Living on the Edge – New Moon in Libra


September 23.2014

New Moon in Libra
2:14a.m. (EDT)

Sun in Libra


The Moon transits New early tomorrow morning into the astrological sign of Libra. Libra calls into being the beauty of a human existence and all many of art, culture, music, writing and creative inspiration are held on the delicately poised scales. The key to Libra’s success in refining lay in the mind set that  to effectively achieve balance, one must be familiar with what the extremes are. It is a matter of being comfortable with those extremes and living equally at the edge of what would pull the balance in an unfavorable direction and with grace and agility maneuver just so. The balance that Libra idealizes is quite often not one of equanimity. It is instead the balance that occurs when just the right measure of whatever is needed to bring justifiable grace to the situation is employed and by so doing, completely shifting the focus towards what would have remained hidden and unappreciated.

This last statement is one that flows through any artistic endeavor and as we all have heard countless times, “beauty, is in the eye of the beholder”. With these thoughts in mind I invite you to take a creative journey into the Halls of Libra via the creative writing of a pathworking. The very action of having written this journey exemplifies the grace of understanding and the delicate balance in producing something that will be visually evocative and energetically transformative.  What is born from this journey is the emotional beauty found in the gift of the word and what new work will be begun in the stepping on its path. All of this speaks more eloquently to the power of Libra’s expression than any technical observation I could give.

So, breathe deeply, and enter the Hall of creative inspiration…..


Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow the space of your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower. With each breath your physical body appears to become lighter and your center of consciousness floats upwards towards the inner eye. You feel enveloped by the mist of transition between the Physical and Astral. And as this veil thins you step through a veil of dark blue mist and find yourself standing centrally in a circular room. As you look around you see that this space opens out to a star lit night sky. The velvety blackness above holds a twinkling of starry light that fills the panoramic view above. The walls encircle you and are of a deep bluish purple. As your eyes adjust to this room you notice an archway just ahead of you. The glyph of Libra, the Scales hovers in the entryway.

You step through the glyph of Libra into an ornate and richly decorated room filled with gold and gemstones. Surrounding you are workbenches and expert jewelers and metal smiths crafting rings. The gold is measured precisely on scales that gleam and balance with the slightest breath of touch, and after careful weighing and scrutiny for imperfection, it is melted into a liquid spun of light and heat. As the mold is filled with this refined essence, gems of varying shapes and sizes are inspected and one, a rare and perfectly faceted emerald, is selected to be the main focus of the piece of jewelry.

As you look around, you notice artwork that is beautiful and insightful on each of the walls. Each brush stroke appears to have been precisely placed and the spectrum of color vibrates in intensity and hue. Each painting has been hung with just the correct amount of lighting and the pieces of sculpture are placed in a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

You step through a doorway and into another room where shelves of books line the walls and you have the sense that each has been carefully selected and placed adjacent to a corresponding title that would enhance the readers’ pleasure. This room smells of fine leather binding and ink on pages of delicately crafted paper. The librarians move quietly around this space, each collaborating with another before placing a book just so. Everything is very peaceful and those sitting at luxurious wooden reading tables have an expression of contentment on their faces. You are surrounded by luxury, beauty and harmony of mind and heart. You step over to one of the bookshelves and reach towards a beautifully leather bound edition of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. You leaf through the pages and decide that you are not in the frame of mind right now to beginning reading such a weighty tome. You place the book back on the shelf and as quickly as its edges skim the shelf’s edge there is a pause in the energy of the room. One of the librarians moves towards you and those at the reading table look up from their books as though disturbed by an annoying sound.

A slender hand reaches out and quickly plucks the book from your hand and places it just a few books away on another part of the same shelf. She quietly informs you that each book has its own spot on the shelf. Each holds its own particular place in the larger organization of the books lining the shelves. She continues to explain that although all the books are not the same size, shape or weight, each is important to the overall balance and aesthetic visual quality that displays order, well planned thought and precise action. She then turns and walks back to the project she was engaged in before the disequilibrium of your misplacing the book.

You are neither offended nor apathetic about the exchange that just took place. You understand the need for that type of balance and order and appreciate the refined and gentle way in which you were corrected about your action. You step through the doorway and reenter the space of artisans and jewelry makers and think about how they too have a certain order they must follow. Each component in the paintings may not be of equal measure, but together they form a beautiful image.

You pause as you look around and muse a little more deeply on this concept. This is not a place that is easy to leave but as you stand in the midst of all of this beauty a feeling of sadness wells up within you. You realize that this opulence is not the normal standard for most. That beauty this rare is not often enjoyed by those of limited means. You see an underlying and certain darkness about this place and as the brilliance of gold and gem dims you notice the vastness of this space.

You turn and take in this sight one last time and gently close your eyes and when you open them you are surrounded by the blue veil of energy that carried you to this inner sky. As you take a few more deep breaths and fill the intent with awareness of your physical being and return to your physical space, the mist clears and the smells, sounds and sights of the room in which you began our journey floods your senses. You feel the floor beneath you and the chair on which you are sitting. Noises of the mundane world come back filling ear and mind with thoughts of going about the rest of your day or evening. You take a deep breath of inhalation, savoring the vestiges of your astral journey and the insight it provided, and strongly exhale out affirming your oneness with the present moment of physical time and space.

Blessings of the Libra Moon

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