Crashing Waves on a Craggy Shore: Full Moon in Capricorn


Full Moon in Cancer
January 4.2015
11:53pm (EST)

Sun in Capricorn

The Moon waxes Full late tomorrow evening at 11:53 pm (EST) and on the cusp of the next day, January 5th. The moon will hold the energy of the astrological sign of Cancer (Cardinal Water). The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. In this lunation that thought is best expressed as the crashing of waves on a craggy shore. The strength of Solar energy is mid-point in sure-footed Capricorn; the energy that can scale great heights and plummet the depths. Now, the turbulent waters of Mother Moon are ready to test that cautious sea-goat and see just how far it will go to overcome the challenges and risks of slipping.

The quality of Cardinal Water is that of churning the emotional currents emanating from a variety of unexpected sources. Cardinal signs represent the first bubbling up. As such when applied to water the inference is that of little springs that erupt here and there and when any find weakened or suitably flexible space, become the torrential waterfall or flooding seas. Add to this the Solar expression of Capricorn, that strives towards perfection in methodical and carefully placed steps. Home is found most comfortably in the mid-space of feeling secure and anchored on level ground. Just as the Goat can navigate the most treacherous of cliff-scape, so too Capricornians are able to navigate the challenges and obstacles of earthy existence that most would falter upon. The caution however is one of over caution and inertness, never truly trusting that the steps and actions taken will be precise and accurate. Using the analogy of agitated water and slippery banks, its requires adequate light to clearly avoid the pitfalls of drowning one’s emotions caught on the slippery rocks of aspiration.

One Emotion In Front of the Other…


The challenge in this Full Moon’s energy is one of getting caught in the emotional tides of self-destruction before the journey of a New Year’s energy even begins. This is the space of hopeful resolutions made on January 1st and the realization that some are far too lofty in ambition to achieve and others simply require too much emotional engagement compared to the results achieved.

However, if we light the way of our goals with the brilliance of Mother Moon’s light and the supportive hand (and intuitive heart) of one who blesses her children, those emotions that would otherwise rage out of control can be soothed and comforted as acceptance of those aspects of our weaker nature are embraced and offered as the supporting hand of our strengths.

From a perspective of elemental correlate, we have the opposition of Sun in Earthy Capricorn and Moon in Watery Cancer. Earth and Water are work collaboratively for the most part. Moving water carves out its path as Earth provides the necessary resistance. Earth becomes the container that holds the body of water in place and helps to guide the subsequent flow. Earth requires water to sustain its life. This might be considered a “love/hate” relationship as each relies on the strengths and weaknesses of the other.

This is an excellent Full Moon configuration for shedding light on where and how your emotions reach the points of highs and lows and establishing the ledge of mid-point where they are most at home. The astrological sign of Cancer is very attuned to family and the emotional supports derived from a place and people who are our biggest fans.

A Place of Calm in Cancer’s Healing Light


The cycle continues and the return to a place of calm in Cancer’s healing light is at hand. I will spend some time this evening entering into the healing of Mother Moon. Please enjoy a….Bonus Pathworking: The Hall of Cancer

Crashing Waves on a Craggy Shore

10_bindrimImage: Laird Bindrim

One foot in front of the other as moonlight illumines the way. Waves crash around me, and the anchor of rock and earth sway in reverberation as my physical body teeters precariously on slipper slope. The rock of anchor that is my physical being is battered by waves of emotion that I cannot control and I wish not to contain. Skin absorbs the moisture of weeping and sweat and I am reminded of the joys of exertion in climbing towards my aspirations.

I continue upward, still not yet ready to surrender and fall back into waters that may be too deep for the fullness of my lung’s breath. I think of my resolve and I remember that I am sure-footed and capable. I remember that this is just a night of discovery and in that discovery there will be challenges and obstacles that I must overcome. Mastery of my emotions – Joy in my physical being and scaling the heights of a craggy shore as the waves crash into the depths of my soul.

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