Day Twelve: Networking

July 19

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius

Sun in Cancer


Full day in Sagittarius. It will be a busy day today with Dr. appointment for my Mom and return home for our eldest daughter. The heat was intense today, both physically and energetically.  I felt particularly irritated and annoyed for no good reasons.  Trying to reach out in a different way when I get like this which requires being mindful throughout the day.

Ironically there was so much going on in the periphery today that I felt very tangled and a bit un-directed in the energies.  Sagittarius is brilliant at raising enthusiasm and networking in a very precises and inclusive way, but can also get side tracked with over expanding and losing focus.  Which, is precisely how I felt.

I think I will leave the image below to best describe how the energies felt today.


Photo: Jonathon Chiu

We are entering the 3 days prior to the Full Moon on Monday.  Saturday the Moon transits into Capricorn before going void on Sunday morning.  So, I am going to do the working of the Full Moon phase of Ritual of Dedication on Saturday evening (before the void)  and bolster with the Aquarian energies on the actual day of the Full Moon.  I will post the plans for this later this evening so you all will have for tomorrow.  No need for additional supplies beyond what we started with for the New Moon dedication. 

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