Day Five: Let Me Break It Down

July 12

Waxing Moon in Virgo

Sun in Cancer


Describe to me again
In detail what it is
That you want me to do.

If you can give me
Sufficient information
I can draw a
Finely tuned conclusion.

But, if you omit the
Fine points I will be
Forced to search
Until I have the
Information I need.*

Today the moon stands fully under the grace of the astrological sign of Virgo. Remember on its qualities is that of flexible expansion thus making it both the ending and the germinating space for what follows. I had some quiet time to myself today at home and I took the time to look around at the physical space our family had created.  I tried to open to how I felt about various items that held a place of memory and unravel the complexity of those feelings and the way in which they intertwined with those of my family connected to them.

Virgo’s ruling planet is Gemini. One of the actions of Geminian energy is that is awakening the creative potential of mind through the process of outward expression. Placed in action upon the mental/emotional self there is great potential to reveal what truly matters in your life and how to express the value of those gifts.  As physical beings we have great capacity for mental process expressed through love.  This feels like a good day to call upon this energy and support to take a closer look at what is really important to me.

I pulled each thought and emotion up as threads of all that went into their making as they wind tightly around.  I called upon the energy of the Moon to sort and clear away those that were simply illusions of what the real feelings were.  As I sat in this meditation I saw myself smiling in contentment  at the life I had created for myself. I saw all those I loved and cherished surrounding me hearts open and love reaching outward from each to the other and to me.  I saw glowing around my neck a gift of the Goddess. A strand of opalescent pearls, droplets of love infused water strung one to the other on an ephemeral strand of moonlight silk.  Each held one of the cherished memories I had carefully selected and each was with me always.


* Excerpted in part from: It’s Written in the Stars-Virgo.R.Fennelly

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