Emotions Running High?

Art: The Titan’s Cup by Thomas Cole (1833)
New Moon in Cancer
July 9.2021
9:16 (EDT)

Sun in Cancer Retrogrades Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces Saturn in Aquarius Pluto in Capricorn

Mother Moon waxes New in astrological Cancer on Friday, July 8.2021 at 9:16 (EDT). Cancer is an elemental sign of water, ruled by the Moon and as such emotions, who we call family and the spaces of sanctuary we have created may feel as though they are surrounding us in deep waters of healing-or of overload. 

A New Moon is an opportunity for a fresh start, bolstering what has been put into place through previous cycles or just simply a time to allow to arise what needs to be actuated. This particular New Moon gains the support of astrological Cancer and the tides of its waters of foundational home and support from those you have chosen as family. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon so there is a very pure and clear sense of purpose around cultivating the nurturing and loving wisdom illuminated through your emotional state of being. 

The Sun has stationed mid-point in astrological Cancer for this solar month, so there is both the support of strengthened and blazing light and the cool soothing moonlit waters. The caution is remaining too long in those sunlit waters - think sunburn from the reflective waters in the blazing noon-day sun. Bask in the heat and renewal of the waters but be mindful of allowing only what is needed and appropriate to infuse you with life giving revitalization. 

There is more to this New Moon's energy that may be used as inspiration. Retrogrades of four (4) heavy hitter planets flows through this moon;'s energies:

Expansive Jupiter and the Deep and Murky waters of Neptune's embrace are both under the influence of watery astrological Pisces. Neptune is the higher amplification of Venus' energies of grace and relationship, and with that amplification of nuance, emotions run deep and relationships (with self and others) can be emotionally overwhelming. Jupiter provides the ebb (contraction) and flow (expansion) of the emotional tides and in astrological Pisces this often expresses as mood swings and a feeling much like the retreating sand under foot when standing at the ocean's edge as the waters move in and out. Stand too long in the same spot (loop of emotional outpouring, even with the highest intent) and you will lose footing. 

Saturn is retrograde in airy and mental Aquarius, so there is the opportunity to create the supportive structure of thought and mind that sees through the illusion and perceives the bigger picture of "what could be". With the abundance of water flowing through this New Moon's grace, crafting the appropriate boundaries and aligning the mental blueprints for how to most productively use its bounty can go a long way.  And, finally Pluto-keeper of death, rebirth and the higher amplification of Mar's dynamic force, is retrograde in astrological Capricorn-the Sea-Goat. The gift here is one of active movement towards regeneration that reaches deeply into the depths of watery flow and has the adept sure-footedness to scale the heights of inspired growth. Capricorn's earthy presence provides the foundational stability that allows for resilience. Think buoy in the rocky and stormy seas. 

Emotions Running High?

So, what does all of this mean? I invite you to use this New Moon to settle more deeply into who you are in your best self that is loved unconditionally. That is supported by those you cherish and resonate with as family. The you that carries "home" as the internal space of knowingness that you are a citizen of the Cosmos-a vast and broad space that holds the blueprint of creation itself in its mysteries; and as such every space is home when you are in it.  

I invite you to allow yourself the grace of immersing yourself in the nurturing waters of a moonlit pool that is just right and has been crafted by the boundaries you have established as a space of resilience, expansion, contraction and rebirth. And, when you arise from those waters, you see with clarity and have a new and a re-NEW-ed sense of purpose. I invite you to embrace this New Moon in Cancer in the spirit of excited anticipation of refuge as you would your family on returning home after a long, challenging and emotionally difficult day  at work knowing that the table is set, the food is nourishing and exactly what you are hungry for, the company is welcoming and this home is the blessing of sanctuary and stability.  Blessings of this New Moon!  

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