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Reset-Firing Up New Beginnings! New Moon in Aries

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March 27.2017
New Moon in Aries

Sun in Aries

The moon waxes New later today in the cardinal sign of Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Great Wheel and brings with it Cardinal (catalyzing and initiating) energy that is filled with the potential for enthusiasm and optimism. Two things that we are sorely in need of.

I know for many of us the weight of politics, philosophies, daily expectations and the effort required to bring all of these things in accord with your spiritual nature and practices has left us feeling worn out and depleted. This new moon offers the respite and renewal to reset and reclaim the catalyzing fires that inspire us to action and movement.

Urging You to Start Your Engines and Drive It Home for Change

In fact, we have the bolstering of 5 (Five, the number of change and pushing through the status quo)
that are in the astrological sign of Aries:

Venus (Retrograde)

Think of it this way:

Father Sun stands central, the place of magnetic and communal Spirit
And, on four pillars square sit:

Mother Moon – ready to push the young hatchling out of the nest, knowing that instinct will take hold and the action of flying will begin.

Mercury – talkative and the director of global communication that heats up the incentives and generates the necessary buy-in for active and collaborative engagement.

Venus – stretches and reaches; it’s impact hyper-focused and dynamic in wanting to stir up passion for what will be refined and honed in balanced form and essence. Note: Venus has been retrograde since Mar. 4th and will remain so until April 15th. This creates a very focused and intense ability to peel away what has become lackluster and revel in the fresh start of newly charged passion for whatever sights are set upon. Relationships-of all manner-not simply human are ready to be seen from a new perspective that is not jaded by “what has been” and ready to re-write “what will become”.

Uranus – the hot-wire that sends enough power, charge and motivation to ensure that a circuit of action, will and communal inspiration will be magnetically charged as the wheels of Father Sun revolve and we start our engines towards change.

A Journey Through the Solar Year

A project that I began in 2015 was once of attunement to the Solar Year and exploration of each Sun’s transit through the astrological signs:

The Temple of the Sun

I offer this suggestion now as a new beginning and a reset for your Spirit. We have changeable times ahead and we are not only subject to the energies of our mundane experiences and the life on this planet. Cosmically, we are continually responding to planetary and astrological energy that reaches deeply into who and what we are at the level of our natal blueprint.

Although, our natal chart highlights the heavens at the exact moment we were born, the beauty is that nothing is set in stone. I always tell my students to think of their charts as holding the pre-dispositions for specific archetypical energy, and those “suggestions” are subject to change and re-writing as we formulate our will to become.

So, with these thoughts in mind, perhaps you will find just what you need in the gifts of a changeable Solar Year.


Speak! Speak Not!-New Moon in Gemini and Retrograde

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May 18.2015

New Moon in Gemini

Mercury Retrograde
May 18 @ 9:50pm – June 11

The Moon waxed New in the early hours of the morning in the astrological sign of Gemini. Gemini is the sign of mind and communication. So, this New Moon brings with it the opportunity to re-craft how we communicate and more importantly build in a waxing effort the creative expression of that communication. As the New Moon also announces the soon to be transition of Sun into the same sign, beginnings and fresh starts are additionally enhanced when the Sun spends a complete solar cycle in that sign’s energy giving it the strengthening and support that began as the gentle flow of Mother Moon’s caress.

In this cycle, the Moon arrives at Gemini prior to the Sun moving into place. This means that Father Sun is in its last burst of the fertile and firmly anchored Taurean energy before it transits into its astrological Temple of Gemini on Thursday, May 1st. This energy lights the way for a more structured and manifest foundation and forging the connection between heaven’s ebb and flow  and earth’s cradle of solidarity.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and the deft hand and agility in moving from one expression to the other typically opens the way for interactions and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and creative efforts is in peak form. The day’s energy began that way, but the Mercury Retrograde that will take hold tonight will slow things down and make clarity a bit more tenuous to achieve.

The general feeling for this Moon and the next few weeks ahead will be one something like the conversation that occurs when bits of information randomly slip out and the speaker catches themselves quickly and abruptly shutting up so as not to spill more details that should remain in unsaid. This is largely because of the Mercury Retrograde that tends to slow down the normally rapid processing of Gemini’s style of communication and it is this slowing down that is the caution of communications being  misunderstood and left to shoddy translation.

Speak Not!
Mercury Retrograde

Astrologically, when a planet changes direction in its normal path of progression through the zodiac, this is called a “station”.  The planet’s progress slows down in is orbit until it appears to pause in its motion giving the appearance of moving backwards. The Retrograde Station occurs when the planet begins this slowing down and seeming movement backwards.  The Direct Station occurs when the forward motion of the planet begins again.

Whatever astrological sign the planet retrogrades in gives added emphasis and more intensity to how the planet expresses its own energy now given a full and prolonged dose of the sign’s own specificities.  These highly potent effects can be building or waning (depending on which end of the station you find yourself) for days prior or after. Much like, the concentrated effort needed in slowing down to come to a traffic light, pausing, and then having to carefully and incrementally apply enough gas to reach your top speed again.

Mercury remains retrograde through June 11th. which is approx. half of the Solar cycle of Gemini. The usual ability to strengthen and give more clarity to communication in all of its styles will be dimmed a bit by the focus on reiteration and further digesting of what has already been said and done. And, although many bemoan the dreaded Mercury Retrograde, this can be a truly rewarding time to give more attention to what is being presented to you.

We live in a highly active society where barely a second can pass before that text is answered and another is on its way. We are bombarded with video and audio stimuli continually and even in the quiet of our rest at night, if there is reliance on the cell phone for  a waking alarm, the subtle waves of technology are communicating with sleep cycles and more. With these statements being made, I will also suggest that a mercury Retrograde is exactly the hiatus much needed to re-tune us to a place of greater observation and deeper connection simply by listening more intently to what is being said, communicated or otherwise expressed.

So, as we enter this ebb and flow of waxing moon kicking us off in the direction of “speak not-unless it be profoundly filled with attention and presence in the moment” I will honor this New Moon as one that allows me to breathe into my communications in preparation for the lessons to be learned in the space of silence created y Mercury’s pause.

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The Wheel Turns with New Life – The Temple of the Sun

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Sun in Aries
6:45 p.m. (EDT)

Hymn to RA

All Hail to Thee, Mighty RA
Blaze of noon day sun.
Your fiery orb high in the
Sky above as we kneel
Beneath the heat of
Your radiance.

All the Gods bow to your radiance
All the Goddesses sing hymns of praise
To Your glory and man
Lays prostrate in humility
And devotion at the altar of
Your making.

Sweet music of adoration and offerings
Brought forth from the Black Land
Rise up in praise and thanks for
Your Sustaining Light.

All darkness flees at the touch of Your hand
All ceases its movement as Your expansive
Rays stretch across the morning sky.

The lotus opens to receive Your Touch
And the sands glisten as rare jewels
As You gaze upon each grain washed
Clean in the boundless ocean that
Reflects the brilliance of your face.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Who sits high
Above the world.

Khepra in the East
Atum in the West
Whose eye holds the
Point of Life and the
Trifold Arc of Power.

Your eyes see all and
You are the place of return
Within the glowing blackness
Of the Midnight Sun.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Amun, Amun, Amen!

Exactly one year ago today we embarked on a journey through the energy of the Solar Temples of the Zodiacal Wheel. To say everything is different this go round is an understatement. The planetary line up and astrological energy of those placements is different than when we entered the Solar Temple last year. The experiences that have occurred globally and personally have created a different pattern that will be played out this year.  Most importantly, you and I are different!

What I mean by this statement is that simply the intent of being fully present in the transition from one astrological energy to the next has indellibly imprinted us with awareness. A greater and deeper awareness of something more than what we can visualize or imagine. The subtle changes that I experience as I move through the year are the products of an accumulative effort to be present. To experience with as much fullness and totality of my being what occurs at a Cosmic level and thus bringing it into my earthly and mundane experiences.

Each iteration of the Solar Year is choice to either be a conscious participant or allow it to remain transparent. Regardless of choice, the impact will be felt! The difference in the outcomes of this impact is the willingness to be co-creator in what our Solar Year will bring.

Now, my nature is one to maximize and layer to the extent that I can based upon the knowledge I have. Some of the posts you have read may have appeared to be overkill or simply too much work and analysis. And, to some degree you would be correct. But I will offer to you some thoughts to consider.

How much is your own personal growth worth in effort exerted?

How deeply you wish to connect to the greater world and what are you willingly to offer in return of your effort?

How important is it to you to cultivate our own library of experience and point of reference to step into the place of ownership of your practice, your magick and your manifest life’s experience?

I hope you have enjoyed our time together in the Temple of the Sun and that you have found some special markers along the way that you will return to. May the blessings of a new Solar Wheel and the enthusiasm,wonder and curiosity of Aries Fires remain always within you.

This is not the end, but merely the beginning of our adventure through the Cosmic Spheres
May 1st : An Introduction to Astrology begins On-line

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Full Moon in Libra
April 4


A Tree of Loving Return – Sun in Pisces

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I dreamed that I was whole 
I dreamed that the word was at peace
I dreamed that all of life understood love
I dreamed that mind knew its own power
I dreamed that wisdom was plentiful
I dreamed that injustice loosened its hold
I dreamed that humanity knew its worth
I dreamed that the work of this world
Called me into the seas of the next
I dreamed that I was whole and complete
As the running waters that ebb and flow within
A loving Tree ran through me

As we enter the Temple of the Sun, Qabalistically we are entering into connection with the central sphere on the Tree of Life, Tiphareth. The name given this sphere is Beauty and the energy is one of synthesis through sacrifice and integration through refinement of the sum of all of its parts. This is much the same energy that we experience in the course of a Solar year. The energy of each of the Zodiacal signs, their element and modality are modified and expressed through the brilliance of the Sun. And, in keeping with the evolutionary process of movement from one sign to the next, each is informed by the previous sign’s energy and contributes a part of its dynamic into the sign that follows. Please see the end of this post for recommendations about learning more about the Tree of Life.

Pisces and Neptune (Jupiter) on the Tree

Astrologically, we have learned that Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of depth, emotion and quickening within birthing waters that are charged with life force. We have experienced the focus of an astrological energy that is loving in its nature and seeking always the place of harmonious interaction. This is the energy of the final sign of the Zodiacal Wheel and it is the vision of the Twin Fish that hints at the mystery and synchronicity to be achieved when heart is attuned to another.

Pisces is the quintessential water sign. Neptune as its ruler is aptly paired with a sign that reaches so deep into the seas and seeks the treasure of a golden heart that beats gently in every creature it encounters. Pisces is the dreamer and through the veiling of murky waters those dreams can take on a vastly different vision, which when brought to the surface does not glitter quite so brightly. The imperfections that are found are forgiven within a Piscean approach, but the level of discernment that is often needed is not as keen in some instances as it should be, leaving Pisces to pick up the pieces of those broken dreams.

The secondary (or original) ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. This is easily envisioned as the ebb and flow of waters that spread themselves too thin at times and go too far out into the ocean’s depths at others. Jupiter puts some of the illusory nature of those deep waters into perspective, allowing Pisces to see into those depths from the vantage point of seeing clear the way through as it parts the waters to reveal a seabed that is alive and rich in life and the nutrients that sustain it. But, that has to be the desired outcome, otherwise Jupiter remains contracted and tightly guarding what needs revealing.

Within the Qabalistic Tree, Pisces and Neptune hold their power in the Sphere of Kether and the Paths of the Tree – 29th and 23rd and Jupiter flows expansively in the 21st. Although, traditionally Kether is given no planetary attribution – the swirlings of creation being one of its assignations- I have also seen Neptune placed here and with it the endings and beginnings that lay within the creative potential of Pisces. When we speak of the energy of Pisces as an experience of compassion, non-judgment and great intuitive sensitivity we are calling forth those waters that run deep and forever cause lasting change wherever their path may lead.

This is the way of the Tree itself; to provide the necessary compassion to understand something more than itself and catalyze its ability to emanate and to do so as a purposeful and intended act of love for what it aspires to know. This is the loving creator/creatrix who willingly splits itself into the necessary components to ensure that new life will begin.

This is the desire for Creation that flows through Kether as the Godhead and is reflected down and through itself in the depths of refined emotions and the sensuous tides of seas that hold the experiences that are the source of the desire to BECOME.

Kether (Neptune) and Tiphareth (Sun)

Pisces Tree

Tiphareth and the Sun

Each of the Sephiroth and connecting Paths of the Tree of Life holds correspondence with a planetary and/or zodiacal energy. The physical Sun stands centrally within our solar system, providing light and heat. Tiphareth provides the space of transformation and the full force generator that distributes what is processed so it may be utilized and transmuted by whatever it emanates its energy into. This is the sacrificial aspect of this sphere. This is the action of enlivening within its own source to ensure the continuation of the creative process begun within the other components of the Tree. So we begin in this central hub of universal energy and move up the Mystic’s Path towards the Godhead or Crown of Source and the Limitless All of Kether.

Kether: The Sphere of the Limitless All

Nothing and everything
The endless void fills all time

One moves in the silence
Stretching and reaching
Towards the other as two
Swiftly take flight.

They mingle and join
Each claiming their own side
So three may point the way.
Each base stretched far and wide.

Foundations are laid
By another close at hand
Who opens the four sealed gates.
Disruption and creative force
Issues forth as the skillfully crafted
Shield of focus reflects the five.

The light is fixed
The seeker is found
As outpour of healing grace
Gives way to the
Harmonious six.

Each walks a path of experience
Pulling and gathering from
Vista’s extremes.
Wisdom and lessons hard won
Fill what moves within.

As six expands to become seven
The meandering web that
Connects becomes entwined.

A continuum of dual
Portal opening and eight
The final climax of force contained.

Like amoebas they move and
Wiggle and stretch and pull
And strain until the
Tension and release
Catapult them over
The initiatory threshold of
Death’s nine gates.

All scatter and disperse
Once again seamlessly
Part of the void of the all

Once again the singular one rises
Reaching out towards its
Newly quickened mate.

Upon entering Kether on the Tree you have reached the Source or the singular prime point of creation in its descent towards manifest form. Using the analogy of the flood-lights in a theater this is the process of Kether in emanation and creation. The lights themselves are pure white, but with the addition of colored gels that cover the lights something new is created. Specific moods and nuances are evoked. Each light appears to be different, yet if you strip it back to its core state, they are all singular white lights.

Kether is at once the most complex of the spheres and the most simple. This is reflected in its many names and attributions. To some degree these are influenced by the essence of its energy as much as the cultural and occult clues to the nature of the sphere that are contained within. Below is a listing of some of the more widely used names:

• Existence of Existence
• The Concealed of the Concealed
• The Ancient of the Ancient Ones

As you see from the semantics of the three above, the duality or doubling causes a unique polarity to arise. It is also a greater emphasis that is given to the attribute described, which alludes to the timelessness of the energetic construct of Kether. This is the construct of both the Primordial Point and the Point within the Circle.

Kether is the First Sphere on the Tree of Life. This is the place of both beginnings and endings; for in order that something may be born, something must be released to allow for its growth. Kether is assigned the Root of Air as element. And it is Pure Mind that is free to experience all loving compassion for it sees the imperfection of perfection and holds no judgment of what should be. One is the singular place of being that carries with it the hidden space that is more than just itself alone.

The space above and beyond the sphere of Kether is considered The Three Veils of Negative Existence.

What Lives in the Great Above
The Three Veils of Negative Existence

Three Veils

The veils reside above the tree and represent the levels of non-existence just prior to creative force. This is the space of the Great Unmanifest Universe.

Ayin is translated as “nothing” and is the highest and furthest away from Kether. It is the complete absence of existence.

Ayin Soph is the middle veil that emanates in turn from Ayin and is the space of no limit. It is force that is formless and without container or restraint of limitation.

Ayin Soph Aur is the closest veil to the Tree itself and emanates from the limitless nature of Ayin Soph. It means “limitless or eternal light”.

In consideration of the sphere of Kether, it is these Three Veils that create the stimulation, urge and subsequent action towards the Great emanation that is the downpour of Kether, the Crown itself reaching towards matter. We could think of this as the primordial waters that hold the mystery of life, much like the deep waters of the seas of Neptune and Pisces that hold the potential for creation of a new Zodiacal Wheel as Pisces flows into the birthing of a newly (in)formed Aries.

The 29th Path: Pisces and the Moon (A Celestial Reflection of Neptune’s Seas)

29th Path

My Soul seeks the beauty of
Your refined and elegant grace.

My body yearns for the wisdom
Of love and creative fires.

My Spirit hungers for the lessons
Found in the bliss of exquisite form.

The 29th Path is considered the Physical Intelligence. This energy is one of actualizing what the heart desires most. It is the form of intelligence that only finds completion of its nature through physical expression and the will to create and craft. Organization and refinement of what that creation will become are important guides for this energy.

The Planetary/Zodiacal Energy

The Moon is placed upon the 29th Path. Pisces is the astrological sign placed upon this path and represents the completion of the zodiacal wheel. Both of these energies are the fullness of emotional expression and intuitive sight. We are all familiar with the energy of the Moon, the waxing and waning of her phases and the power of her tides. Pisces adds the intensity of intentioned compassion and a grace of flow that signals the endings of one phase and the birthing waters that will signal the next.

This energy is what will stir the passions towards greater and deeper expression of what is refined and beautiful. This is the energy that fuels the soul’s need and inspires the outpouring of this emotional state of pure joy into a state of victorious expression.

Tarot Key XVIII – The Moon

Image: The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Note: Each of the Paths of the Qabalistic Tree has the assignation of a Tarot key placed upon it as further correspondence to its energy. The Paths 11-32 are represented using the Major Arcana cards.

Tarot Key XVIII – The Moon is placed upon the 29th Path. The beasts howl at Lady Moon the queen of ebb and flow and emotional expression. All are attentive to her form and all are held under the sway of her impact. Earth bows to her grace and dreams flow freely as we dip into the oceans that reveal the pearls of great price. Placement of this tarot Key on this path offers encouragement to the power of dreams, visioning, intuitive sight and what is created from our forays into these realms. Music soothes the savage soul, so to the outpouring of creation in phase and cycle of the moon restores man’s connection to the creative effort anchored in the physical and germinated in the spiritual.

Another Path of Expression: Neptune on the 23rd Path

23rd Path
The Sustaining Consciousness

The 23rd Path is considered the Sustaining Consciousness. Thought is sustained by the continual effort of sifting through what is abstract and what can become concrete in clarity and conception. This is the space of brainstorming, so to speak and flexibility and adaptability of mindset in thinking outside of the box is required as the process of selectively weeding through begins. This space of consciousness is one that begins with the precursor of bliss. The pure joy of interface with the Divine and the mental image of that interface that emerges. This is the experience of the Divine as blueprint of what it desires to create in manifest form. The specifications of the blueprint may change in accord with the modifications made, but the basic shape form and energy that created it remains a constant and sustained underlying schematic.

The Element of Water

The element of the 23rd Path is that of Water. These are the waters whose currents run strongly to reshape the shorelines. These are the waters that flow continually carrying within life and potential of the spawning of new form. These are the evolutionary waters that set the process of human form into action. The element of water runs strongly through the 23rd Path. Hod is considered the water temple although its attribution is one of mind and intellect (normally attributed to air). In this respect the flow and intuitive response of water is the deciding factor in what passes through the gates of mind. These waters run deeply into the caverns and recesses of lingering thoughts and flush out what is useless in its creation.

The Planetary Energy

The planet Neptune is placed on the 23rd Path. Neptune’s energy is one of deep insight. The image of the trident suggests the trifold nature of mind, will and the fires that catalyze and create the electrical discharge of brilliant pure thought. Neptune offers the promise of visionary dreams and floods of idea and creative image to inspire and further inventiveness. Geburah’s will sets forth the mandate of viability and Hod’s brilliance fills the watery depths with the fires of deep gnosis.

Read more about Neptune in the Temple of the Cosmic Spheres:
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Secondary Ruler Jupiter on the Tree
The 21st Path

21st Path

The 21st Path is one of opportunity for achieving Grace. The state of Grace has many meaning but within this path it is the reflection of the beginning of refinement of self and surroundings to become in greater alignment with the spiritual aspiration of selflessness and greater perspective. The lens of the camera opens and the world in which we claim our victories is seen for its narrow view. As the lens opens wider the expanse and truth of what we have claimed falls away and the real worth and value of those experiences is revealed as part of a larger whole that encompasses the victories of much more than ourselves. What happens in the stages between as each of the extremes coalesce on central ground determines the outcome of ascent to claim the Higher Self or descent for further refinement and accumulated experience. This Path is also one of Water.

The Planetary Energy

The planet Jupiter is placed upon the 21st Path. Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness and inclusiveness. It is one of abundance and the magnetic attraction of prosperity of what is needed collectively. This quality of energy in connection to Chesed and Netzach maintains a constant supply of balanced and fertile inspiration. Chesed has the depth of experience that are the materials used in the process of creative outpour. The application of Jupiter’s energy works to bring these attributes to their fullest expression so that the maximum potential is held within the union of these two.

Read More about Jupiter:
Jupiter Retrograde- Expanding Consciousness

Union of Mind and Heart

Pisces Combined Paths

We see within the nature of Pisces the union of Mind and Heart reflected within the Tree. The 23rd Path is place of Pure Mind (Hod) tempered by Action (Geburah) and the 21st Path, directly opposite is that of Heart (Netzach) balanced by Mercy (Chesed). The space held between these two that flow both upwards and downwards is the Middle Pillar of those spheres that are the direct route of communication between the Divine and the Manifest. It is both the place of endings and beginnings and just as the current of flow moves within the heart and mind of Pisces, its union is the return to wholeness informed by compassion and grace.

In Conclusion:

We have come full circle around the Zodiacal Wheel and the Solar Year and have looked at the Tree of Life as more than essence and form. We have come to know the astrology of the Tree as one of many currents flowing through its branches and reaching up into the Cosmos as it anchors itself in the body of the Earth’s bounty. This however, is just the beginning of a journey that sees many lifetimes of expression and in acceptance of this truth we also realize the inter-connectedness that all of life shares.

As the light of Tiphareth (Sun) shines brightly and radiates its vision of magnetic attraction throughout the multilayered branches of a tree that reaches far and wide in its expanse and impact we are reminded that in this vision of light extending towards light and darkness forming the paths of the space between, we realize the gift of humanity that continually connects us the higher aspiration of Divinity.

If you are not familiar with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, I would recommend reading through the article posted in my other blog, The Magickal Pen entitled “Geburah’s Might” to give you the necessary overview for an introductory base of working knowledge about the Tree. It can be found here:

The Magickal Pen: Geburah’s Might
13 Keys to the Qabalistic Tree of Life

The Inner Chamber Series. R. Fennelly
Volume One: It’s Written in the Stars (2013)
Volume Two: Poetry of the Spheres (2013)
Volume Three: Awakening the Paths (2014)
Order at author’s website: Robin Fennelly

Cliff Diving – Full Moon in Virgo

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Young Man Diving into Sea at Pirate's Cave
Full Moon in Virgo
March 5.2015
1:05 pm (EST)

Sun in Pisces

The Moon waxes Full tomorrow afternoon at 1:05 pm (EST) in the astrological sign of Virgo (Mutable Earth). The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. In this lunation that thought is best expressed using the imagery of carefully and methodically planning the details (Virgo Moon) of how you will express your emotions in a loving and compassionate way (Pisces Sun). The strength of Solar energy is mid-point in watery depths of Pisces, the quintessential sign of understanding and empathetic nature. As the water’s of Mother Moon flow into the earthy and very concrete sign of Virgo, nothing will rise up from these intuitive depths until it has stood the test of Virgo’s analysis and organizational impact.

The quality of Mutable Water is that of being the first gurgling of what will, if productively managed, become the flowing stream that offers moisture to all that is in its path. This Virgo Full Moon midpoint in what could become an emotional overload (think heated waters that already are taking in all sorts of energetic response) is precisely what is need to almost homeopathically cancel out the flood gates over flowing and destroying rater than nurturing.

Mutable signs are the source of beginnings and catalytic prodding towards form. As such when applied to Earth the action is one of providing newly formed foundations that will ensure manifestation. Detail and correct decision making and strategizing are paramount to the success of whatever is begun. Add to this the Solar expression of Pisces, the harmonizer through love, informer through intuitive insight and compassionate healer and you have a recipe for creating a manifest product that is infused with the correct balance of heart and creative action.

The caution however is one of over-analysis and building the foundation so securely that nothing new can enter. The attention to detail is critical but only in as much as the baby is not thrown out with the bathwater. Second guessing the naturally intuitive process of Piscean energy, particularly that which has been strengthened and brought into the light of Solar magnetism can halt the usefulness of its insight, having missed the chance to effectively use the insight received.

It’s All in the Details…


The challenge in this Full Moon’s energy is one of applying just enough scrutiny (Virgo) without destroying the confidence of trusting the emotional and intuitive flow (Pisces). Pisces is very much an energy that can easily slip into self doubt and feeling inadequate. This is primarily because of the sacrificial nature of its action. Great care must be exerted to be sure that Virgo does not linger too long obsessing over the ideal of perfection and validation. From a perspective of elemental correlate, we have the opposition of Sun in watery and highly emotional Pisces and Moon in earthy and solid unyielding Virgo. Water can carve out new paths (of expression) along the path of earth it follows; and earth can remain as a barrier in allowing the life-giving waters to flow where they are most needed. A little resistance offers the inspiration for harder effort. When this occurs, growth is certain.

This is an excellent Full Moon configuration for looking a little more deeply at where you are investing your emotional energy. Trust your findings and be ready to tweak and modify as you strip away what serves and what hinders.

Jupiter Remains Retrograde in Leo

Jupiter acts as the expansive ingredient. Retrograde, that expansion takes the form of density and amplification of what would normally flex and contract easily and smoothly. In the astrological sign of Leo this amplification could be used as the electromagnetic field that draws to itself quickly and easily.

The mid-point of Sun in Pisces and Virgo offers a combined effort of Water (Pisces) – Earth (Virgo) and the expansion of Fire (Leo) as the catalysts of quickening. Jupiter stations direct in April so the intensity of this expansive nature is pressured in its action. Compassion (Pisces) drawn into the Manifest Form (Virgo) can now be expanded upon and used as a stimulant for creating the space of self-love and forgiveness. Once this is acquired, seeing this compassionate expression in others becomes the natural state of being.

Read more about the Jupiter Retrograde:

Expanding Spaciousness

Diving off the Cliff


I have carefully calculated the drop and how deep these waters are that I am willingly throwing myself into. The distance is great, but the exhilaration of having achieved this level of self-trust and confidence is well worth the action. I trust the strength of my body and the skill I have attained by practicing and preparing for this moment. I feel alive and powerful in my choice and I love the person I have become in over-coming my fears and doubts.

I breathe deeply and jump into waters that are deep and moving. I descend steady and able, with great care and allow the air to gently cradle and support. Water splashes, body enters and the feeling is magnificent. I rise to the surface and look up towards the ledge of great height where I started this journey. At this moment and in these waters I am alive and at one with life.

I step out of the water and Mother Moon lights the way as I come to sit at the edge of the waters. My heart is full and I know that this is just the beginning of learning to trust myself and my abilities. With careful planning I can achieve many things.

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Bonus Post – The Hall of Pisces

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Pisces changes the status quo with its ability to soothe, heal and support unconditionally. So, with that “going with the flow” attitude, I’m mixing things up for this last Solar Month.  Enjoy the dreaminess of this pathworking as the moon waxes Full.


Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow the space of your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower. With each breath your physical body appears to become lighter and your center of consciousness floats upwards towards the inner eye. You feel enveloped by the mist of transition between the Physical and Astral. And as this veil thins you step through a veil of dark blue mist and find yourself standing centrally in a circular room. As you look around you see that this space opens out to a star lit night sky. The velvety blackness above holds a twinkling of starry light that fills the panoramic view above. The walls encircle you and are of a deep bluish purple. As your eyes adjust to this room you notice an archway just ahead of you.  The glyph of Pisces, the Twin Fish hovers in the entryway.

There is an iridescent turquoise shimmer about the glyph of Pisces and as you step through the archway you are aware of being somehow underwater, yet able to breathe normally. You hear the cries of the whales in the distance and look upon the varied sea life that surrounds you. You take note that although you can see shapes and form, they are distorted and the murkiness of the water seems to cast shadows in an undulating, rhythmical manner. You feel the pressure of the water on your body and yet also have the feeling of weightlessness. It is as though you are gently being upheld and carried by something that is intangible and invisible yet powerful in its depth and density.

You look up and see the faint glimmer of light above you creating a kaleidoscope of patterns and extending both arms upward feel yourself being lifted towards what appears to the surface of the waters. Fingers extend through the top of a gently cresting wave and you emerge from the depths looking upon a sandy shore just ahead of you. You feel soft sand beneath your feet and stand up, stepping out onto warm soft gray sand.

You look around and see that the beach stretches endlessly ahead and you are alone in this place of earth and water. It feels as though you have emerged at the very end of the earth and you have a sense that there are many stories and much wisdom held in the expanse of this place. As you reflect on these thoughts you take a few steps forward and pause for a moment, now becoming aware of a formless shape several feet ahead of you.

As you move closer you see that this form is that of half fish and half woman.  You move around her for a closer look and she lifts her head revealing beautiful eyes that are the color of the clearest bluest ocean waters. As you look deeply into her eyes you sense a depth of sadness and longing that immediately moves through your heart center. Her sadness wells up in YOU and at once you see through her eyes and have a sense of the suffering she feels for both humanity and all of sea life. You see the heart wrenching polluting of her waters, the fish and sea birds that are covered in oil and waste and the indiscriminate damning up of water flows that leave no safe home for her sea family.

You feel her guilt and deep shame, as she is part human, for causing so much pain and suffering to the waters and its life and her deep longing to walk among humanity, show them the effects of their detached natures and restore respect and care for all living things.

Your and her emotions move as one as you feel HER sorrow for both fish and human and you want nothing more than to ease her suffering. You gently kneel beside her and reach out, drawing her to you and wrapping your arms about her cold body. You draw up unconditional support from the depths of your emotional wellspring and enfold her with the intent of unconditional love, compassion and care. You feel her energy strengthen with your loving touch and tears of joy and understanding fall from your eyes as you offer up the very essence of your compassionate nature to this unfortunate. It is within this place that deep connection and transformational love are offered.

As you release her from your embrace, your eyes connect once again. In the space of tragedy and sorrow, you now see hope. You feel her joy in knowing that the memories of what you saw will guide you towards seeking out other humans who will help to preserve and respect her home. You know that the connection you have made with this beautiful Being has transformed you and you feel empowered in being able to offer up your support.

As these realizations permeate your being you lookout towards the ocean and see that the tide has moved across what was sandy shore. Water laps about you and you rise and look out onto the vastness of the ocean. The tide is returning to claim its own and as you step back the mermaid extends her arms in thanks and you watch as she is gently carried back out to sea in the embrace of a large and light filled wave. You stand taking in the beauty of the waters as they move in towards shore and then return to the vastness of the ocean. You are mesmerized by the sheer beauty of this sight and gently close your eyes taking in the sound of the surf and the smell of salty air. You envision the hope that the mermaid will offer to her kind and healing power of the story she will tell of positive interaction with a human.

As the sounds and the smell begin to fade you open your eyes and you are once again surrounded by the blue veil of energy that carried you to this inner sky. As you take a few more deep breaths and fill the intent with awareness of your physical being and return to your physical space, the mist clears and the smells, sounds and sights of the room in which you began our journey floods your senses. You feel the floor beneath you and the chair on which you are sitting. Noises of the mundane world come back filling ear and mind with thoughts of going about the rest of your day or evening. You take a deep breath in, savoring the vestiges of your astral journey and the insight it provided, and strongly exhale out affirming your oneness with the present moment of physical time and space.

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Monday, March 2.2015
The Heart Will Find a Way – The Magick of Pisces

My Heart Will Find A Way – The Magick of Pisces

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This is our last month in the cycle of the Solar Temples and the heart is leading the way in mixing things up a bit in timing and order of posts…

The Magick of Pisces

The Magick of Pisces is gentle in its approach and filled with opportunity for self-love and expression of a higher nature. Whatever we apply Piscean energy towards will have the benefit of emotional reserves that are deep and filled with the stories of every experience; ready and waiting to be played out again. This is the heart that accepts unconditionally and loves fully.

Pisces’ strength lay in its ability to empathize and then take that intuitively received information and transform it into action that soothes and heals and strives for harmony. Pisces as the last of the Zodiacal signs has gathered to itself all of the varied modes of expression of heart, will, mind and body and with the wisdom of the Sage/Crone knows where forgiveness is needed and where love will change the course of another’s path of self-destruction.

The caution here is one of losing oneself in the magick of all loving compassion and drowning in the undertow of illusory goodness where there is a more prevalent state of manipulation.  Pisces gives freely, but often forgets that others wish to feel the exaltation of being able to return that gift. Falsely based humility can easily become passive aggressive manipulation that is so subtle in its effect that even the perpetrator does not realize what is happening. Additionally, the path of service can easily be that of the martyr who enables rather than uplifts and quickly runs out of adequate resources for self-renewal.

Pisces is the third and final sign of the last cycle of quadrant of Elements in progression around the zodiacal wheel. This is the third and last of the astrological signs of Water and in the order of progression, Pisces waters run deep into the subconscious, overflowing and spilling out for all to benefit from.

This is the progression from the first expressions of heart found in Cancer; where we found the reflection of what was considered family, home and the measure of love and support that was given there.  This space of comfort and most importantly trust was required if there was to be productive use of the next water sign found in Scorpio’s dark waters. The gift here was the choice of remaining hidden in the occult realms of obsessive behavior; or to rise up into the sun carried on the winds of informed heart; gaining the acumen of insight to choose the details of your emotional expression and ultimately rise from what was discovered burning as the Phoenix, glorious and self aware in a heart that was opened.

Arriving now at the space of Pisces, opening the heart wider and allowing the vulnerability of understanding and compassion to flow through all workings is the directive of productive Piscean energy. This is the confidante and healer that with love may guide or turn away the hand that seeks forgiveness. This is the emotional reserve that recognizes intuitively the need for love and the need for withholding emotional attachment so that the receiver may learn to grow in their own love.  This is the beauty of one who has experienced pain, loss, joy and success and still remains strong in their faith in humanity.

The Path of Sacrifice

Pisces is Mutable Water. These are the waters that are flexible in their movement and easily shift course in expansive and contractive pulse as needed. The Mutable energy is one of endings and beginnings. Endings of what is the last reserves which acts as space of emptiness to be filled and become the catalyst for the ebullient outpouring of a new stream. Pisces expresses this ability in its gift of being both the destroyer of unproductive shields that keep the wearer detached from their heart and the inspiration that shows that it is “okay” to be soft in your approach and open with your heart. Pisces will willingly sacrifice its own needs for the betterment of another’s.

Solar Month Magick

Enhances heart-centered action and intuitive opening:

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. The energy of Pisces is that of the emotions. This is the space of feeling so deeply that the self is put aside so that the other may shine. It is a sign of yearning for harmony, peace and love and will do everything in its power to avoid conflict.

Pisces is the place of idealism and the perception that everyone is love and deserving of being second (third and fourth chances). The past and the emotions that were crafted from sentimentality and romanticizing even the worst case scenario are the motivations that propel Pisces towards its goals; ever striving for the functional family that will replace the dysfunctional reality. Being of the quality of heart endeavors of a healing and providing a support-system based on unconditional love are the natural gifts of this sign.

The Solar Month of Pisces is an excellent time to begin the work of forgiveness and self-healing. Pisces is water through and through that relies on the experiences and energies of all of the signs preceding it to make informed decision about how and what form that Love may take.  Think on the image of the twin fish as the symbol of Pisces. The creatures move through waters that are murky and the images perceived are distorted in clarity. There is a great reliance on trusting the direction taken and relying on the collective consciousness of its species to provide the blueprint for life in a fluid environment. This is the core of Piscean strength; the ability to intuit through the cloudiness, and with sensitivity and instinct navigate realms that most would find unbearable.

The energy of this Solar month of Pisces is the finality of the Solar Year and signals the ending of one form of that wheel’s energy as it prepares to fluidly move into the dynamics of a newly birth Solar Year. Water gives way to Fires that spark with potential and the promise of a reformed iteration of a continuous cycle.  Aries will have mighty big shoes to fill, having emerged from the astrological sign of sacrifice and the unquestionable understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life that has arrived at this conclusion from the Mind that knows the negative product of neglecting the humanness in humanity.

The Piscean approach can be used for short-term projects, but is most effective for long-term workings. A goal, such as consciously calling into being your compassionate and understanding self would benefit from Pisces’ energy. Take some time to spend with yourself and simply allow the feelings to emerge as they will. Allow yourself the space of vulnerability and the gift of tapping into some deep waters that may have been left untouched for a while.

Similar to the New, Full and Waning cycles of the Lunar Month, beginning the working in the Solar Month of Pisces would be the first phase of making choice about how you wish to express yourself more fully as an emotional being. Let this aspect rise to the surface and don’t allow yourself to fall into doubt or second-guessing. Just allow it to flow.

Using the cycle of Water and those astrological signs of that element the next point of bolstering the energy would be during the Solar Month of Cancer. The Solar Month of Cancer provides the setting for where you may safely express this new you. Cancerian energy is that of family (not limited to biological) and home; where you find your supports and those who love you unconditionally. This is the model of what you wish to model for yourself.

Having finally arrived in the energy of the Solar month of Scorpio, the choice now offered is one of rising to the occasion or retreating in fear. Scorpio’s dynamic is do or die and in that realm of possibility is the gift of hiding those best aspects of your emotional self from the light or rising in all your glory; vulnerable and strong, weak and magnetic- all being of value and all claimed in your emotional power.

Lunar Magick: Arms Open Wide


Use of Lunar energy in the astrological sign of Pisces provides the energetic principle of being able to understand and truly feel the energy around you. At times this can be overwhelming, but the gift is one of sensitivity to those you interact with and being able to soothe and diffuse the situation most often by listening.  Many people simply want to be heard and in the rush of our society we most often put on the mask of listening, but are multitasking internally. For Pisces, being fully present is a natural state and listening so that just the right words or actions can be offered in no different than the automatic function of  breathing.

Workings that require intuitive insight and the grace of forgiveness benefit from Pisces energy. Workings that encourage sensitivity and movement that is formulated on emotional response align well to Pisces lunar energy and can be modified and fine tuned in accord with the empathetic information received.

The New Moon of Pisces would be used to identify what needs forgiveness and what can benefit from a second chance that is infused from a loving perspective. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and as master of the seas, you are permitted access to the deepest of emotional reserve. The image that comes to mind is that of the great dark abyss and the beautiful bioluminescent creatures that light that darkness. Dig deep in that darkness and see the beauty held within.

The Full Moon of Pisces allows the opportunity to fully infuse love and compassion into those emotional reserves to be brought into a dynamic that will guide and direct your future actions and responses. What was held in the past regarding the issue you selected is now of no importance. What is quickened now in the fullness of Mother Moon’s light is the seed of potential for what you wish it to become.

And, the energy of the Waning Moon in Pisces opens the floodgates of inner knowing and provides the opportunity to engage Jupiter’s energies as co-ruler of this sign. This is the dynamic of expanding on a good thing and contracting and holding back what is counter-productive.

Some Additional Astrological properties of Pisces

Keywords: Intuition, Understanding, Healing

The Archetype: The Healer is the archetype associated with Pisces. This is the healing of mind, body and will and soul as the waters of emotional flow carry and support the process of integration. This is the healer that excises what restricts and opens the floodgates within the individual to self-love and therefore prepares the way for collective love.

Pisces thrives on being of service and its methodology is one that requires vulnerability and trust. This space of trust is one that is the natural state for the Piscean energy, and its greatest success is derived from opening that level of trust in another.

Healing presents itself in many forms and those called healers are as diverse as those forms. The spirit of Pisces embraces all of these forms and when none are suitable for what is hoped to be accomplished, the healer and the healing will take on another, more effective form moving as easily from one to the other as the waters of the oceans that flow into inlet and channel.

Rules Astrological House:
The 12th House of the Zodiac, the House of Spirit

Moving through the Zodiacal Wheel’s energy, the First House is the singular “you” identified by your personality and who you are presently and who you who hope to become. The second House holds the possessions and things you have acquired that further define you. The Third House represents how you express yourself based on what you have learned of yourself (1st House) and what you have chosen to surround yourself with in the material world (2nd House). The Fourth House has taught the lessons of home and family; commitment and unconditional love for who we are now and who we hope to become. Arriving at the Fifth House we are now ready to emerge from the security of friends and family and stand courageously in the Light of the choices we have made, that have contributed to the crafting of this self. Moving on towards the Sixth House we are ready to give, to serve, to cultivate and to learn the lessons of harmonious interaction.

Moving next into the Seventh House we stand ready to gather to ourselves all that we have learned on the journey thus far and use it to explore new paths, learn new ways of being and open to the partnerships forged on a new chosen path. The Eighth House of Scorpio brings passion and emotional attachment to the equation. Awareness of the physical pleasures of being human underscores the journey. As we enter the Ninth House we are ready to initialize what those experiences have been as we load our bows with all that we hope to share and stir the will to action wherever the sights have been set. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius stands at the ready to push the extremes and encourage stretching to the limits of what we perceive to be possible.

Continuing into the Tenth House and Capricorn’s reality revealed the effort required to re-claim and maintain the steady ground we stretched towards and sought in Sagittarius. Now, having come from this place of manifest stability, the mind and its dreams are able to project into the furthest reaches of possibility. These are anchored in the relationships we have built that serve as a reality check, when that projection moves beyond grounding. These dreams are further inspired by our interactions with others, at times in an observational stage and at other times, fully engaged in the wholeness of mind and heart. Aquarius provided the mental fortitude and now reaching the finality of a wheel that is whole in its intent, Pisces offers the finishing touches of heart and a depth of understanding that has been cultivated from a lifetime of experiences.


The colors of aquamarine and shimmering star-lit greys are those I associate with Pisces. These are the echoes of crystalline blue-green waters that are clear enough to fully enjoy the beauty of coral and fish that lay beneath. They are alive and brilliant in this inner knowing. The shimmering of moonlight and brilliant starlight reflected on the surface calls me to the place of silvery starlight. The endings of this realm of physical world and the beginnings of a new form of expression returning to star matter.

Mind, Heart and Everything In Between: Aquarius into Pisces

Can you see me now
Can you feel my pain
Can you understand all that I am
Can you hear my heart beat
Can you give me your understanding

Can you love me as I am
Can you love me and my weakness
Can you love me and my false pride

Can you love me
Can you love me

Your open arms tell me you love me

Pisces is the Twelfth sign of the Zodiac:

Seasonally, Pisces stands as the herald to the Spring (Northern) and Autumn (Southern) Equinoxes. Each is a space of endings just before the state of balance that next flows into a charged dynamic.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring promises the return of warmth, outdoors activities, the blossoming of flowers and the beginnings of planting the seeds for harvesting at the next half of the wheel. Winter’s hold is loosening and all that we gathered to ourselves in those long dark months now awaits rejuvenation.

The Southern Hemisphere celebrates the Autumnal Equinox, the pause of balance just before the harvest, stocking pantries for winter’s cold and diminished light and the return to warmth that is the hearth of family, friends and reconnecting at a more intimate level.

We stand at a point of choice about how we will acclimate to these futures and what plans we will make to align with these changes. This is the action of Aquarius as the inventive mind and the ability to plan and envision ourselves in the space of Spring’s growth or Winter’s great demise.

My Heart Will Find A Way


We have crossed the mid-point in the Solar Year and are at the last gate of the 12 Houses of the Astrological signs. Each prior to this point has concerned itself with those aspects of our being that cultivate sense of self (Aries); sense of others (Taurus); expression of ourselves (Gemini); nurturing what we hold close to our hearts (Cancer); moving into our place of power (Leo) and claiming responsibility for taking a closer look at who we have become (Virgo); and finding that place of refinement through interaction. Scorpio marked the advent of self-knowledge and re-forming of what had come before as it is transformed and Sagittarius forged new connections as it moved purposefully beyond its comfort zone.

Capricorn offered the lesson of trial and error until the sure-footedness and confidence necessary to master manifest adversity was cultivated.  Aquarius carried us across the threshold of an electrically charged dynamic of light that revealed our all-loving nature, informed by the vision of who we are. Everything has primed and readied us to step into the compassionate self of Pisces. Endings of this Solar Year guides us towards realization of our Higher nature. Pisces reminds us that we are part of the collective of humanity, and what makes us most human is our ability to love and be loved in return.



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