The Magick of Scorpio

The Magick of Scorpio
Deep, Passionate and Thoroughly Transforming

The Magick of Scorpio is fueled by desire, will and all of the emotions that are associated with a nature that is intense and complex in its expression. Whatever we apply Scorpion energy towards is going to receive the opportunity to reach deeply into he introspective and intuitive self and draw from those depths what is needed to completely change everything.

Scorpio’s strength lay in being able to reshape by will and transform through the power of emotion. This means that the process itself will be intense and at times extremely uncomfortable.

The caution here is that of obsession and fixation that keeps those emotional waters from moving in a productive way and instead reek havoc on everything that is in their raging path. In Leo we found the place of drama that can ensue when too much of the “me” becomes the focused obsession. With Scorpio, the drama that ensues is One that remains in the shadows, intensely brooding and when it does erupt appears to come out of no where with no clear definitive source.

Scorpio goes straight for the heart of the matter. Workings that strive to change or transform are most successful under Scorpio’s energy. The same attention to refinement and balance to craft the most beautiful of expression now has potential to become the object of desire and with that implication everything originally assigned to the Libran beauty will now take on a different quality of life as they are adored and worshiped intensively and deeply.

Scorpio is the fourth sign of the second cycle of quadrant of Elements in progression around the zodiacal wheel. This is the second of the Water astrological signs and in the order of progression, Scorpio brings an emotional state that has ability to express itself in either state of extreme. This is the progression from the home seeking Cancerian who forms attachments by what it defines as worthy of its trust in exchange for the security achieved. By the time we arrive at the third of the Water signs, Pisces, all experience is held within the moving waters of compassion for others and self-sacrifice as an expression of that compassion.


Scorpio as a sign of the Fixed Water Modality provides the quality of synthesis and structure of a suitable vessel to contain the potential overflow. Libra’s gift of change through inspired mind set the stage for collaboration between mind and the heart of Scorpios desire. When Scorpio opens its gates of insight what is released are all of the ingredients necessary for birthing something transformed. The recipe is one that has been forged through introspection and the silent observation. Taking it all in, processing it at a deep level of understanding and then formulating a response based entirely on the motivations of feeling.

Solar Month Magick

Enhances the intuitive and emotional process of transformation:

Scorpio as the Eighth sign of the Solar Year concerns itself with the cycles of endings and beginnings. Think of the number 8 and the possibility of either entering through the gates of the two circles atop one another or leaving from those Gates; drawing the experience held in that space of between as the synthesized action.

The Solar Month of Scorpio is an excellent time to begin the work of change. Although Scorpio is a water sign, many of the ways in which it works it magick is in a fiery way. Passion, drama and intensity of feeling blaze their way through any working burning off the steam and leaving dynamically changed waters that provide a clarity despite the depths into which they reach.

The energy of this Solar month of Scorpio next flows into the Fires of Sagittarius and the arrows of networking and stimulation that are shot from that archer’s bow need the softening of Scorpio’s waters of self-knowledge to ensure that their aim is true.

The Scorpion approach can be used for short-term projects, but is most effective for long-term workings. A goal, such as opening your intuitive gifts more fully benefit from Scorpio’s solar energies.

Similar to the New, Full and Waning cycles of the Lunar Month, beginning the working in the Solar Month of Scorpio would be the first phase of testing and exploring how you interact with the world in a purely organic and intuitive way. This would require some “soul” searching to find what your hidden desires are and what motivations are driven by those desires and which are informed by a Higher Self. As you move through the Solar month you will begin to recognize what are primal urges and needs and what are actions that align with a path of growth and productivity. One of the detriments of Scorpio is addictive behavior. The light of Solar energy can reveal those areas that are habitual and keep you stuck emotionally.

Using the cycle of Water and those astrological signs of that element the next point of bolstering the energy would be during Pisces’ Solar Month. The Solar Month of Pisces provides the place of forgiveness and self-compassion. Healing and the comfort of knowing that what you have revealed of a nature that is not intuitively guided is the focus of this solar month. Pisces also has the gift of empathy. When empathy and compassion align being driven by the best interest for all concerned, we are truly listening and opening to our deeper insight.

Having finally arrived in the energy of the Solar month of Cancer, all that has been drawn from previous experience can now be shared as the seeker can now acknowledge his/her part in the world family of humanity. The scorpion has risen to the place of the Eagle, keen sight and able to see where there is need and offer the emotional supports that foster growth.

Lunar Magick: Time for Change

Engages the transformation of those feelings and perceptions we have about ourselves that lay beneath the surface.

Use of Lunar energy in the astrological sign of Scorpio provides the energetic principle of providing the tools needed for permanent transformative change. When we explore the motives behind the actions and concepts we cling so fiercely to we have the opportunity to reveal not only to the world, but to ourselves what we have that is useful and what we affirm of our truths that are unfounded.

Workings that require a cleansing of false beliefs and emotions that hold us prisoner make use of the intensity of Scorpio. Workings that encourage deeper exploration of those aspects of yourself that you hide and bring you needless pain can be brought to the surface for a closer look. When we reveal those things that make us feel vulnerable, we are taking the first steps towards changing the ways we feel, think and express ourselves.
Using the Triune nature of Scorpio lends itself well doing a working that will access the triple phase of the Moon.

The New Moon of Scorpio (The Scorpion) could be used diving into those deep waters of your emotional “stuff” that you try to hide from others (and at times shun away from yourself). Call upon the opening and awakening of the intuitive self and begin a process of descent into looking at the shadows of cobwebs that hold your secrets. Look at each thing that arises and remain detached from them. Breathe deeply, taking in all that presents itself. One thing will stand out above the others. This is the focus of work for the next phases. After making selection, set the intention that you will allow yourself the space of embracing this aspect in all of its energy, but it will hold no power over you. A you move towards the Full Moon, allow more and more of this thing to come to the light of scrutiny and each time engaging the feeling and intuitive part of self.

The Full Moon of Scorpio (The Eagle) would be used to see and feel the fullness of this thing and to rise above its power over you, seeing now that it has none other than what you have given it. Allow the healing waters of Mother Moon to cleanse and soothe the efforts of your work during the waxing. Now, soar above as the Eagle, seeing what has been cleared from you and opening to a broader perspective of who you really are.

The energy of the Waning Moon in Scorpio (The Phoenix) would serve as the final point of release and the allowance of new growth from that release. Spend some time in the dark and a place of quiet. Recall what you have learned of yourself as you drew to the light what you had kept hidden. Recall the feeling of healing and weight removed in clearing away what held you captive. Recall the pain of this release and breathe into it deeply and fully. See that pain ignited by the passion for change and the need for regrowth. Allow the flames to rise burning away any last ties to what you have released. See the ashes smoldering and call forth the power of your inner desire, the flame of your spiritual self and see the fires burning anew, strong and vibrant from those ashes. See them rising into the darkness of night sky and allow your gratitude for this space of regeneration.

Some Additional Astrological properties of Scorpio
Keywords: Introspection, Passion, Emotional Power

The Archetype: The Actor is the archetype associated with Scorpio. Scorpio is the master of disguise and personas. The hidden and keeping everything “close to the heart” are natural tendencies of Scorpio. In the Actor we see one who has command of the stage, the character to be played and the audience captivated by the illusion created. So too, Scorpio crafts the projection of what it wishes, largely in effort tot protect emotions and feelings that are intense and deep. The actor slips easily from the shadows of the wings, preparing for the grand entrance, just as Scorpio emerges from the depths, soaring in the glory of the fullness of brilliant light and if successful, finishes off in a blaze of glory, the likes of which very few have seen.

Rules Astrological House:
The 8th House of the Zodiac, the House of Relationships and Sex

Moving through the Zodiacal Wheel’s energy, the First House is the singular “you” identified by your personality and who you are presently and who you who hope to become. The second House holds the possessions and things you have acquired that further define you. The Third House represents how you express yourself based on what you have learned of yourself (1st House) and what you have chosen to surround yourself with in the material world (2nd House). The Fourth House has taught the lessons of home and family; commitment and unconditional love for who we are now and who we hope to become. Arriving at the Fifth House we are now ready to emerge from the security of friends and family and stand courageously in the Light of the choices we have made, that have contributed to the crafting of this self. Moving on towards the Sixth House we are ready to give, to serve, to cultivate and to learn the lessons of harmonious interaction. Moving next into the Seventh House we stand ready to gather to ourselves all that we have learned on the journey thus far and use it to explore new paths, learn new ways of being and open to the partnerships forged on a new chosen path.

When we enter the Eight House we have the necessary experience to form emotional attachments that are passionate in their intensity and seeking the fulfilling of a yearning for more. Experience, however does not necessarily bring wisdom. With that being said, the eight House with the ruling of Scorpio is often considered the House of Sex. Scorpio is considered the most sexually aware of the signs of the zodiac. When we engage sexually the intent is to give oneself fully over to another as we feed our own needs and desires.

Just as the number eight refers to the cyclical nature of life, so too, sex ensures the potential of life having continuation. The physical act itself is the death of a singularity and the rebirth of a unification of dual forms. At a spiritual level the act of procreation is that of the replication of the holographic light of each being of humanity regenerated and renewed as it passes through its varied forms lifetime to lifetime.

The color Red in its darkest and richest hue is well suited to Scorpio’s energy. This is the color of life’s blood when exposed to the breath of life. This is the flush of cheek in sexual ecstasy. This is the burning flame of passion so fierce in its intensity as it flames in raging need. The red of Scorpio’s intense passion and desire of will flows through the healing blue waters of emotion. As they blend and merge creating new pathways of expression, rising from the depths and soaring clear and free of inhibition, passion and healing become the unified purple of spiritual gift and healing form.

Taking it All: Libra into Scorpio

Beauty came to rest in the
Depths of my Soul.

I yearned for its gentle caress
And desired it fill my hunger.

Balance had no place in
My desire to possess it
And excess took hold.

What I hoped to have as my own
Demanded I learn the truth
Of myself.

I sought a place of refuge
And in my yearning still
I arose renewed as I took
The beauty of my gentle
Self within.

Scorpio is the Eighth sign of the Zodiac:
Scorpio takes up the work of testing the limits of what Libra strove to balance and refine. Scorpio seeks to find the definition of itself in the emotional experiences it has. This seeking often becomes a passion to give so fully that when similar response is not received, drama and heartbreak ensues.

Seasonally, Scorpio heralds the lifting of the veils as Samhain and Beltane are the focus of celebrations in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, respectively. This is reflected again in the number eight and the eternity of endings and beginnings. The veils of Samhain reveal the mysteries of those ancestors and loved ones who have passed from human form. The call is one of receipt of wisdom and the awakening of the intuitive waters to hear the messages gifted.

The veils of Beltane welcome those soul’s that seek incarnate life and the realms of the greater Earth. The fecundity and revelry of Beltane often produces the offspring that enter this world of human form having passed through the veils and become the seeds of conception.

We have crossed the mid-point in the Solar Year and the 12 Houses of the Astrological signs. Each prior to this point has concerned itself with those aspects of our being that cultivate sense of self (Aries); sense of others (Taurus); expression of ourselves (Gemini); nurturing what we hold close to our hearts (Cancer); moving into our place of power (Leo) and claiming responsibility for taking a closer look at who we have become (Virgo); and finding that place of refinement through interaction. Scorpio marks the advent of self-knowledge and re-forming what has come before as the utterly transformed Being rises from the ashes of that self-analysis.

As we move through each of the Solar Temples in the coming year, it will become more apparent how interconnected they are. The story that is woven is one of growth and evolution that is just as relevant today as it was to the ancients. We learn from these natural cycles and their application is profound mundanely and spiritually.

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