The Lion and the Scorpion

4th Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon in Cancer
3:14p.m. (EDT)
3:34p.m. Moon Transit into Leo
3:34p.m. (EDT)

Sun in Scorpio
7:46p.m. (EDT)

Croning Moon enters the dark…

Her waters rise leaving the
Last of home and family behind.

Waters soon to be heated by
The Lion’s charismatic touch.

Father Sun carries the scales
Into the Dark underworld as
Scorpion flicks its pointed tail.

What slithers forth and lifts into
Solar Light soon to soar keen of sight.

The time is at hand
The mysteries revealed.

The Lion and the Scorpion
On this day move in accord
Bringing the Ancestors home.

Croning Moon wanes into its Fourth Quarter phase mid-afternoon bringing the energies of home centered astrological Cancer in its latest degree (and fullest impact) and shortly after transits into Leo. We can use this to set our intention on those ancestors of home and family that we desire most to bring into the emotional light of Leo’s magnetism.

We also leave the Solar Light of Libra’s balanced ways (weighs) and ready ourselves for the mysteries of astrological Scorpio. Three layers of power to draw from- the hidden nature of the scorpion/serpent; the precise and accurate intent of the Eagle and the final transformation of the Phoenix arising.

Time to explore Scorpio and take from it the tools we will bring to our space of meeting our Ancestors at the New Moon on the 30th. Follow the link below for the recorded pathworking. Sit at the ancestor altar you created at the Full Moon. Light your candle, take a few moments to connect with your ancestor and then breathe into your highest intention….

The Hall of Scorpio

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