Full Moon Ritual of Anchoring

July 20

Waxing Moon in Capricorn at 2:39pm


We are entering the 3 days prior to the Full Moon on Monday. Saturday the Moon transits into Capricorn before going void on Sunday morning.  So, I am going to do the working of the Full Moon phase of Ritual of Dedication on Saturday evening (before the void) and bolster with the Aquarian energies on the actual day of the Full Moon.  I will post the plans for this later this evening so you all will have for tomorrow.  No need for additional supplies beyond what we started with for the New Moon dedication. 

This marks phase two of the Ritual of Dedication begun at the start of this journey. Try to perform this ritual between the hours of 2:39p.m. today and before the moon goes void on Sunday at 11:53am.

Full  Moon Ritual of Anchoring

You will need:

1/Silver (or Black) Candle  (New Moon)

1/White Candle (Full Moon)

1/Black Candle (Dark Moon)

Black and white altar cloths

Journal and Pen to be dedicated to record your experiences.  Be sure to choose a journal you will love to use and/or decorate it in any way that is representative of your intention on this journey.

Set up your altar space with the white cloth on top of black.  This represents the Full Moon phase and the waxing of its light coming to peak.  The candles should be arranged in triangular shape with the White candle at center point, Silver candle as left base and Black candle on right side forming the base.  The Silver candle on the left represents the New Moon phase (1st Quarter Waxing), the White – the Full Moon and the Black candle on the left- the Dark Moon (Last Quarter Waning).

Your  journal and pen can be placed in front of the triangular candle formation.

Establish sacred space in whatever way is in keeping with your path.

Invoke the assistance of whatever Deity, guides or patrons you work with to inform and enliven this journey.

Full Moon 3

Standing in front of your altar begin by lighting the Silver candle.  As you light this candle offer up words stating your intention of gratitude for all that has brought you to this place on the journey as you deepen your connection to the lunar energies and the mysteries of your lunar nature.

Move to stand in front of the White candle.  As you light this candle offer up words stating your intention of anchoring and standing fully in the Light of the Moon’s reflection and the blessings of the work done.

Envision the orb of the blessed Moon full and shining brightly   Open and allow yourself to connect deeply to the image of the waters of moon’s flow gently holding you as you are carried with the ebb and flow of the tides. Envision the Moon in her full orb, glowing brilliantly and welcoming you to join in her bounty. Breathe deeply drawing in this fullness and filling yourself with the knowledge that you have come a great way in refining and experiencing the flow of emotions within your own being. Soften your gaze and draw the stream of light that issues from Her flame into the center core of your being.  Breathe into it, expanding its intensity and lengthening the depths of its connection. Envision this as the continual stream of informed connection that will be the place of deeper gnosis of the Moon and Her mysteries.  Take a deep breath in and allow this energy to move through you; flowing like water, reaching every point of your being.  Exhale long and slowly sending that energy back into the circuit that is forming between you and the energy you have called forth to permeate this candle. Breathe in this manner of receipt and release, ebb and flow for as long as you feel is needed; ending with a long exhale.

Sharpen your gaze and return back to the clarity of focus looking at the Silver candle of the New Moon. Once again soften your gaze and see the lines of connection between the Silver and White candles as they move towards your center and forming a triangle of enlivened space.  Breathe into this connection of cycle of newness, now having matured and moved to a place of full peak.  Breathe deeply and fully feeling the expansion and new information received from this journey.

Full Moon2

Shift your focus to all three of the candles and as you move your gaze from one to the other offer up words of intent:

Monday, at the time of the Full Moon,  the energies I have called forth in their fullness and anchored and strengthened in the bounty of Lady Moon’s grace will continue to flow forth and my opening to the energies of the moon in all of her phases will move in accord with HER cycles. So Mote It Be!!

Breathe deeply into these words (or those of your own) and see them as being held in witness by the guides, deity or others you called into to assist this rite.

Offer up thanks to those you invoked to join in this ritual, and bid them hail and farewell.  Ground and release your sacred space, again, in whatever way is in keeping with your path. And, lastly, snuff out the flame of the New and Full Moon candles.  I have purposefully had you do this after the release of sacred space as symbolic act of carrying these energies back into the mundane world of expression to be used and accessed on all levels of being.

You will light these two candles each night connecting to their combined energies and adding to these from your own energetic experiences.  Continue to do this up to the eve of the Dark Moon (another ritual and dedication and lighting of the Black candle) as you write your impressions of the day.

Full Moon 1

Blessings on your journey as we continue to walk this road together!

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