The Motherboard – Sun in Aquarius


Sun in Aquarius
4:44 am (EST)

New Moon in Aquarius
7:59 am (EST)

Waters flow within the
Circuitry of electric form
The aperture opens to
Let in more light and
Macrocosm stretches
Beyond the horizon of gaze.

Borne on wings of creative endeavor
And fervor for the unimagined
The space of physical being
Soars above the fields
Of that which is only
Seen by the keenest of eyes.

Fixed and unshakable
The swirlings of mind
Coil out from the lower
Reaches of the Divine
Returning upon themselves
Upwards towards the apex
Of more refined Light.

And, Man in all his
Glory embraces the
Light body of another
Yet to be realized, but is
Seen through the lens
Of the visionary as
The word ‘namaste’
Is uttered in the
Sacred Silence.

The Sun transited into the astrological sign of Aquarius in the wee hours of this morning at 4:44 am (EST) and 3 1/4-hours later the Moon waxes New into the same sign. A double dose of mind and new beginnings of an astrological sign that brings the Flame of inspired Mind (Sun) of will and the Visionary heart (Moon) of detailed foresight into alignment.

In accord with the subtle irony that permeates an astrological sign that is most at home in the communication of its mental explorations, today is the set-up for Mercury (communication) to station Retrograde tomorrow at 10:54am.(EST) and remain so until February 11th.

I told my tales and spoke my truths
Words taking form quicker than
Tongue could send them forth.

I shared my visions
Of a world and people
Guided by Thought’s greatest gifts.

And on the day when all
Would be seen and the
Visions would come to life
Breath hovered mid-air
Waiting for breeze of forward flow

And all remained silent held

In Mercury’s ecstatic embrace.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer

The astrological sign of Aquarius is one of the Element of Air and the Fixed Modality. Its planetary ruler is Uranus; the dynamo of electrical charge that catalyzes and prods change from the status quo. The natural energy of the Sun, that of shedding great light on whatever is in its spectrum, now has the assistance of stable mind that is expressed in lightening thought and creative invention. The Sun in Aquarius goes about its work of inspiring everyone to think outside of the box and explore the nether reaches of the vision of what could be. This is the opportunity to embrace technology, science and the Cosmos as you find your place of inspiration within it.

The caution with Aquarius is moving so far from the human experience as the mind reaches further and further away from the perceived limitation of human form that a cold and detached demeanor can develop. Aquarius is considered the great the humanitarian; but the truth of that humanism lay in the ability to willingly sacrifice the one for the greater good of the all. Uranus’ emphasis on an electric like style of communication further complicates this tendency as each new experience lights up the individual continually piquing an already ever seeking curiosity. In this way, the impression becomes one of a knowledge “junkie” ever seeking the next fix in new experience, new book and new world’s to greedily assimilate.

Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Its quality is that of pure energy and catalytic stream that pulses life into everything it encounters. In Aquarius this manifests as having the ability to act as a catalyst to spur humanity on towards its highest expression. Thoughts move through the Aquarian mind like downloads of information, often making it difficult to articulate in an emotional and meaning-filled way. With the energy of Uranus, Aquarius becomes the “Motherboard “ of the master computer without whose components the computer would not work nor be able to bring to light the varied forms of communication and information needed for advancement.

Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius which brings the dimension of self-discipline and great structure to the energy that Aquarius offers. Saturn’s aspect of time gives the overshadowing that in the Aquarian expresses as being conversant of all time- past-present and future- concurrently and in a way that can extract the best and most viable material that is gathered into the next great invention. The regimented approach of Saturn’s energy expressed through Aquarius gives the appearance of being unwavering in their stance and opinion and having total disregard for others input. The Aquarian sees this structure as a necessary means towards a goal that is yet unrealized by most.

The Element of Air

Aquarius is an Air sign. The quality of air expressed in Aquarius is a mind that has the ability to absorb great amounts of information and then analyze, organize, sort and glean exactly what is needed for the solution. We saw mind expressed as Gemini and the ability to circumnavigate and change course instantaneously as its communicative style. And, we experienced the balanced and harmonious mind of Libra seeking to refine all that enters into the equation. Now, we have arrived at the place of synthesis of both of these styles and their conversion in a product with greater potential for expression that reaches far and wide in its impact.

A Fixed Modality

As we have already experienced with the Fixed signs their primary directive is that of taking all that lay on either side of its stability- the initial catalyst and the flexible ending- and provide the structure and boundaries that will allow them to interact and interweave their singular strengths. The first Fixed sign we encountered was one of Earth- Taurus- and provided the ultimate container of strength and stability in manifest form.

The second of the Fixed signs was expressed through a Fire sign, Leo and served to bring into the spotlight what needed restructuring and what would act as the magnetic source attracting to itself more of this brilliant light. This energy stood strong in its convictions and had the strength of will and the courage to defend its actions required to develop the necessary discipline to hold true to the course.

The third of the Fixed signs was expressed as Watery Scorpio. This is an energy, whose goal is one of dipping deeper into the hidden motivations that are the seedings of an inspired heart. These are the waters that seek appropriate boundary on the shores of one’s own experience and carve the inlets that will quench the thirst of a desire to become and to know more of one’s true nature.

Arriving in the space of Aquarius and the inventive mind, the Fixed quality is expressed in being able to direct the flow of thought both an involutionary and evolutionary flow. This circuit is the basis of retrieving information that is both relevant in the present and cutting deeply into the emerging future. The experience of the past serves as background reference, having been retrieved from Scorpio’s probing in the unconscious self, and is quickly left behind as warp speed carries the Aquarian towards future plans.

Strength and stability
Are the footprints left
On earth’s foundational
Form and I stamp my foot
In acknowledging my
Own presence.

The Sun beats down hot
And un-relentless in what
It will extract from my essence
And calls me to be courageous
As I move forward on my path.

I step into the cool waters
To soothe a burning heat
That has held me strong
And secure in my determination
The waters rise in recognition as I 
Sink into their inly black depths.

I rose from the turbulent surface
Up towards the heavens and into
The blackness of time and space
My thoughts the constant companions
That guide me across star filled sky.

I dream and see the visions of a
Newly dawning day and now
Ablaze with information’s light
Descend to answer humanity’s call.

The New Moon in Aquarius

The Moon waxing New in Aquarius provides an extra bolster of energy to explore the recesses of your thoughts and inventive inspirations. Brainstorming and problem-solving with creative outlook as the primary directive are well suited to Aquarian energy. Calling upon Uranus can expedite the mental pursuits, although overload can also result much like the flow of electrical current that is too strong for what the amps can withstand. Let your imagination take center stage knowing that this is often the greatest source of “thinking outside the box”. Although the emphasis is on the “I” with Aquarian energy, that “I” can be experienced as the Higher Self and the information sought and received that of illumined mind.

The Next Step

Knowing how each sign moves to the next and the interaction between each as they evolve towards completion (and threshold of renewal) of the wheel in Pisces tells its own unique story of the astrological wheel. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. Capricorn acted as the testing ground for what could become reality and served as the affirmer of the resilience and sure-footedness that can be achieved in the steepest of heights and the deepest of depths.

Aquarius’ image is that of the water-bearer; pouring its life giving waters out for humanity to drink. The mystery lies not in the water being poured, but in the empty space left in the vessel now awaiting the filling of water that will next sustain. Nature abhors a vacuum so the implication is that we must freely give of our resources so that we may receive what will be needed anew.

If we look at the dynamics of energy thus far, beginning with the cardinal sign of Aries, we could think of the three signs that begin the astrological wheel as the quickening Fires (Aries- Fire) within the body of manifestation (Taurus- Earth) that gives rise to aspiring towards the heavens (Gemini- Air). Now enlivened by the desire to “know”, the healing and nurturing (Cancer- Water) of what no longer serves this goal is brought front and center into the Light of Day (Leo-Fire) to be strengthened as it is readied for the detailed analysis of Virgo (Earth) that seeks to create a new form for its manifestation. Libra (Air) applied the finishing touches to what Virgo had reduced to the most essential components. Using the adaptability and deftness of a mind that could easily calculate and mentally weigh both benefits and detriments, Libra moved with skill and grace to accomplish what was made ready.

The energy of Scorpio provided the necessary prodding to explore the deeper aspects of the emotions and access the hidden keys of memory that has been hidden and within the fires of Sagittarius, the forging of what was tempered in the waters of transmutation into a more flexible and expansive form is at hand. Sagittarius looked out at the night sky and did not see only darkness, but imagined the beauty of what lay beyond sparkling from the heat of stellar light that are the wishes, hopes and dreams released to be share by the Cosmos. This vision shone brightly within the realm of the human experience as Capricorn moved through terrain that is unforgivable, yet still finds its place of acclaim atop the highest mountain. Now, having gathered all that is needed to proceed fully informed and ready to reach new levels of understanding, Aquarius releases its inventive spirit and visionary insight for all to make use of.

The Motherboard


This solar month is one of focus on the steps taken towards achieving each goal. This energy relates directly to what and how the Mind processes information and then provides all that is needed to create anything from it. Aquarius rules the 11th House of the Zodiac. This is the house of alliances, partnerships and organized community. Aquarius serves as the glue that continually shifts the direction of those alliances and organizations prodding them always forward towards future goals. This is the Solar month of identifying where your inventive skills lie and being open to the possibilities as technology advances and new products and ways of communicating develop at a rapid pace. Aquarius loves the future and all that is available to enhance the process of retrieving information.

In the chronology of the Zodiac, this phase of this Solar journey carries us into Aquarius and the opportunity to envision a brighter future and then support its creation with fact, formula and sound information. This is the energy of the maturing man or woman who leads by example and provides the blue print for what soon will be. The knowledge achieved in Aquarius is what carries forward next into the final sign of the Zodiac- Pisces. Having placed the final touches on what can be achieved by seeing more, the heart opens to an understanding of all loving compassion and the wisdom of humanity serving humanity as a collective and Divine whole.

And, so with the innovative vision of Aquarius, we call forth the energy of the Sun as it continues its zodiacal cycle. Once again we repeat the invocation that opened the Gate to this Temple. As you read through it think back to a point in time when you were amazed by a scientific finding or received your first computer, tablet or smart phone. The excitement and the power you felt in having this information readily available and the joy in being able to share what you had learned. This is the gift of Aquarius.

As you read through the invocation, think about what each line of reference evokes within you and stimulates your own desire to hold as mystery that only you can reveal as you seek its deeper meaning. What goals are stirred as you read of RA’s power as expressed within the heart felt words put to paper. This is the power of planning and standing strong in your humanity as you pursue these goals. Use this gift wisely this solar month as we invoke the Solar month in Aquarius and awaken those fires of RA to quicken your surrender to the death of false perception and the rebirth of who you truly are.

Hymn to RA

All Hail to Thee, Mighty RA
Blaze of noon day sun.
Your fiery orb high in the
Sky above as we kneel
Beneath the heat of
Your radiance.

All the Gods bow to your radiance
All the Goddesses sing hymns of praise
To Your glory and man
Lays prostrate in humility
And devotion at the altar of
Your making.

Sweet music of adoration and offerings
Brought forth from the Black Land
Rise up in praise and thanks for
Your Sustaining Light.

All darkness flees at the touch of Your hand
All ceases its movement as Your expansive
Rays stretch across the morning sky.

The lotus opens to receive Your Touch
And the sands glisten as rare jewels
As You gaze upon each grain washed
Clean in the boundless ocean that
Reflects the brilliance of your face.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Who sits high
Above the world.

Khepra in the East
Atum in the West
Whose eye holds the
Point of Life and the
Trifold Arc of Power.

Your eyes see all and
You are the place of return
Within the glowing blackness
Of the Midnight Sun.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Amun, Amun, Amen!

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