Sun in Scorpio: Open the Flood Gates and Lift the Veils

Sun in Scorpio
7:57 am (EDT)

New Moon in Scorpio
5:57 pm (EDT)
Solar Eclipse (Partial)

Planetary Ruler: Pluto

Venus Transits into Scorpio (4:52 p.m. EDT)
2/days left of the Mercury Retrograde that begin on October 4th – October 25th


You Think You Know ME?
You may think that you know Me
But my masks are many and I hide
My secrets well.

My passions are intense and move
Through me flowing like hot lava
Despite my conservative
And cool exterior.

And those of you who think
Me cold and unfeeling
Only see the mastery of my
Facade which protects the exposed
Soft belly beneath.

It is often in the dark of night
That I find the greatest solace
But if I linger too long that place
Of comfort becomes the prison
From which I strain and struggle
To break free.

I pause and breathe deeply
To allow the realization that
These walls of confinement
Are My frightened emotion’s
Creation; and the walls crumble
Around me as the light of Dawn
Filters through.

The sands of time shift and flow
From one tightly held container
To another.

The truths of my own history’s
Stories are drawn up from the
Darkness and into the blazing sun.

I examine them and relearn the
Greater lessons of pain and the
Exquisite pleasure of self
Knowledge contained in each.

And, once mastered and reclaimed
As paths back to myself my Spirit soars
And all see me as transformed
The burden has been lifted
And, I look once again towards
The full Light of Day.

No, you will never know
All of my Secrets
Many lay hidden
Buried even to me.

But, without their stories
To be lived you would not be
Charmed and seduced by
My enigmatic charisma.

Tomorrow will be a power house of astrological energy with multiple configurations to weave your own personal magick within. The Sun transits into the astrological sign of Scorpio at 7;57 am (EDT) and 10-hours later the Moon transits New into Scorpio as a partial Solar Eclipse punctuates the activities. As if this isn’t enough, Venus, the planet of relationships and beauty transits into Scorpio at 4:52 pm. and Mercury completes the last 2-days of its retrograde which began on October 4th; stationing direct on October 25th. Now you may thinking to yourself, too much information!; but, looking at a broader picture that is inclusive of some key points that can be harnessed productively is never TMI. As we begin our day entering the mysterious realms of Scorpio, the advent of All Souls’ Day/Samhain rises up to greet us.

The astrological sign of Scorpio is one of the Element of Water and the Fixed Modality. Its planetary ruler is Pluto; the cold planet of the underworld that lay shrouded far away from plain sight. The natural energy of the Sun, that of shedding great light on whatever is in its spectrum, starts the work of heating the waters of the emotional landscape so that the hidden secrets of what really underlines their intention can come to the surface. The Sun in Scorpio provides optimum illumination to enter those hidden corridors of the psyche, our own personal underworld and engage those aspects of being that may never see the light, nor the transformation available from a perspective of strengthening sunlight.

This solar month has maximum potential for reinventing ourselves much like the attribution of the three levels of archetypal energy gifted to Scorpio. The Scorpion is the most well known and the sting of that creature when provoked comes up from the nether regions of our emotional experiences making known its otherwise hidden energy. The Eagle, second of the archetypes speaks of the ability to see far and with accurate focus when we have learned to master those primary instincts that guide our emotional survival. And, the last of these archetypes is that of the majestic Phoenix. The alchemical mythical bird that has ability to transmute through the fires of purification and rise from the ashes reborn and renewed.

The caution with Scorpio lay in the innate ability of this sign’s energy to cloak and mask what is in turmoil and turn to addictive and self-deprecating behavior as the energy sinks deeper into the black abyss. Because Scorpio is a fixed water sign, the stability and structure that would normally be achieved by the fixed nature becomes the unyielding pool that holds waters destined to stagnate if not brought to a place of movement and light.

Pluto is the Ruling Planet of  Scorpio. It is the furthest away from Earth and the Sun with very little known of its true nature. This can also be said of the dynamics of Scorpio. Those born with their natal Sun in Scorpio stand in the background silently observing, taking it all in, formulating their opinions and then retreating just as covertly as they arrived. Pluto is the higher vibration of the planet Mars and the assertive energy that is Mars becomes transformed into dynamic and potent powers of persuasion. Calling up this energy in a productive manner and bolstering it with the energy of the Sun can produce a scenario that is magnetic in its effect on anything it is applied towards.

In the case of Scorpio, the ability to actively tap into the dynamically charged power of transformation is focused on what emotions serve as the catalyst for passionately pursuing what is desired. Scorpio has an intensity that stirs and prods the intuitive self to stand front and center. The goal of keeping hidden in plain sight requires a sensitivity that most do not recognize as such. Knowing when, where and how to allow a little more of the true self to be seen and when to remain in lock down are skills that are crafted most successfully when honed through the emotions and the subconscious storehouse of memory of what has served and what has not. It is from this place that our most treasured imaginings and visions have the potential to become reality. Magickally, when we fuel our desire from the moving waters of our intuitive nature nothing can stop the tremendous force as the floodgates open.

The Element of Water

The energy of Water is that of the Emotions and the expression of the heart felt desires guided by the feeling process. All of the Water signs hold great potential for developing the healing and compassionate aspects of their emotional being. Clarity of these waters determines the connection to the intuitive nature that flows freely when our emotions are open and receptive to receiving the information.

Although Scorpio is a water sign; there is an underlying nature of fire held within the scorpion influence. This is the sign of ultimate and permanent transformation. But, beware! Scorpio is also the master of pulling up to the surface those things that lay buried deep within, even if they are not ready to be exposed.

A Fixed Modality

As we have already experienced with the Fixed signs their primary directive is that of providing the suitable container that can synthesize and provide the necessary structure to change the course of what it receives and what it disburses. The first Fixed sign we encountered was appropriately one of Earth (Taurus) the epitome of organized and foundational structure. The fixed quality of this sign was one of affirmation of how the qualities of synthesis and holding steady what is under its care provides the necessary seeding place for continuation of what was begun in a variety of forms.

The second of the Fixed signs was expressed through a Fire sign, Leo. Here the emphasis was one of courage and fire that was wild, yet controlled in its impact. The spotlight shone brightly on what had been gathered into a place of magnetic and dynamically charged strength that knew of the need to provide for and feed what it nurtured.

We now have arrived at the third of the Fixed signs, Scorpio, and the waters of the heart carve deep crevices in the foundations that strain to hold them. AS these waters leave their mark along the way, the channel created will dip and hide from view as needed to ensure a flow that remains uninterrupted in its course towards more expansive seas.

The waters flow
Emerging from deep
Wells hidden in the
Body of Gaia’s earth.

Nothing stands in the
Way of primal instinct
Survival and the safe
Guarding of the
Vessel that holds
The source of outpouring.

Waters bubble up
Running free and wild
Across parched sea beds
And revive the hidden
Life that yearns for
Mysteries lessons.

Waters soar high
Reaching like heated
Geyser spraying
Droplets of potent
Rain as dry throats
Open to receive its grace.

The time is now and
All heart is laid bare
Open and vulnerable
As stinger extends and
Pierces the barrier of
Restraint that has held
Time’s hand prisoner.

The New Moon in Scorpio

I like to use the energy of the New Moon in Scorpio to begin the process of opening to the call of the ancestors and the final harvest. Scorpio has natural ability to draw from the subconscious what is needed to connect to the astral and ephemeral realms as well as the insight of intuitive vision that lay within. I am including a link to a pathworking that I wrote some time ago that can be used as preparation for the opening of the veils and communing with ancestors. I would use this several times during the next few weeks leading up to astrological Samhain (not on the Oct. 31st) on November 7th.

Excerpt:Parting the Veils and Opening to Ancestral Wisdom

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and sit comfortably allowing your breath to establish an even and relaxed rhythm. Make note of any tension you may be holding in your body and as you exhale gently breathe that tension out; allowing it to drop around you like beads of water. Allow any thoughts that wish to have your attention to be acknowledged and then gently let go to pass as leaves in a gently flowing stream. Draw your consciousness up to rest in the space of your third eye and mid-forehead. See in this space a blank inner screen. You are sitting as observer and you take note of a small blue dot of energy that is central within that space. As you continue to breathe deeply and fully you see that the blue sphere is expanding and coming to fill the entirety of the space in front of you. You feel the energy of thousands of tiny blue dots comprising this veil of mist and you issue forth the intent of communing with your Ancestors and seeking their wisdom. You take a deep breath in. As you slowly and gently exhale you step through this mist and emerge to find that you are standing in the center of a moonlit forest clearing. You see the silhouette of tall shapely trees just ahead of you and can smell the fragrant burning of wood wafting through the air. Read More at WitchVox:

The Solar Eclipse:

Credit: Space Telescope Science Institute

A Solar Eclipse occurs only at the time of a New Moon and when the Moon passes between Sun and Earth, partially or fully blocking the sun’s light. I think of this as a veiling of the Sun’s Light with the Moon’s energies acting like the polarized lenses of glasses. You are aware that the sunlight is strong and intensely bright, but the glare has been filtered and the shading serves to bring out the deepest and richest colors and details that would otherwise be lost in the brilliance of the light. Tomorrow’s eclipse is a partial one, so being receptive to where that greater detail ebbs and flows as the Moon moves across the path of the Sun of strengthening can give additional insight that is needed to begin the process of connecting more deeply to your emotional motivations.



The Eagle

The astrological sign of Scorpio is the third of the Fixed Modalities and one of the Four Holy Creatures in its elevated form. The Fixed Modality is the mid-station between what is newly birthed in the burst of Cardinal outpouring and what becomes the flexible and pliable essence of synthesis that is the Mutable modality. Each of the four Fixed signs of the Zodiac has within its stable container of structure the potential to reform and transform what enters into it and bring it to its highest expression. These higher forms are one of the meanings of the Four Holy Creatures of esoteric work.

They are:

Taurus- The Winged Bull- Earth
Leo- The Winged Lion- Fire
Scorpio- The Eagle- Water
Aquarius- The Winged Man- Air

The representation of the Eagle in this particular Solar Eclipse is one of reminding ourselves of the pinnacle and loftiness that can be achieved when we flow in accord with the natural strivings and reachings of an inspired heart. The Eagle soars high above, selectively choosing what will nourish it, where it will create its home and always carried on the winds of an inspired mind.

The astrological sign of Scorpio is an energy that thrives in the experience of the mystical, occult and esoteric. With this energy as the underpinning of this Solar Eclipse we could interpret the energy available from an esoteric perspective. We already have learned that Scorpio is the great transformer. Scorpio is also the master of death and rebirth. It primary goal is one of uncovering and revealing what lay buried in the deepest and darkest recesses of our being. This is achieved through the work of introspection and feeling our way through each of the labyrinth like structures we have created.

The last Solar Eclipse occurred in April in Scorpio’s opposing sign of Taurus. The strengthening of the Moon’s energy as it moved across the face of the Sun then, was one of building sure and steady foundations that would allow the expression of the emotional self to bask in the security and safe guarding that Taurus could provide. Now at this opposite end of that pole we are ready to allow the flood gates of our emotional reserves to receive the same strengthening from Father Sun. The choice here lay in whether we allow the out-picturing of this action to be accented by a lashing out of emotions driven only be instinct, or can rise above to see what is really occurring under the surface. The ultimate gift of this Solar Eclipse is one of allowing the gentle rays of sun’s light to burn off the dross of emotional sabotage and rise from the experience reborn.

Re-read: New Moon in Taurus: Dig Deep, Stand Strong and Soar

Venus Transits into Scorpio: The Dark and Mysterious Female

Venus is the planet extraordinaire regarding love beauty, refinement, passion and the interlacing of hearts. So, having this planet move through the passionate waters of Scorpio means that the experience will be one that is unforgettable. This is the proverbial “bad girl” archetype that possesses easily, takes what she wants, makes no excuses for her behavior and fully embraces all that life has to offer. And, all the while the recipient of this energy languishes in the beauty and fullness of what transpires.

Read More about the planet Venus: The Temple of Venus

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

And, finally, Mercury holds strong with its mishaps and miscommunications for the last two days of its retrograde. Those last sputterings of blockades to effective and productive communication are just about ready to open up and the speed with which things will return to normal can be head spinning to say the least. Mercury began its retrograde in Scorpio and continued its retrograde back into Libra where it picks up momentum at the mid-point (16-degree) marker on October 25th when it stations direct.

Using the flow of its energy we call upon the balance of mind held within the refinement of Libra (Air//Intellect) and align this with communication that holds the mind focused in the waters of Scorpio’s Moon and Sun. As the momentum of this planet’s energy resumes during the Solar Month we have the opportunity to build upon this melding of mind and heart. Don’t be surprised if it is easier to communicate your emotional truths during this period; and some revelations that you normally may have been keeping hidden are ready to be tested in the light of day.

The Next Step

Knowing how each sign moves to the next and the interaction between each as they evolve towards completion (and threshold of renewal) of the wheel in Pisces tells its own unique story of the astrological wheel. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. Numerologically, the number Eight (8) relates to the image of the Lemniscate, eternity and the cyclical nature of all cosmic action. The lessons gathered and acted upon within the Seven now arrive at a state of moving seamlessly and simultaneously within the past of our experience, the present of our current awareness and the future that beckons us to surrender to the evolutionary seas of refined shores.

If we look at the dynamics of energy thus far, beginning with the cardinal sign of Aries, we could think of the three signs that begin the astrological wheel as the quickening Fires (Aries- Fire) within the body of manifestation (Taurus- Earth) that gives rise to aspiring towards the heavens (Gemini- Air). Now enlivened by the desire to “know”, the healing and nurturing (Cancer- Water) of what no longer serves this goal is brought front and center into the Light of Day (Leo-Fire) to be strengthened as it is readied for the detailed analysis of Virgo (Earth) that seeks to create a new form for its manifestation. Libra (Air) applied the finishing touches to what Virgo had reduced to the most essential components. Using the adaptability and deftness of a mind that could easily calculate and mentally weigh both benefits and detriments, Libra moved with skill and grace to accomplish what was made ready. Moving into the energy of Scorpio each step along the way served to prepare and fine tune what needs the ultimate transformation of death through release; rebirth through greater knowledge of Thyself. These waters have carried many far out to sea and depending upon what preparations were made, these were forever lost in the pervasive darkness of emotional overflow. If successfully navigated the shores upon which they arrived offered a space of renewal and the gift of mastery over a turbulent sea.

At this time of the year, we see the mystical gifts of Scorpio expressed as the veils open to the otherworld and heart is kindled by the desire to once again seek the wisdom of what was and the promise of what will be. This time marks the celebrations of Samhain and Beltane in Northern and Southern Hemispheres respectively. The common denominator is that of access to wisdom and thus the opportunity to use what is gifted towards the transformation of your physical and spiritual existence. Samhain honors the beloved dead who have crossed the veils and the seeking of their knowledge in guiding us towards greater awareness. We seek answers, move in reference as the air becomes dense and thick as realms of existence merge and synthesize becoming as one for this brief period of time. In the Southern Hemisphere the focus is on the fertility of Beltane, the promise of union and the blessing of new life emerging from the veils of what waits conception and new incarnation in physical form. We honor the life of the Greater Earth and the blossoming of fullness and strength of full sun’s light. Although the celebrations pass, as the Solar Month progresses the lessons gained the experience of life and death and the reminders of our place within that sacred cycle grow and expand as the tides of our heart open to new shores of expression.

Open the Flood Gates and Lift the Veils:

This solar month is one of focus on what moves and stirs us at the deepest levels of our emotional expression. In the chronology of the Zodiac, this is the space of time to prepare for what lay ahead and enter into the journey fully present and engaged- heart, mind, body and Soul. This is the energy of the mature man or woman who has measured the full worth of their potential and is now ready to express their deepest fears and their greatest loves as the waters pour forth. The veiling of pretense and assumption of what they are not falls away and what is left is raw, exposed and vulnerable. Libra provided the vision of beauty: Scorpio must now actively seek it and bring it to life within its birthing waters.

And, so in the spirit and intensity of Scorpio, we call forth the energy of the Sun as it continues its zodiacal cycle. Once again we repeat the invocation that opened the Gate to this Temple. As you read through it think back to the first great secret you held close to your heart. The excitement of knowing something that others did not and the deeper insight it gave.

As you read through the invocation, think about what each line of reference evokes within you and stimulates your own desire to hold as mystery that only you can reveal as you seek its deeper meaning. What passions are stirred as you read of RA’s power as expressed within the heart felt words put to paper. This is the power of creativity and its ability to transform all that it touches. Use this gift wisely this solar month as we invoke the Solar month in Scorpio and awaken those fires of RA to quicken your surrender to the death of false perception and the rebirth of who you truly are.

Hymn to RA

All Hail to Thee, Mighty RA
Blaze of noon day sun.

Your fiery orb high in the
Sky above as we kneel
Beneath the heat of
Your radiance.

All the Gods bow to your radiance
All the Goddesses sing hymns of praise
To Your glory and man
Lays prostrate in humility
And devotion at the altar of
Your making.

Sweet music of adoration and offerings
Brought forth from the Black Land
Rise up in praise and thanks for
Your Sustaining Light.

All darkness flees at the touch of Your hand
All ceases its movement as Your expansive
Rays stretch across the morning sky.

The lotus opens to receive Your Touch
And the sands glisten as rare jewels
As You gaze upon each grain washed
Clean in the boundless ocean that
Reflects the brilliance of your face.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Who sits high
Above the world.

Khepra in the East
Atum in the West
Whose eye holds the
Point of Life and the
Trifold Arc of Power.

Your eyes see all and
You are the place of return
Within the glowing blackness
Of the Midnight Sun.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Amun, Amun, Amen!

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