Day Four: Cubism

July 11

Waxing Moon into Virgo

Sun in Cancer


The lunar energies continue with the last vestiges of Leo’s energy until 3:54pm when the moon goes void.  A 6:12p.m. lady moon moves into the astrological sign of Virgo.  Virgo is of the Earth element and Mutable in quality.  Those signs that are Mutable offer the the greatest flexibility, having received the pressure of form and coalescence from the fixed state and act to continue the cycle in an expansive more pliable way.  The earthy element of this moon is the place that remains steadfast and has potential to act as container for the flow of watery emotions, giving them permeable form and structure.  Virgo is the great analyzer and organizer.  It is her energy that scrupulously and meticulously makes sense of what could become chaos.  It’s ruling planet is Mercury- the great communicator, so I want to tap into that flow of communication between my intuitive nature and my responsive feeling active self.

When I had an opportunity at lunch break to focus more fully on what I was feeling, the surrounding energy felt thicker and heavier than I had noted yesterday.  There was a sense of stickiness as I walked kind of like what I would imagine it would feel like to walk between two lint rollers ( and no it wasn’t because of the humidity LOL!) Whereas yesterday felt energized and prickly it was more of a constant state of alert vs. simply being more aware.

I am looking to this energy to soothe and settle some of the flares from the Leo energy. There is a sense of a cooling down period so that what I boiled up to the light in the previous days’ energies can now take shape into something that will be solidly anchored. I am also sending the intention of using the energy of this being the 4th day of waxing moon.  FOUR being the number of equilateral foundation. All sides, angles and perspectives in balanced support of one another.  Body- Mind- Heart and Will holding the enlivened liquid of the deeper mysteries of my own flexible and fluid nature in a manner that will allow for maximum growth.


Image: Webst3R

An interesting side note going back to yesterday.  I received an email this morning that a writing project of mine had gone live yesterday.  This project is going to encourage me to dig deeper into my personal feelings than my usual writing does and connect with the reader in a slightly different way.  Makes me think about the peak energy of Leo Moon yesterday and one of the Leo attributes of center-stage and in the spotlight.  Add the emotional/personal equation of the writing and today’s email to ground and settle my emotions into a more productive form.

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