Gifts of the Winter Solstice 2020

December 21.2020

Astrological Capricorn:

Astrological Aquarius:
Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

Astrological Pisces:
First Quarter Moon

Today we celebrate the Winter Solstice of 2020, and there is probably no other time when we could certainly use the lengthening of the day’s light and the promise of Spring that the Solstice offers. There is also an auspicious planetary configuration occurring today-a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in astrological Aquarius. This occurrence happens rarely enough on a Solstice that there has been much anticipation around what this stellar event will bring. There have been other Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions, just not on such an auspicious date, so this one is receiving lots of attention.

With that being taken care of I’d like to draw your attention to some specific patterns of flow that are occurring, rather than any specific event. I like to look at the bigger picture-a trait of my Aquarian Sun- and there is some very interesting energy that can be brought forward as the natural flow from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces occurs in the solar months ahead.

Let’s begin with Capricorn. The Sun stationed for its solar month into the earthy and anchored energy of Capricorn. This is the energy that held in the mantle of the Sun’s persona, renews and strengthens our resolve, both physically and ephemerally. Joining the earthiness is Mercury-bringer of communication extraordinaire and Pluto-the gate of death and rebirth as the thresholds of past and future converge into an informed, deeply rich and malleable present. Mercury in the grasp of Capricorn assures that how we interact, communicate and otherwise express ourself will be deeply rooted and stable in delivery. The only problem that of inertness at times, because of not trusting the innate abilities and sure-footedness that abounds. Pluto reminds us of the need to revisit our past without trepidation, to dive in deeply and excavate what can be used in a purposeful way to transform and prepare for what the future may hold. And, an additional reminder that death is not the end, just another form of expression coming into existence.

On the great astrological wheel, Capricorn flows into the energy of Airy and practical Aquarius. This is the energy of seeing the biggest picture possible, holding the vision of potential outcomes and holding all of humanity collectively accountable. Today’s conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn bathed in the energy of Aquarius provide the ultimate “what if” of envisioning the future you wish to out-picture. Saturn’s energy is one of time and structure, providing the boundaries and “mold”, if you will, that awaits the pouring in of your active will. If you do not choose to take these steps and re-organize, Saturn will do it for you and in its own timely way. Jupiter is the quintessential essence of expansion, breath and reaching beyond. But, we often neglect the necessary polarity of contraction, inhale and drawing everything back into its core center. This often overlooked nature of Jupiter us ultimately what ends up bursting in chaotic outpour, never having the chance to return to itself and replenish from its unlimited stores. Both Saturn and Jupiter hold the keys to movement carried on the inspirational breath of Aquarius’ sight.

And, as the breath of intention in astrological Aquarius settles into a steady and rhythmic current, the compassionate and healing waters of watery Pisces well up as the 12th and last sign of the great wheel. Today the Moon waxes in First Quarter phase, inching towards a blessing fo fullness and is in astrological Pisces deep waters allowing for the grace of first steps taken in healing and self-care.

Let’s Put It All Together:

Today, on this day of the Winter Solstice, we stand in the last vestiges of the longest night and the winter’s darkened cold. But, in our wisdom, we call to the rising of a Sun bathed in renewed light, able to give the gift of its burgeoning strength into all that is manifest. We speak our truths and offer our stories of past Solstices as we call to ourselves the blessings of what will inform the present. We envision what this day means to us and dream, wish and plan for a future moving forward that will be abundant and rich in what we receive and what we are able to offer to others. And, in the rising of the Sun tomorrow, we see more clearly the road ahead and the choice that we have been gifted of how and what we will choose to carry with us on this new journey and turn off the wheel. We feel the flow of self-compassion and step assuredly across the threshold into the glowing warmth of a light of our making.

Blessings on this journey!

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