The Temple of Mercury- What’s up?


Silver tongued
I speak the truth
That polarity shuttles
From here to there.

I question everything
While holding firmly
To those answers
That only I can accept.

Some call me messenger
And hunger for what
News and teachings I bring.

They call to me to inform
And welcome my ability
To understand all sides
Of the complex equation.

Others think me far too talkative
And can’t keep pace With
my witty and informed banter
Those, I leave standing in the dust
Of my flexible and mercurial intellect.

But, to those who embrace
My skill and verbosity
I offer the gift of
Knowledge, thought and the
Agility of inquisitive mind.

Communication flows energetically
Through the halls of my twin
Towered Temple and each receives
Its honored place in what I share.

And all who pass through
Its silvery grey gates
Remain forever transformed
As the newly charged messengers
Of He who holds the Silver-Tongue.

Welcome to the Temple of Mercury.  This month we will be exploring the energies of the planet Mercury and process the information through a variety of esoteric systems. This is the planet of communication, inquiry and dissemination through all creative acts of connection and interaction. In summary, Mercury always wants to know “What’s up?”; and then spread the news received.

Each week during the month we’ll look at this dynamic planet’s energy astrologically, the mythology of its Deity, its application in Lunar and Solar Magick, and through the lens of the Qabalah.  And, Mercury will take center stage this month on October 21 when it goes Retrograde, remaining so until November 10th when it returns to its direct motion.

I will be posting on Wednesdays- the planetary day of Mercury.  Reading recommendations, poetry and pathworkings will bring this Temple to life and your understanding of its energy will deepen your understanding of communication in all of its forms.

So, to begin, read through the poem at the beginning of this post again. Let the words create the images of your understanding. Breathe deeply into these images, open your mind and your heart and step into the Temple of Mercury.


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  4. That’s great! That image made me smile. Thanks for sharing that!

  5. The poem made me imagine the comedian Russell Brand wearing the winged shoes of the God Mercury. I love this concept and look forward to your future posts!.

  6. Thanks! If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at the Temple of the Moon project. Those were daily posts for a full lunar month. Enjoy!

  7. that is pretty cool subject matter, love the way you are approaching dive into knowing mercury more, i look forward to getting involved.

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