Day Eight: Refining and Polishing

July 15

Waxing Moon in Libra

First Quarter

Sun in Cancer

July 15 1stQRTR

Today is the Eighth day of our journey and the Moon remains in Libra until 11:18pm tonight (turning void). Today also marks the First Quarter of the moon phase cycle.  The moon is nearing completion of Her fullness and the time to refine, polish and bring to a state of beauty is at hand.  If we successfully draw on these discerning qualities, the emotional state we bring forward tomorrow into the depths of highly intuitive Scorpio will be ready for transformation.

I find myself spending some time today, thinking about how I can better balance my first impulses to react from Mind and strengthen my Emotions  to be responsive.  I am realizing that going back and forth between the two is productive only when I don’t allow either to gain dominance and tip the point of balance. I am thinking back to the characteristics and temperament of my grandmother whose sun sign was Libra.  Her thoughts and emotions were all centered around refinement of the aspects of her life.  That is not to say she was wealthy, but she gravitated towards those things that were of quality.  She was a musician and writer; largely self-taught in the venue bringing a creative spark to everything she tried. She could be extremely hard when it came to expressing her emotions, allowing herself to go to the extremes of balance at times and some might feel this was because she did not really care enough.  I think this comes from perhaps caring so much that what you express is perfect, refined and exactly what is needed that barriers go up, mind takes over and what comes out is not at all what or how you planned.

So, my work today is that of finding that center point. Thinking with the intelligence of my heart and feeling from the wisdom of my informed mind. I am thinking about this being the eighth day of this project and that the number EIGHT signifies the cycle of return and receipt.  If you turn the number eight sideways you have the geometric form of the Lemniscate of eternity. I think of this symbol as being the the twin gates (open circle on either side) that can be accessed in the recycling and refining of our emotional state, throughout the space of limitless time.  This is part of the evolutionary process of the Soul and the informed state it brings to the eternal Spirit. This acts as a cleaning process  that refines and  restores the brilliance of Silvery light to its original patina.


Here’s the recipe:

1/slice of Silvery Moonlight- emotion and revealing the heart of the matter

Salt- Earth and abrasive removal to wipe the slate clean of the accumulated debris of imbalanced mind and heart

Lemon Juice- Fire of water provides the proper acidity to render and transmute as the restorative process begins

Gloves- the necessary barrier to prevent breakdown of flesh and maintain the refined state of holding onto what needs cleansing and polishing

Results:  Plan the process out, work diligently and the beauty of Luna’s light will shine brightly!

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