Day One: Flowing Through the New Moon

July 8, 2013

New Moon in Cancer

Sun in Cancer


Those They Hold Dear

By the light of the moon
they move in the thousands
Each intent on its course
Each guided by ancient
instincts and the call of
the Mother to return home.

The first seeds of yearning
for that which cannot
be easily revealed and
emotions sway to and fro
caught within the confines
of loyalty and trust.

These are the first two stanzas of a poem I wrote several years ago when opening to connect with the energies of the astrological sign of Cancer. I read through this and the feelings that flowed today were those I felt when writing this and my emotions were strong anchored in the feelings of home, family and the security these offered. Today these same feelings bubbled to the surface and rather than pushing them aside I surrendered and laid back into those soothing waters.

Astrologically the New Moon occurred at 3:14am and then went to void of course through the remainder of the day until 6:48a.m. tomorrow morning as it passes into the sign of Leo.  In basic terms it is the time between the ending of the moon being held within the energy of one astrological sign and it’s transition towards the next. Typically, this period of time is highly unfavorable for magickal workings or decision making because of the unstable and unpredictable energy that results. Think of it as someone hurriedly trying to change from the at home grunge clothes to a night on the town outfit.  Several try ons occur in trying to decide which will be the best garb of transformation. A hasty decision is made selecting what promises to be the best choice and then mid way through the drive to the fancy restaurant, regrets set in on the choice made. It seemed right at the time!

In line with this more agitated energy I awoke bursting with a need to connect with others; which given my usual state of wanting to be alone was different.  It was not concrete in directive but rather like the excited anticipation that something was about to change and of knowing the potential for reaching out was just beginning a course that could offer me the ability to balance my emotional self and my logical mind. In fact, I had two experiences where strangers struck up conversations and then proceeded to pour their hearts out about family and home matters and through no prompting by me.  It made me realize how simply being more aware of a conscious intent to engage from a heart-centered state attracted that same quality in others an produced a different level of satisfaction that was much deeper than my usual analytical and hurried state.

I like to layer things as a way to understand and see various perspectives of all of the work I do, magickal and mundane.  So, please bear with these side notes and bits of related information.  I also realized that this is a way in which I can “feel” my way through whatever the focus of observation is. If the overlay feels right, then go with it and see where it takes you. Think of this as the ebb and flow of the lunar tides.  We extend out beyond the comfort and safety of the shores; retrieve the bits and pieces that get caught in the buoyancy and then bring them back to shore for closer look and/or to be enjoyed by the shell collector walking the beach.  The point is that the beach is still the beach and the waters are still the same waters, but now each has more deeply informed and impressed itself on the other creating something new, yet still individual in its basic nature.

So, here come some bits from the larger ocean. Each of the seven days of the week are assigned a planetary energy. Monday, or “Moon”day’s ruler is the moon adding an extra dose of lunar energy to an already potent day. More about this in a future post.  And, the sun has been in the sign of Cancer for 18 days now; the solar heralding in the new astrological sign approx. 15-19 days prior and the Moon seeming to catch up just at the apex of solar astrological energy.  I guess one could think of this as will maturing before emotions catch up. And, by the time the emotional self reaches mid-point, will renews and transforms into the next evolutionary stage of consciousness and a new astrological sign. We will see this transition on the 22nd of this month and the movt. of the sun into the sign of Leo.

Don’t forget to journal your experiences and feel free to share through the comments option!  Blessings of a restful night.

Note:  I am going to try to post in the evening as near to the planetary hour of the Moon (or Mercury-Communication) as possible and whichever is slightly earlier. More about planetary hours in a few days.

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    Beautiful poem!

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