Ready, Set, Go!


Tonight I will do my ritual of dedication to the work of the lunar month ahead.  As I move through each day and the cycle of waxing to waning I’ll be using the information below to inform my observations and enliven the lunar connection.

The Phase of the Moon and Tides of Lunar Magick

The Waxing Moon is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon

The Waning Moon is the time between the Full Moon and the last day of the last quarter- just prior to the New Moon

Although Magickal working can be done at any time, there are specific times during the lunar cycle when your workings can be enhanced.  One of the first considerations is what type of energy you want to use for your intent.

The waxing of the moon, from New to Full, provides a crescendo or building effect and the waning of the moon from peak of Full to the subsequent New Moon allows for release and diminishing of energetic effect.  The New Moon is a time of beginnings and first seeds towards growth. New projects, goals and behaviors are all supported when given focus during this time. The Full Moon is the peak and product of all efforts begun at the New Moon.  Additionally, any working that needs extra push, magnification or energetic boost, will benefit from Full Moon energy.   The span of time from completion of the Full moon, up to and including approximately the next New Moon is the optimal time for release, cutting away and inner preparation.  These 3 days prior to the next New Moon are also known as the Dark Moon phase.

In practice, how could I make the most of these phases?  Suppose I want to seek new employment.  On the New Moon, I may do a meditation, plan, brainstorm and journal about the type of work I may wish to acquire. I may even, physically plant a few seeds in a pot as concrete visual symbols of my intent.  Each day thereafter I will tend the seeds- mentally and/or physically- enriching them with more concrete ideas and goals for obtaining my ideal work.   On the Full Moon, I will give thanks for the new growth in my life towards my goal. Perhaps do a meditation, visualizing in as much detail as possible my future work surroundings, myself enjoying and looking forward to each day, etc.  And, finally as the moon wanes and the days prior to the next New moon approach, I spend some time identifying and releasing any negative thoughts, words or actions that are preventing me from bringing into manifest reality my goal.  This release may take any form as long as the symbolic or actual release is something you can strongly connect with, and is of harm to none.  This or a similar cycle may need to be repeated several lunations, depending on your goal, the strength of your focus and intent and ability to truly release that which may be holding you back.

A reminder, however, is that every magickal working requires physical action to bring it into manifestation.  No matter how much intention I place into a working to obtain a new job, if I don’t physically look through want ads, send out resumes and actively job search, the completion of the circuit of magick will never be successful in outcome.

So, keeping this information in mind, as we move through the lunar month and the change from one phase to the next, remember that your actions and interactions in the mundane and completely physical world are just as important as your yearning for the ephemeral and spiritual realms.

Excerpted from: The Esoteric Tymes, No. 3

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