Day Seven: It All Balances Out

July 14

Waxing Moon in Libra

Sun in Cancer

July 14

The Moon moved into the astrological sign of Libra at 3:41am.  We have returned to Cardinal energy once again and the opportunity for new stages of thought to be birthed from the lunar waters.  The astrological sign of Libra is of the element of Air- thoughts, intellect, and movement. Today’s energies seemed brighter and lighter than those of yesterday or the previous day.  The Virgoian energy was heavy and dense, like wading through thickened water. And, the void of course energy of yesterday gave pause to that heaviness. I felt supported from below, today there is more of a feeling of lifting upwards.

I awakened feeling refreshed rather than having the clinging heaviness of remaining still for too long. My mind was alert and ready to tackle the day.  Libra’s energy is alert and attentive mind with attention to detail and refinement (similar to that of Virgo), but of taking that analytical state and bringing it to a balance that will stimulate the refinement of your sensibilities and inspire beauty and creativity as the by-products. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. We equate the energy of this planet with that of unconditional love that has been informed through the process of union and relationship of the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves.  This is the beauty that is derived from the balancing act of Libra. This is the energy I will work on and the lessons I will call forth from this day.

The Moon will remain in Libra the remainder of today and through tomorrow up to 11:18pm when it goes void.  There will be ample opportunity to bring some of this refined state to my intuitive self and use this as a starting point towards moving my emotional self into a place of rare and balanced form. I like the picture below because it is reminder to me of the balance that is achieved within the mirrored reflection of what is solid base of outpouring and the refined, flowing movement of what is flexible and changeable.  It reminds me of the mysteries hidden deeply in  what appears to be cyclical in nature, yet follows a course and path that takes many streams of reaching out so that what is of value to completion of the whole may be gathered back into itself. It reminds me of the beauty in what is perfect in form and fractured and scattered in its iteration; leaving it nonetheless powerful, viable and deeply moving.


It is truly beautiful!
There is a certain
Refinement and grace.

The craftsmanship is expertise
And one can tell that
Great skill and thought
Went into its creation.

You know, they say
That the finest of gold
Was used and each pan
Was polished and leveled.

It’s inner workings were
Lovingly and precisely
Calibrated to the most
Exact measure.

Yes, it is beautiful
This state of affairs
Where heart gives
Way to the uplifting
Of its spirit.

And the rarest and
Most refined of thought
Is poised and balanced
On the luminescent
Polished scales of mind’s
Elegantly created obelisk.

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