Day Six: Still Waters All Around Me

July 13

Waxing Moon in Virgo

Void of Course 11:26am

Sun in Cancer


The Moon is void for most of the day, moving into the astrological sign of Libra at 3:41am-tomorrow morning.

Today is about holding steady, allowing space to integrate and find the beginnings of balance. The finishing touches of Virgo’s analysis and scrutiny in its most mature stage and then repose, rest and stasis.  Wanting to stay under the wire.

No pushing, no effort . Just simply allowed myself to settle in to a day of coalescing and riding the wave of the status quo that has been created from these past days work.  I held no expectations and did no reaching out beyond what came to me in the natural flow of the day’s energies.

Feeling like just floating on a surface that is placid and calm in complete surrender; but beware of the undertow!


Tomorrow morning I will be posting a Pathworking written for energy of Cancer as a bonus to use as you will throughout the remainder of this journey. This will be in addition to the usual evening post.  Enjoy!

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