Day Nine: Entering Deep Waters

July 16

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

Sun in Cancer

July 16

The Moon moves into the astrological sign of Scorpio at 10:24am. Scorpio is of the Water element and a Fixed sign.  My natal Moon is in Scorpio so each monthly cycle of return to this astrological position offers an adrenalin like charge of focused application of these energies towards awaken within myself a deeper understanding of this state of being.

The flow of today feels much more subtle in outpour and as though there could be things overlooked if attention is not given to the messages that are left unspoken and the actions left undone. 

Today is a day to tread carefully as those emotions that are trying to get your attention will be much more persistent in their action.  The fixed nature of water that is held in Scorpio can be similar to the dam that serves to control, bind and hold forces that would naturally continue in their path of movement, mindless of what they carry along with them. I have noticed that often when the moon is in Scorpio, people can be swept away in expressing their deepest held feelings and not always as considerate or caring in how these feelings are expressed.

I think the cautionary tale here is similar to that of diving and the incremental steps that are taken as you submerge deeper and deeper into unknown waters. The most important phase to this however, comes in the ascent; rising too quickly can cause embolism and undue pressure on the sinuses and ears.  Just the precise amount of time and energy must be exerted so that lungs have time to re-acclimate and physical body remains intact.

When we enter the deep waters of our own emotional landscape, there is often the push to get in and out as quickly as possible for fear that what we find may keep us in the shadows and weigh us down with negative actions.

There will always be those ugly things that lurk in the depths of our emotional and mental spaces; but there are also the beautiful creatures of light, much like the phosphorescent fish of the deep that light the way and offer a new understanding of all that we hold within ourselves.  So, with these thoughts in mind I am going to take a deep breath and begin my careful and calculated descent and be open and receptive to what lay hidden in the deep.



Tomorrow the Moon will be in Scorpio the entirety of the day.  It will be interesting to see what mysteries I can bring to the light of the surface.

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