4th Qrt. Anchoring


Waning 4th Quarter Moon

Yesterday the moon transited into her Waning 4th Qrt Phase and today is holding firm in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. The Waning moon energy is used for the space of release and resetting of what works and what doesn’t. Sagittarius is a Mutable (flexible/expansive) sign of the Fire element(action/will).  The waning moon energy in this sign can be used effectively to take action of release that will be flexible and pliable enough to be adaptable in what you carry forward actively and willfully towards the new moon of beginnings.

I have been acutely aware of the general chaos and over stimulation that has been playing out for some time now at personal and global levels.  And, with this Sagittarian energy now in place we can turn the natural networking tendencies of this sign inward towards letting go of what (and who) is serving to help us ground and what is draining our inner resources. It feels like the space is ripe for re-anchoring ourselves so that we may weather these chaotic storms more substantially rather than getting caught up in the momentum of disruption.

It seems that everyone is being affected at some level of crisis, unexpected events or general dis-ease and the normal tendency to reach out to friends and community doesn’t seem to be as productive as each has their own burdens to carry.  Sometimes, we overlook our own place of stability in searching for that strength elsewhere and from others.  And, when the seas become particularly rough we fail to reach out  and draw the life-preserver towards ourself before reaching out to save another. I think at times the best comfort and stability we can give is only available after having allowed ourselves to receive the return of our own comforting and stabilizing.

In thinking about Sagittarius and the ease with which this sign brings groups together, finds common ground and awakens the fires of communal effort my inclination is towards making conscious choice of drawing streams of that active outreach inward and recoiling this active energy into a place of stability.  I am not suggesting a retreat in alienating ourselves from others and hiding from the world and its discord, but rather a process of shoring up within ourselves the fertile ground for the planting of  what will blossom at the new moon. An image that comes to mind is that of the retractable double ended cords used for technical devices. When tension is exerted in pulling outward, both ends recoil back into a central hub spindle that is stable, anchored and ready for the next expansion outward.


As I sit in meditation tonight, I am going to bring to conscious awareness all of the ways in which I have extended myself in outward reach towards establishing a network of friends, relatives and strangers.  I will call up the strength and stability, fire of will and emotional investment I sent out in those reachings. And, as I look at each cord of attachment, I am going to draw that energy back into the central hub of my own center; reconnecting to what is stable and secure within myself.  I will breathe into this flexible way of being and allow myself the gradual expansion outward towards those connection that have weathered this anchoring within.   The archer’s draw back of fiery arrow will be one of rebound that exerts just the appropriate amount of energy, neither wasted nor over-stressed  that will carry with it the release of what unproductively holds me dependent on resources other than my own. And as the anchoring of this energy settles into the salty beds of water’s emotional upheaval I will be as the buoy on the ocean, marking the way for safe passage riding the turbulence til the calming waters of morning’s light and strength return.

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