets Play”

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