On the Prowl-Full Moon in Leo


Full Moon in Leo
February 3.2015
6:09 pm (EST)

Sun in Aquarius

Retrogrades: Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Capricorn

The Moon waxes Full Tuesday evening at 6:09 pm (EST) in the astrological sign of Leo (Fixed Fire). The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. In this lunation that thought is best expressed using the imagery of a big cat on the prowl, moving with stealth and hidden in the darkness of the night sky- until it walks into the rays of moonlight. The strength of Solar energy is mid-point in the visionary sign of inquisitive Aquarius; this is the energy that seeks its information in all spaces, both overt and occult. As the creative waters of Mother’s Moon are strengthened with the Leonine dynamics and skill of Leo; Aquarius often presents its insights and all the while those recipients of these bytes of info, had no clue these were part of the skill set for that individual. When Aquarius goes on the prowl for knowledge, nothing is off-limits for what it seeks out intuitively (Lunar). The quality of Fixed Fire is that of applying the necessary heat that will force movement and thus catalyze to active synthesis and expansion of whatever that heat makes application to.

Fixed signs are the source of stability primarily through their ability to gather everything that is relevant, stir til just right and then allow natural expansion to occur moving towards something entirely unexpected. As such when applied to water the action is one of forming boundaries and creating suitable container to distribute the flow in a viable manner. Add to this the Solar expression of Leo, that finds its greatest strength in the sheer magnetic appeal of placing itself in the center of any situation and you have the necessary fires of magnetic attraction that serve to quicken as the womb of creation becomes a fertile container for whatever may be birthed.

The caution however is one of making that container one that is driven by ego and action that is only directed towards self-gratification. Being in the spotlight and the strength and courage that is acquired from adoration and accolades is very seductive. Having the potential for great leadership can go terribly wrong when it becomes domination rather than collaborative and caring interaction. No great leader has become so without recognition that without having mutual respect between themselves and those they lead is the first and foremost ingredient to success.

Drawn to the Light…

The challenge in this Full Moon’s energy is one of balance and finding just the right amount of claiming your place in the spotlight (Leo) and doing so for the sake of humanity’s uplifting (Aquarius). Like the moth attracted to the light, a swift demise in what your initial altruistic intention was may occur with too much attention and light that reveals your vulnerabilities. If we draw on the Sun’s energy of strengthening Aquarius’ natural detachment from singular human needs, the potential to remain strong and determined in what will benefit all concerned is much more likely.

From a perspective of elemental correlate, we have the opposition of Sun in Airy and cerebral Aquarius and Moon in Fiery and fiercely protective Leo. Water fans the flame of Fire if appropriately and gently applied. If too much force of air is released that same flame may be extinguished if it has not been allowed sufficient time to build in intensity. Mind and Will to Action are great bedfellows that produce the most amazing and accomplished of children when each is willing to give a part of themselves in sacrifice to other. If not approached with mutual respect, all those wonderful inventive thoughts dissipate and never take form and the will to act burns itself out moving without informed direction in a chaotic and unproductive way.

This is an excellent Full Moon configuration for finding that place within that inspires you to move, act, think, and fuel a future that exemplifies the higher vision of your most creative self.

Retrogrades of Potential:
Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter in Leo

You may have wondered why I did not post about the Mercury Retrograde that occurred on January…. If you have been following these Temple explorations, you know that I like to think outside the box, and push the standard interpretation to reveal a more intuitive expression. I waited for the mid-point of both the Mercury and Jupiter retrogrades for this Full Moon and the mid-point of the Solar energy of Aquarius.

Mercury is mid-point in its retrograde energy of Capricorn; the astrological sign we explored last month that holds the keys to dipping into what will ground and anchor and reaching up towards what connects us to the cosmos. Capricorn relates to the “human” experience and manifest reality, so those communications will be practical mundane in orientation. Although Mercury retrograde has the bad rap of miscommunication, what if we thought instead of this dynamic as opportunity to be more precise and deliberate in our communications. Add the range of Capricorn’s experience and its sure-footed style and we have optimum time for really taking our time in what and how we communicate. Add a Full Moon that is in Leo and this deliberate pacing can be applied to those passions (heated (leo) water (moon)) that we act impulsively on and then regret that impetuosity later.

Jupiter acts as the expansive ingredient. Retrograde, that expansion takes the form of density and amplification of what would normally flex and contract easily and smoothly. In the astrological sign of Leo- and with the Moon being in Leo- this amplification could be used as the electromagnetic field that draws to itself quickly and easily.

Combine Mercury and Jupiter’s dynamics as a working tool and the potency of this Full Moon kicked up several notches and what we seek to attract is drawn from the depths of what me MOST desire and are passionately and emotionally engaged in. Magickal work requires intention fueled by desire (and what fires us up). This is the perfect combination for fueling an intention that requires extra magnetism and concrete, deliberate communication sent into the aethers.

The mid-point of Sun in Aquarius adds the dynamics of probing the future and intuitively rationalizing an outcome that is inventive and creative. A skill of Aqaurius is being able to see the bigger picture- apply that to the working of Mercury and Jupiter described above- and you have the possibility for having a stable container (Fixed Air) that thought (Aquarius) and heart (Moon) can co-create.

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On the Prowl…
Silently under full moon’s light I move seeking the all that I most desire. Emotions well up and I envision a future that holds all in the embrace of God and Goddess. I feel the weight of this future’s responsibility and think on how I may step into the spotlight and shout to all of the world that this is the plan that will change everything that we believed not possible.

Quietly I seek out all that I need to know to bring this future into reality. Stealthily I inquire and dive deeply into the emotional reserves of all I meet to see what it is that will quicken their creative fires towards this goal.

Mother Moon lights the way and the need to fuel this desire and intention grows and expands within my beating heart that connects me to all of humanity. Soon the Sun will rise and I will emerge from my night on the prowl, sated from my informed capture and strong enough to courageously act upon the work that is at hand.
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