Under the Microscope: Full Moon in Virgo 2016


Full Moon in Virgo
February 22.2016
1:20p.m. (EST)

Jupiter Remains Retrograde in Virgo

The Moon waxes Full today at 1:20 p.m. in the astrological sign of Virgo. The Sun just recently transited into its Solar Month of Pisces and in keeping with the Full Moon dance of Moon and Sun in opposition, the tension generated is one of staying true to the imposed tight budget that Mother Moon has put into place despite Father Sun wanting to splurge on those in need. This energy is one of contraction (Virgo) and expansion (Pisces). This also means that with the Moon at the peak of her power and light of expression, every little penny will be accounted for and the necessary adjustments made to get the budget back on track.

Now, the additional support that this Virgo Moon has is that of Jupiter stationed Retrograde in the same sign- Virgo. Jupiter’s natural flexibility has redirected that energy inward with optimal focus on what needs expansion on the inner realms of your being.. This action feels very much like a contracted state where the load is heavily pushing inward, but we also must remember that the reciprocity of that inward contraction makes for more room that centers on the mid-point rather than the periphery.

You may have been feeling the imposing analysis of Virgo since Jupiter’s Retrograde on January 7th. And, we are only about a quarter of the way through what will increasing become more like intense scrutiny before it stations direct on May 9th. Keep this though in mind as we progress through the next few Solar Months and Moon Phases; each having their own particular astrological flavor to be analyzed more fully.

The astrological sign of Virgo is an Earth sign; meaning that the areas where this intensity will be felt are those of the manifest realm and whatever you have carefully erected as the building blocks of your foundations. This could be financial, your physical body, your home, etc… This Full Moon offers the opportunity to put whatever you wish under the microscope for a closer look at how it is actually constructed and if the supports and work that went into it was one of quality or a shabby pull together.

Emerge from this Moon of analysis tomorrow morning into the light and waters of  understanding (and forgiveness, if necessary) of whatever you may have rooted out that is not your best work. The strength of the Sun and the waters of Pisces are those that can soothe what may have been exposed and begin the process of hope and renewal for what you wish to experience in its place.

Tis year, I am going to be posting more pathworkings, audio and ways of expanding your astrological perspective. This is an opportunity for you to have direct experience with the concepts presented. Additionally, there is so much more to be received when you know how to connect the dots and begin to see that patterns. And, much like looking at a slide under a microscope, whatever the specimen on the slide, a whole new world in which it is contained can be seen.

In honor of Virgo, I have recorded a Pathworking entitled:

The Hall of Virgo


You may use this for the Solar Month of Virgo or at any Lunar phase (the Moon cycles through all 12 signs in any given month) that places the Moon in the sign of Virgo. Enjoy!

Please Note: The link above will direct you to my Teachings on the Path site. Unfortunately this site does not support audio uploads without additional financial expense. Teachings is set-up to accommodate a variety of media and tools. 

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