Sink Deep Into the Moon….

April 22.2016
Full Moon in Scorpio
1:24 a.m. (EDT)

In the early hours of this morning, the moon waxed full in the astrological sign of watery Scorpio. This sign of the Fixed modality is noted for its mystery,unpredictable emotion and hidden gifts. The waters of Scorpio flow deeply and are naturally at home in the darkness. Scorpio is at its more perceptive level is represented by the Eagle. Keen of sight and able to soar the skies and deftly swoop down grabbing into talons that are sharp and piercing precisely what it has set as its prey.

A third attribution to Scorpio’s energy is that of the Phoenix; rising from the ashes in a flame of transmuted will, beginning life anew resplendent in all of its power, strength and brilliance. The choice is one of what you wish to access as your support when the Moon (or Sun) are garbed in this resilient sign.

We have been under the duress of very potent planetary influences that have urged us towards change. These retrogrades have stirred within us much that has lain dormant and hidden; some of which requires additional excavation to reveal the points of weakness and the beauty that remains. This will be the theme of much of the year and, we are much in need of a bit of respite and reflection; taking it as we can and reveling in what it produces as new tools of strategy and greater flexibility.

So, my offering to you this month is a meditation that will support your work of growth and change. Although, it is specific to the Full Moon in Scorpio, you may use it at anytime the moon makes its monthly return into Scorpio’s grace….

Light Arising from the Moon

Read more about Scorpio here: The Temple of the Sun

Sun in Scorpio

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