Welcome to Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Welcome to Temple of the Cosmic Spheres. This blog will be a venue for writings about the planetary energies, the astrological overlays and their impacts on our daily lives.These explorations will be approached using poetry, pathworkings, suggested magickal workings, fact, fiction and lore. Correspondences to numerology and Qabalah will be referenced for those wanting to dig a little deeper into these cosmic mysteries.

We begin our journey through these spheres in the Temple of the Moon.  Beginning on July 8th with the New moon in the astrological sign of Cancer (ruling planet is the Moon), I will be posting daily observations of the energy felt as the moon travels its course through the astrological signs moving through the month, ending with the New Moon in Leo. 

Other explorations will include Retrograde Mercury, the Temple of the Sun (beginning with Sun in Aries in 2014). I welcome comments and suggestions on topics.


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