Speak The Silence of Creation

October 18.2016
Full Moon Aura
Transit into Gemini
10:30a.m. (EDT)

Mother Moon bathes us in Her Light
The edges of her cloak gently
Pulling up as they will quietly
Surround her draping her in
the Mystery of Darkness.

She is pregnant in Her fullness
And new life awaits the outpourings
Of creation’s emotive flow.

She stood resolute and strong emerging
From Aries’ act of new beginnings and anchoring
Herself in the depths of a manifest stream
The Bull breathed through Her.

Now on this day she gives birth to
A heart that is Divinely inspired
And ready to open to speaking the
Words of connection.

Today we are nearing the 4th Quarter Moon and the Sun’s transit in Scorpio on Saturday, the 22nd. With the Moon in communicative Gemini we can use this energy as messenger of our intention. Intention to soon stand at the Gates between the worlds and seek the wisdom of our ancestors. For now, the words that are issued as call are those held in the space of silence and in that silence, the creation of desire and will that will lend clarity and focus in our space of communing with our beloveds is heard.

A Simple Ancestor Altar of Connection:

There are many ways to create an Ancestor Altar and begin the dialogue. This is a very simple method that has proven very successful and satisfying for me. Feel free to adapt as is in accord with your practice and/or previous successes.

This altar will serve as the anchor of intention for the Ancestor that you wish to commune with in future workings. Although you may dedicate it to more than one, it may prove overwhelming and lack clarity in communication, much like a group conversation. If you still feel that you wish to dedicate the space to multiple ancestors, you will need to formulate clear intention that you wish to receive the answers from whomever can assist and a specific question(s) that will narrow that down.

If you have not already done so, select a small space that may be used as an Ancestral altar of connection. This should be placed somewhere that objects on it will not be disturbed and you will feel free to place personal items out. Place a white cloth on first and a smaller black cloth on top. These are the mirror reflections of the worlds of Light and Shadow.

Place a picture and/or something that your beloved ancestor cherished most. This may be a type of candy, pice of jewelry, cigar, etc… As you do so, greet your loved one as you have done in life and pour the energetics of your Love and desire to commune into the objects selected.

Next, place a candle next to the picture. The candle should be large enough to be able to be relit for several times and may be of any color. I prefer to use white, but color does not matter.

Take a few moments to look at what you have chosen to place on this altar. For now, keep it simple, as you will be adding treasured (of the beloved) objects in future sessions. Breathe in deeply acknowledging the life that flows through you and as you exhale, light the candle; envisioning it as beacon for your beloved as he/she crosses the veils.

Sit or stand for several minutes envisioning a wooded space of sacred ground that will be your meeting place to commune with your ancestor. Don’t worry about the detail, just allow the images to arise as you quietly breathe into what is being created in this silence.

Do not be surprised if you feel the presence of your loved one. Simply offer up love and gratitude to them; holding off on questions and guidance for now. Simply “Be” in this space surrounded by what you need most at this time. Feel the light of Mother Moon shining in the flame of the candle and Her waters of creation in dialogue with your heart-felt intention. These are the waters that will carry to the Source your desire to deeply connect to the wisdom of your Ancestors.

When you feel complete, extinguish the candle and offer up gratitude for what you have created. Give thanks to Mother Moon and the blessing of your intention carried in the silence to the unseen as Her mantle is drawn beyond the Veils.

Blessings on this journey….

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