New Moon in Aquarius-Our Temple of Haven

January 24.2020


The Moon transits New tomorrow morning in the airy astrological sign of Aquarius. This is the call to visioning what could be. To creating a new narrative and thus a new blueprint of desired outcome and hope. This all sounds quite grand, but the reality is that we are in the midst of some very challenging times and reserves of health, will and stamina are in short supply.

I am currently running a series of classes entitled The Power of the Witch:Magickal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit. This past week our focus was on renewal and health of the Body. Our corporeal form that provides the day-to-day support to enable our greater work of spiritual practice.

The intention was simple enough, that of honoring our bodies and the marvelous ways we move through this world, and thus, honoring the work we do as Divinely inspired beings of spirit and soul. The complexity lay in all that we encounter along the way back to ourselves in all of our beauty and grace and the limitations, and script we write that support less than healthy behaviors of mind and body.

There is no doubt that going about the work of being human is difficult. Staying healthy (no judgement here as to what that should look like) in the sense of knowing your limitations, nourishing your body, relaxing your mind and having good boundaries and realistic expectations consumes most of us. And, as much as I love the (Aquarian-driven) techie age, there is often too much information at any given time that fluctuates in the messages more often than a chameleon changes color.

This New Moon is all about opportunity to envision and to be the advocate for humanity-in this case, I am going to say the humanity of YOURSELF. Forget about New Year’s resolutions, Instead, make a fresh start at replenishing your reserves and moving towards a place of wholeness and stamina that is fed and nurtured in appropriate and sustaining ways.

Aquarian energy is infused with Uranian electricity and transformation. Use this energy to motivate and electrify your resolve to step more fully into the best version of yourself. The space of having just enough of all aspects of your physical life and thus enhancing your spiritual self in a way that encourages growth and allows for that growth to evolve without draining or depleting your vitality.

One of the recommendations I had for us was in creating an astral Temple of Haven (respite). This is a self-created space that is abundant in healing and renewal, all the while holding the intention and vision of you strong, empowered, renewed and ready to take on the work of the mundane and the spiritual.

So, I ask you on this auspicious New Moon of Mind’s Creative Vision…

Are you seeking a respite from the demands of physical life and spiritual practice? Are you reaching towards a space of clarity that will be your haven, your space of healing and your Temple of Devotion to your Gods/desses and yourself?

Make vow to yourself on this day of the New Moon that you will use its energy to carry you through whatever lay ahead, and in so doing grow and evolve into the changes and the challenges knowing that you Temple awaits you whenever needed…

This brief 10-minute pathworking is a live recording from The Power of the Witch class; part of the Temple of Light Series 2020….

This track is a brief pathworking recorded live as part of the Temple of Light-The Power of the Witch series. The focus in this class was on the Body. The Temple of Haven is a space of respite. A creation of your own that allows for renewal and introspection. You may return to this Temple anytime you wish. The realizations uncovered within this space are the mysteries of your own corporeal form, your Divinity and the collaboration of each in creating a healthy-whole -YOU.

The Temple of Haven
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Blessings of this New Moon of Grace..

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