Sun in Aquarius – A Future Tree


A Tree of vision
Reached far beyond
What was known.

Its roots spun down
Into stardust as the descent
Into the mundane
Was Begun.

All shifted in the chaos
And new life was
Spawned in the
Inventive mind.

A Tree of Vision
Pours its heart
From a vessel
Deep and strong.

And what issues from it
Is birthed from a mind
That seeks solace in
The loving embrace of
Its Creatrix.

A Tree of Vision
Shows the blinding light
That flashes as dreams become
Manifest reality and guide

The way of the seeker.

A Tree of Hope holds the key
That created the worlds of
Starlight in a
Velvety black sky.

As we enter the Temple of the Sun, Qabalistically we are entering into connection with the central sphere on the Tree of Life, Tiphareth. The name given this sphere is Beauty and the energy is one of synthesis through sacrifice and integration through refinement of the sum of all of its parts. This is much the same energy that we experience in the course of a Solar year. The energy of each of the Zodiacal signs, their element and modality are modified and expressed through the brilliance of the Sun. And, in keeping with the evolutionary process of movement from one sign to the next, each is informed by the previous sign’s energy and contributes a part of its dynamic into the sign that follows. Please see the end of this post for recommendations about learning more about the Tree of Life.

Aquarius and Uranus (Saturn) on the Tree

Astrologically, we have learned that Aquarius is ruled by the planet of electrical, rebellious and dynamic flow, Uranus. We have experienced the focus of an astrological energy that is quick and resolute in its forward moving direction, blazing the way for what will follow. This is the energy of the water-bearer and when we consider the archetypal image that is associated with Aquarius is one of continual flow and disbursement, its planetary ruler is the perfect system of support. Although an Air sign, Aquarius acts very much like water and the symbol of glyph that are two wavy lines are evocative of that nature to move in wave pattern. The secondary ruler of Aquarius is Saturn. We know of Saturn’s ability to bring structure and order. This is the directive of Aquarius when its energy begins to heat up and move in ways that establish a new set of order.

Within the Qabalistic Tree, Aquarius and Uranus hold their power in the Sphere of Chokmah and the Paths of the Tree – 28th and 11th. When we speak of the energy of Aquarius as an experience of great vision, the reference is to the ability to arrive at conclusion via the shortest and most concise route. As an Air sign, Mind is of the highest priority and the Illumined Mind is the ultimate goal.

This is the way of the Tree itself; to provide a vision of the potential. To provide a vision of what could be improved upon and to provide a vision of how by informed collaborative effort, the sheer brilliance of Divinely inspired Will shall prevail. These are the Cosmic ideals that flow through all of the zodiacal energies, the starry patterns, the planets and more. This is the great expanse of Chokmah, the sphere of wisdom that is born of the Universe’ knowingness.

Chokmah (Uranus) and Tiphareth (Sun)


Tiphareth and the Sun

Each of the Sephiroth and connecting Paths of the Tree of Life holds correspondence with a planetary and/or zodiacal energy. The physical Sun stands centrally within our solar system, providing light and heat. Tiphareth provides the space of transformation and the full force generator that distributes what is processed so it may be utilized and transmuted by whatever it emanates its energy into. This is the sacrificial aspect of this sphere. This is the action of enlivening within its own source to ensure the continuation of the creative process begun within the other components of the Tree. So we begin in this central hub of universal energy and move up towards the flow of energy represented by the essence of Wisdom found in the sphere of Chokmah.

Chokmah: The Sphere of the Cosmic Father’s Wisdom

The swirlings of cosmos
And the dust of galaxy
Wind around me
Drawing my being
Into the vortex
Of formless unity.

He looks upward
And the light
Of a million stars
Pointedly glare back.
Each flowing into
Its own rhythm of
Celestial course.

He looks downward
And form moves
And stirs beneath
The scrutiny of HIS gaze
All is quickened by this
This illumined SELF-awareness.

Formless brilliance flashes
Its point of beacon
Drawing HIS gaze
And in response
The path is opened.

The singular eye of
The primal void
Focuses as droplets
Of soul filled
Tears issue forth.

This torrent of force
Now having seen
Its vision of SELF
Becomes a floodgate
Of potentiality.

The sphere of Chokmah is part of the Supernal Triad – Kether – Chokmah and Binah. These are the spheres of creation.

Chokmah is the Second Sphere on the Tree of Life. Within the energy of the number 2 is the finding of collaboration and relationship. The singular 1 (Kether- The Source) has moved beyond itself and formed alliance with another in order to create. At the level of the supernals, all flows in harmony; each path, each sphere working in tandem with one another in the creative effort. Additionally, each component offers a different perspective or dynamic to contribute to that outpour. Three faces, each in support of the other yet one in the same and emanating from the One.

Chokmah is assigned the element of Root of Fire. Each of the elements has the attribute of containing essences of the other three elements contained within and being reflected in varying degrees in accord with their power of exertion. In keeping with this thought, fire is expressed as Air of Fire, Water of Fire, Earth of Fire and in its most pure essence Fire of Fire. The three Supernal spheres of Binah, Chokmah and Kether are all ascribed the pure essence of the element they represent, as they themselves are of the Highest and most refined nature of all the sephiroth of the Tree.

Within the energy of Chokmah we find the Father/Stimulator. His is the seed that ensures that the egg of potential will not remain inert and unviable. It is the nature of the male to provide the seed of life. Without this outpouring, the feminine principle that gives it life and provides the space for gestation and release into a manifest form of existence (or being) would never occur. It is from this principle that the Wisdom of Chokmah is made evident. This is Wisdom of the cyclical and continued nature of energy, life and the Universe. It is pure unadulterated “knowing” that simply exists because it knows no other way “to be”. In descent from Kether, Wisdom is the first attribute of the great Divinity received by Chokmah. On ascent from the manifest plane of Malkuth, Wisdom is the last gift that is received and as such this all knowingness destroys the boundaries and limitations of the world, as we know it, including our perceived notions of ourselves. It is for this reason that in discussion of these Higher Supernals, metaphor and analogy that resonates and is comprehensible to us as human beings is all that can be used; for these are the spheres and energies that cannot be articulated or described in any manner that one in physical incarnation could comprehend. They are the ideals we are striving towards as translated into a human experience.

The Sphere of Active Flow

The energy of Chokmah is one of Consciousness that radiates out the pure essence of consciousness in its primal state of illumined activity. Just as Binah is the origin of the form of the idea of consciousness and as such is the essence of that form as well as a state of that consciousness, Chokmah is the product of pure consciousness unrestricted and flowing freely from Creator to Creation. Its consciousness is not bound by time or space as it resides in all time and all space. It is in this way that true wisdom is reflected. A state of being that encompasses all and holds the key to the manifest world waiting to be used in opening as it flows towards Binah.

The 28th Path: Aquarius and Uranus (Saturn)

28th Path

I remember the grace of mastery
I remember how it felt to create
I remember the joy of expression
I remember the victory of my efforts
I remember the thrill of final selection
I remember the beauty that surrounded
I remember the pain of being deceived.

The 28th path is considered the Natural Intelligence. It is our natural state to produce beauty and to be creative in our expressions. The fact is that our existence and the forms we have constructed for ourselves that are ever changing, renewing and sustaining is a creative act in itself. Opening to the Higher intelligence that works in preservation of the physical forms that we hold, the Divine essence of our Soul and the lessons we are to master in these forms is our natural state of being. In this manner of acknowledging our true connection to the Divine and the birthright we have access to claim, we show a form of intelligence that transcends mere mind and intelligence. This is the work of Aquarius. It is mind that shows the truth of our Divinity.

The Planetary/Zodiacal Energy

Uranus and Saturn are co-ruling planets of the astrological sign of Aquarius. Uranus is the great electrifying current that rebelliously stirs up whatever its force is put upon. This planet is considered the higher octave of the planet Mercury, the great communicator. The communication set into motion with Uranian energy is that of blazing its way through the circuit boards and enlivening and quickening instantaneously.

The planet Saturn is the great organizer and structure, time management and order are its directive. Saturn is considered the Gatekeeper of time and as such what passes through in accord with time’s perceived progression is strictly and rigidly monitored for its efficacy in application.

In numerology the 28th Path, or 2+8 reduces to the number 10/1+0. The number Ten represents the beginning of a new cycle that has crossed the threshold of death and reinvented itself from the past experience. In the spirit of Aquarius and collaborative effort, the 1 + 0 could be considered in the context of the singular 1 and the limitless all of 0 standing side by side, each informing the other.

Tarot Key XVII – The Star

Tarot Star
Image: Thalia Took

Note: Each of the Paths of the Qabalistic Tree has the assignation of a Tarot key placed upon it as further correspondence to its energy. The Paths 11-32 are represented using the Major Arcana cards.

Tarot Key XVII – The Star, is placed on the 28th Path. The reference is one of comfort within the realms of manifest form and remembrance of the cosmic connection and stellar birthright we carry within us. The stars of the Pleiades shine brightly above and the feminine principle pours the waters of life upon the ground of foundation and in return to the sourced of its taking. She is naked under a celestial sky.

The energy of this Tarot Key on the 28th Path is one of connection to the source of our creation. This is the reminder of our access to the creative impulse that gave birth to the heavens and our ability to call that into creation in the manifest world.

Another Path of Expression: Uranus on the 11th Path
The 11th Path: A Path of Emanation

11th Path

The 11th Path is the first point of connection of two spheres in emanation from the Godhead of Kether. This is the space of the point of the One and its awareness of its singularity becoming the first of what become the two of creative outpour. This path is the first of the Lightening Flash of involution moving in flow downwards towards it ultimate goal of manifestation. This Path is the conduit of Life and Death. In this case, the death is that of the spiritual self now enfolded as a part of the singular whole. It is also the place of beginnings. The first seed of action that prepares the way for what will be birthed in the sphere of Malkuth.

The Planetary Energy


Alone, the Singular One cried out
Seed of potential and the flow
Of brilliant Light issued forth.

Cosmos of stars and planets
Worlds of dark and light all
Drawn toward the one point
Of Divine Creation’s Mind.
What will be offered up to the
Downpour of Spirit’s intent
What will become of this
Dynamic flow of becoming?

Trust in the process
Step into the unknown
The Light of All-knowing
Guides and illuminates all
Who stand in the dynamic
Flow of Its creative potential.

Uranus is the great electrifying current that rebelliously stirs up whatever its force is put upon. This planet is considered the higher octave of the planet Mercury, the great communicator. The communication set into motion with Uranian energy is that of blazing its way through the circuit boards and enlivening and quickening instantaneously. Place upon the first path of emanation from the Source of Kether into the vessel of Chokmah as the Divine Father insures that the seed will be potent and the flow will be dynamic in its outpouring.

In Conclusion:
As we consider the attributes of Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus and their impact on the Tree of Life the prominent focus is one of inventive mind. Being able to use this raw inspiration and creative process of what can be as a springboard for what will become is the natural flow of emanation that is inherent within the Tree. Aquarius provides the stuff of dreams, and Uranus electrifies the atmosphere so that like will attract like and the circuit of energy sparks into brilliance.

As the light of Tiphareth (Sun) shines brightly and radiates its vision of magnetic attraction throughout the multilayered branches of a tree that reaches far and wide in its expanse and impact we are reminded that in this vision of light extending towards light and darkness forming the paths of the space between, we realize the gift of humanity that continually connects us the higher aspiration of Divinity.


If you are not familiar with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, I would recommend reading through the article posted in my other blog, The Magickal Pen entitled “Geburah’s Might” to give you the necessary overview for an introductory base of working knowledge about the Tree. It can be found here:
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