Day Three: Fire in the (W)Hole

July 10

Waxing Moon in Leo

Sun in Cancer


My day began early this morning with a moon darkened 5:00a.m. drop off at the airport of my daughter and a spectacular sunrise of a firey ball of red-orange sun orb.  The first thing that came to mind during this transition from dark to light was the glow of heat and shadow of sculpted clay seen in the small window of a kiln (my eldest daughter is an artist).  The rest of the morning was colored by these same thoughts and image that returned mid-day.

As I was out walking at lunch I was thinking about the elemental correspondences of the Moon (Water) being in a Fire sign (Leo) today.  And, the flip of that energy with the Sun (Fire) being in a Water sign (Cancer) for half of this month.  Additionally, the moon is in the sign of Leo for the entirety of the day. So, this feels like just the beginnings of firing up the Will of the Emotional self and seeing what creative product will emerge from that kiln.


I have also been thinking about the connection of the the Sacral Chakra to the Moon and the Solar Plexus Chakra to the Sun.  When I did the New Moon Ritual of Dedication I naturally felt the stirrings of the energetic opening at the place of the Sacral Chakra- this being the space of creativity, birthing waters and womb.  It was palpable and I encouraged the flow and placed my awareness in this space of container to be informed by the work to be undertaken.

With this in mind, today I opened to moving this energy up into and co-mingling with that of the Solar Plexus- the seat of Will and Fires of quickening. I envisioned this action as that of the Firey Moon enlivening and deepening the energy of those Sacral Waters and acting as a furnace of tempering for emotions that were supportive of the Whole of my being.

Astrologically, my natal Jupiter and Pluto are in the sign of Leo. So, I called upon these energies to expand (Jupiter) and deepen those mysteries that lay unseen (Pluto) so they could be drawn up to the surface, fired in the container of applied Will and become productive pieces in this journey. Was this potent lunar fire causing similar effects in others?

So, here’s the interesting thing. A lot of people seemed more antsy today with a “me first” attitude. Will and emotions are tricky things, however, especially when you are trying to observe and formulate conclusions.  Just how much of this perception I had was my own willing it to be because I was consciously looking for the connection to the fiery application of Leo on the waters of emotion? And, I am reminded that everything I see, learn, teach and observe is filtered through my own layers of experience and expectations regardless of the quantity of the real validity of what is being observed.

I will record these impressions, holding in reserve the notion that they are both accurate and biased and move on from there.  This, is of and in itself a step in the right direction towards opening more deeply to the emotional waters and tides.  The accuracy I am acknowledging comes from the analysis of the mind; BUT the admittance of bias comes directly from the opening of the heart to that possibility.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Will + emotions was not a very successful combo for me today…perhaps greater awareness of the potential effects will make tomorrow more manageable!

    • I think it takes some getting use to and learning how to control just how much will to exert. Kinda like riding learning to ride a bicycle. You get enthused that you are actually balancing and then over turn the wheel in that turn ending up on your bottom. Eventually your internal responses know just how fast to pedal and when to put the brakes on.

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