New Moon in Aries-Fire It Up!

March 29.2014
2:45 p.m.

There are several aspects that weigh into the decision of how to effectively use a particular moon’s energies in a given astrological sign. Each, independently offers its own color and dynamic and when purposefully combined in a way to be supportive of each other the results are much more cohesive and potent in their efficacy and success. The supportive structure of dynamic polarities is already in place with the phase of a New Moon. Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine) are in the same astrological sign forming an energy that is united in its efforts and acting one upon the other to inform the intent. Both are expressing the astrological sign’s gifts, one with the strength, stability and force of the masculine and the other held in flowing intuitive and creative grace of the feminine. Additionally, the New Moon falls approximately mid-point in the growing potency of the Solar month. If we think in terms of chronological cycle, this is the mature and stable Father (Sun) offering his protective support and strength as the Maiden (New Moon) sets off on her first explorations of what is possible.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients for making full use of all that is within the scope of that potential:

The Moon’s Natural Energy:

The Moon represents water, emotion and intuitive nature. So anything that is added as the overlay on this is going to be of most potency in connecting to the ebb and tides of the emotional, intuitive nature with the intent of accessing the natural flow of these waters. Using lunar energy is an opportunity to tap into the energy of movement. Water flows and moves and if not becomes stagnant. The Moon calls us to ride the seas of energetic exchange and to be mindful that we provide proper container for that flow; largely by our own efforts of carving out the path of greatest potential much like the waters erode the edge of the shoreline or smooth the rough edges of stones placed in its way of continued flow. Remember the earlier analogy of the Father and Maiden. Each new inroad made by the flow of the Maiden’s desire to expand and grow is shored up and made stable by Fathers loving interaction. His is the container that She may extend and move through with surety and safety.

The Moon’s Phase:

There are many ways to honor the cycles of lunar phase; some being formal ritual (Esbat) and others being simple meditation or sitting under the light of the Full Moon and breathing in the energy and beauty of its force. For most, the Full Moon is the easiest to connect with given the visual presentation that graces a night sky if weather is clear. The phases of New and Dark Moon are not visible in presentation and connecting to these energies requires a fully open and responsive sense of awareness and being able to feel what cannot be seen yet is potent, viable and present nonetheless.

The New Moon is an excellent time to begin workings that require the energy of the initial flow needed for beginnings. One of the correlates would be the energy of the sunrise or dawn. A new day is a beginning that is packed full with the potential to become whatever you desire most by the time it reaches the fullness of mid-day. So too, the lunar cycle of the New Moon offers the opportunity to harness the energy of expansion towards the fullest expression of what you wish to bring into manifestation at the Full Moon.

The next point of focus is which of the astrological signs the moon phase flows through. Some considerations would be (in this case, Aries):

Keywords and Energy of the Astrological Sign:

Aries= enthusiasm, assertiveness, experimentation and fresh perspective

The Element of the Astrological Sign:

Fire= a call to action, will, transformation and ultimate change

The Modality of the astrological sign:

Cardinal= the process of Initializing, catalyzing and crafting the beginnings of whatever this modality is applied to

Putting It All Together

Workings for a New Moon Ritual in Aries might include:

A dedication to a new plan of action

Breaking through the barriers that hold you from taking those first steps

Firing up your enthusiasm and asking for a new course of action to be revealed

Adding additional bolster to projects requiring deeper commitment of will and action

Meditations may include:

Sitting openly and receptively to enliven the spiritual will to right action

Calling the child in you to see with new vision and insight

Visioning to seek the place within that burns with the newly quickened fires that require tending and care as they are brought forward into the light of the Full Moon and the maturing of the Solar Month.

Enter into these workings with the knowledge that you are anchored and strengthened by the outpouring of the Sun acting collaboratively on what you most desire. This is both a blessings and a caution as the combustible nature of sun and sign being in sync must also rely on the soothing, healing and newly warmed (Aries) waters of the Moon. The underlying current that flows through this New Moon is that of the first strike of a match; the crisp intent of the initial spark and the resultant flame that serves to Fire up the Will to become the blaze of new making.

Flame burns brightly
In milky white orb
Of New Moon’s darkness.

Innocence carries the
Lantern of desire’s
New goal and flame
Ebb and flows as
Will follow youth’s course.

One final striking and
The spark takes hold
A tiny flash of hope
That will blaze new trails.

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