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We end our exploration of Mercury taking a look at ways to incorporate its energy in our magickal workings. The diversity of this planet and its ability to change direction and focus on a dime are one of the aspects that make this planetary energy very accessible and relevant. There are many ways to utilize Mercury’s energy for Magickal workings; its versatility a reflection of the potential held in communication itself. Mercury lends its energy to any magickal working whose intent is to open those lines of communication. These are some of the ways to access its power:

Anything requiring exchange, flow and communication:

• Relationships
• Finances
• Jobs
• Health

Some keywords for consideration:

• Mental pursuits
• Learning
• Teaching
• Study
• Travel
• Movement
• Duality
• Invention
• Inspiration
• Commerce
• Flow of Finances
• Healing

Daily Magick:

We can use Mercury’s energy for empowering its given planetary day- Wednesday– and any important tasks that require creative and active communication. And, if we refine further, we can access Mercury’s planetary hour of any given day and focus our intent for that time period in getting our ideas and thoughts moving and flowing. For more information about the Planetary Days and Hours, check out the post below:

Day 23- Temple of the Moon- Go Quietly in the Night

Solar/Lunar Magick:

Aligning with the phases of the Moon and Solar cycles calls upon Mercury as astrological ruler and can be further refined by using the lens of the element and modality of that astrological sign. Since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, the opportunity here is to access the inspired flow of communication through the quickening of mind and intellect (the Air Quality of Gemini) and drawing it down into the space of inventive form (the Earth Quality of Virgo). Both are of the Mutable modality so the burgeoning quality of beginnings is present giving the potential for a catalytic nature.

Solar Magick

During the astrological solar months of Gemini (May-June) and Virgo (August-Sept) we have several weeks of Mercury’s energy to be drawn upon in a steady stream of illuminating flow enlivened by the solar dynamics. The emphasis will be different with each. Gemini is elemental Air and hones in on the mental processes and flashes of inspiration. Virgo is elemental Earth bringing what is inspiring down in to the manifest realm after the testing of analytical assessment and curing.

You could effectively use this energy for a month long working to improve the ways in which you articulate your thoughts. This would be a good time to also begin creative projects that emphasize developing new paths of communication, improve relationships or stimulate your financial flow. Writing is bolstered during this time, so working on a book, articles, essays or reports should produce some interesting results.

Lunar Magick

Lunar Magick follows the cycles of the moon as it waxes and wanes and makes use of that energy to enhance workings. To get you started here are some Moon phase basics:

Waxing and Waning

The Waxing Moon is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon

The Waning Moon is the time between the Full Moon and the last day of the last quarter– just prior to the New Moon

Although Magickal working can be done at any time, there are specific times during the lunar cycle when your workings can be enhanced. One of the first considerations is what type of New Moon energy is used for beginning a working. It is the initial and quickening stage of what will become. What is planted here will determine the outcome at the time of fullness.

The Waxing of the moon, from New to Full, provides a crescendo or building effect

Full Moon energy is used to strengthen and support the apex of the working having reached a space of ripeness, maturity and readiness to be fully acted upon.

The Waning of the moon from peak of Full to the subsequent New Moon allows for release and diminishing of energetic effect

Dark Waning Moon energy is used as a time to release, cut away and make ready the soil for the planting of new seeds.

Mercury’s energy can be applied when the lunar phase is in one of the astrological signs its rules- Gemini or Virgo. These are some of the types of workings that could be considered.

New Moon in Virgo/Gemini – Mercury Planetary Ruler – Workings may include:

Opening (or reopening) up lines of communication.

Planting the seeds of intent for successful writing projects or any creative ventures.

Having goal of cleared understanding of any intellectual pursuit; a new area of study and learning, or preparing to teach a new workshop or class.

Take a look at the posts below for the New Moon in Virgo for an idea of Mercury’s influence through the filter of Virgo.

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Full Moon in Gemini/Virgo- Mercury Planetary Ruler – Workings may include:

Bolstering and acknowledgement of the continued progress of any workings begun at the new Moon.

Analytical scrutiny of what areas of your mental processes need refinement.

Strengthening the intent of harmonious interactions in all relationships, contracts and agreements.

Dark Waning Moon in Gemini/Virgo- Mercury Planetary Ruler – Workings may include:

Release of negative commentary about the self.

Release of what is not in harmony with continued growth of any workings begun at New Moon or weaknesses revealed at Full Moon.

Release and blocking gossip, ineffectual communication.

Take a look at the Posts below for Waning Moon in Gemini and an idea of Mercury’s Energy through the filter of Gemini.

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To read more about Lunar and Solar Magick check out Lesson Nine from A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path


The energy of Mercury can be called upon to enhance a reading or as a tool for meditation and deeper reflection on the archetypal energy of the planet. The Key aligned with Mercury is that of the Magician.

Key 1- The Magician

I am the master of two worlds
I am the conduit of Divine Inspiration and physical Desire
I have passed through the veil of the Fool
and have emerged transformed
The perfect synthesis of As Above So Below
I am that which is attained at the end of Desire

The Rider-Waite Deck depicts the Magician as one who has mastered control of the above so the below. The lemniscate of eternity and duality hovers above the mind/intellect. His is the quintessential form of communication; that of the Divine SELF and the Mundane Self. The Magician represents the perfect union of Divinity and Humanity. He has successfully traversed the leap of faith of the Fool and made the choice of pursuing the Path of Divine Inspiration, open and ready to serve as both conduit and generator. This card speaks to both the virtues and the vices of the mundane and the spiritual. Without control over one’s lower nature, the Higher Self will never be realized. An Ego driven spiritual practice will result in short-lived control, anchored neither in the real world or the higher realms of the spiritual.


In the Toth Tarot Deck- The Magus (Magician) is depicted as Hermes/Mercury outright. The vortex of mind, thought and illuminating energy all emanating into and from him.


Energetic and Healing Practice:

In energetic and healing practice each of the planets aligns with specific areas of our subtle and physical anatomy. Each of the fingers on the hands is assigned a planet. Chakras and the Seven Sisters (Endocrine System) are each assigned a planetary energy. The implication here is affirmation of The Universal Law of Correspondence– As Above , So Below, As Within, So Without and the cosmic and celestial inter-connectedness of man and his world.

The Hands- Mudras

Within Eastern Practice, Mudras are described as hand positions. Each area of the hand has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain. A Mudra locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. The Mudras redirect the energy flow, linking the individual pranic energy with universal force. Each finger represents the energy of a planet, a determinate quality, and emotions. The thumbs represents the ego(1)

Below is a picture of the Buddhi Mudra, using the fourth finger which is attributed to the planet Mercury and the thumb (Ego). (2)


How: Touch tip of little (fourth) finger and tip of thumb. Other three fingers are straight.

Effect: Creates capacity to clearly and intuitively communicate, stimulates psychic development.

Planet: Mercury; quickness, mental powers of communication.


Healing Work 

Mercury resonates with the throat chakra – the seat of communication.  As you do your daily chakra clearing or meditation, engage the throat chakra with focus and intent.  Envision it filled with the energy of Mercury and the ability to inform and communicate clearly and effectively.  Imagine the glyph of Mercury placed at your throat:

Large Mercury Man

The glyph itself incorporates the lower crescent of the Moon (emotions intuitive sight), the circle of eternity, wholeness and the Cross of descent into matter, or as above so below (vertical line) and as within so without (horizontal line). From this center sphere of wholeness intuitive energy flows to co-mingle with the upwards energy of matter and spirit which issues forth as communication, words and expression.

Auspicious Occasions:

The Archetypal energy of Mercury as Psychopomp can be called upon when engaging in ritual, meditation or other workings to connect with the ancestors. You may offer up request to send messages of inquiry to them or the return of information to you. Samhain is typically the time for this work, although not limited to. You may also call upon Mercury to guide your loved one and to ease their passing.

See the Samhain Article- Parting the Veils and Opening to the Ancestors for a Pathworking that could be used with the focus of Mercury’s energy in mind. 

These are but a few of the many ways to access and engage with the dynamic energy of Mercury. Be creative in your approach, allow your mind and thoughts to open to the possibilities and see how effortlessly you can attune to staying in communication.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey through the Temple of Mercury and as always, I welcome comments and your experiences with these amazing Temples!

1. The Secrets of Yoga
2. 3HOKundalini Yoga 


Sunday, Nov. 3rd.- New Moon in Scorpio                 

 Join me in the Temple of Venus- Sunday, December 1.2013

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