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Venus in Leo
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4:29am (EDT)

In the early hours of this morning, Venus, the planet of relationships and refinement, moved from its retrograde pattern and began its movement forward once again. The retrograde began July 25th and the dynamic of its focused intention caused a deeper than usual scrutiny of our relationships at all levels of interaction.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra which in and of itself gives insight to the way in which Venusian energy flows and changes its quality. Astrological Taurus is typified by its solid anchoring (Earth sign), stability of purpose (Fixed) and immoveable determination to secure anything it acquires. There is a deep emotional connection to those manifest things it assumes responsibility for and so deep attachment is fostered in guarding and standing ground in maintaining a safe and secure environment for those things or people.

Libra’s approach is also one of safeguarding, but because of the mental (Air sign) nature of this sign, it naturally seeks to refine and harmonize those relationships and attachments. It mentally takes inventory of all that is of beauty and quality and all that is lackluster in appearance and form and then weighs and deliberates how it will interact and forge a relationship with each aspect. In considering both of these approaches that Venus presents, it is no wonder that she is enigmatic and selective in who and what she offers her time, attention and gifts of engagement towards.

Venus began her retrograde in the very beginning degrees of the astrological sign of Virgo, sorter and analyzer extraordinaire. The focus on relationships took on the mantle of dissection and calculation; the first steps towards breaking down who and what were worthy of your time, affection and attention. As Venus transited into the later degrees of astrological Leo (Fixed Fire and electromagnetic attraction), this attention to the relationships, loves and beauty that was until then acceptable in your life was brought fully into Leo’s spotlight. Some of what was revealed in this light was the truth surrounding who you have attracted into your life that no longer meets the tests of greater discernment.

And, because this action was taking place when Leo was at its strongest and most developed degrees of energy, the wisdom and ability to release the illusion of old loves raised the intensity of your desire for change and perhaps, even higher standards around those who would receive the beauty of your affection.

The release of this intensity of Venus’ call to acknowledge and realize your own power to choose wisely and fully embrace those who will share your love and gifts of relationship and interaction may have caused you to second guess those in your life. Powerful change has been at play and you now have a different sensibility about what love and friendship, relationship and harmony, balance in all things and the freedom to choose your companions mean to you. How others will react to this change is of no matter and those who try to manipulate you into unhealthy relationships will have to go.

Venus is very good at allowing us to deceive ourselves by the glamour of what we idealize as beauty and love. She is also very good at showing us the truth of our own beauty and the value of ourselves, first in the manner in which we love ourselves and then as the organic flow of that love towards others. Being open to these lessons and heeding her wisdom in all of our affairs will dramatically lesson the times we will be called to say- “But, I thought you were my friend!”.

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