Day Ten: Rise Like the Phoenix

July 17

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer

July 17

Today is Day 10 and my Lunar Return day. My natal Moon is in Scorpio and so the day of the month that the Moon resides fully in Scorpio is considered a Lunar Return day for me. Your Lunar Return day would be the day the Moon transits into the nearest same degree (position) and astrological sign as it was at the time of your birth.   I usually use the energy of this day to deepen my intuitive sight and to dig a little deeper into those areas of my emotional self that like to hide out.

Instinctively, I usually feel the Moon in Scorpio.  I tend to be in a slightly darker place. Self-doubts often bubble up, often without provocation. In general, I tend to be less accepting and shorter in patience.  Over the years, age has settled some of this, but there are always those inner dialogues and feelings you have that no matter how much you try still claim hold at certain times.  The good news is that knowing that the Moon is going to be stirring this up when its energies are in the natal sign helps in learning how to control, embrace and make more positive use of this time.

As I think about the energies running through the previous days as compared to those of today, there seems a sense of expansion and growth.  This is in keeping with the waxing moon phase and in comparison to a life cycle we would be in or mid-20’s early 30’s.  More responsibilities, things a bit more intense in nature and more information about who you are, where you are going and what the options are.  Applying this to this day’s energy of Scorpio, all that emotional baggage that you’ve brought forward, is ready to be dealt with and success or failure will depend entirely on how well you can accept those flaws.

What needs working on today is clearer if I remember that Scorpio is also about the discernment and keen eyesight of the Eagle.  Rising above the situation instead of being carried down into the drama carried on winds that move and support the weight of what is carried airborne. The third aspect of Scorpio is the Phoenix; the evolved and uplifted form of the scorpion and eagle.

I am going to use the energy of the 10th day of this cycle as well. I think of the number 10 as being the opportunity to work on the singular 1 (or singular I of myself) in collaboration with the limitless all of the Divine or the number 0.  So, I am going to dig even deeper today to excavate those parts of myself that need transformation and can potentially be the fires that are reborn as the Phoenix rises.


The sands of time
Shift and flow from
One tightly held container
To another.

The truths of my own
History’s stories are
Drawn up from the darkness
And into the blazing sun.

I examine them
And relearn the
Greater lessons contained
In each.

And, once mastered and reclaimed
As paths back to myself
My Spirit soars and all
See me as transformed.

The burden has been lifted.
And, I look once again
Towards the full
Light of Day.

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