What Sort Are You? New Moon in Virgo


August 25.2014

New Moon in Virgo
10:13 am (EDT)

Sun in Virgo

The Moon enters its Maiden (New) phase this morning in the astrological sign of Virgo. The New Moon is an excellent time to begin workings that require the energy of the initial flow needed for beginnings. One of the correlates would be the energy of the sunrise or dawn. A new day is a beginning that is packed full with the potential to become whatever you desire most by the time it reaches the fullness of mid-day. So too, the lunar cycle of the New Moon offers the opportunity to harness the energy of expansion towards the fullest expression of what you wish to bring into manifestation at the Full Moon.

The collaborative efforts of the Sun and Moon offer the exchange of transformative (Sun) fires held in the foundations of Mother Moon’s flow. Virgo’s energy provides the vessel of container that offers the ability to sift and sort through what fills its. The New Moon is the first phase of that process and as the Moon and Sun Wax in energy each new step reveals another layer to be processed. When we reach the Fullness of the Moon’s energy all that has gathered from that process has been readied for the heart-centered flow of the Pisces Full Moon.

The energy of Virgo is one of defining through the process of analysis and a Virgo New Moon offers the opportunity to sift through our emotional waters and filter in a purposeful way that reveals the nuggets of Gold hidden within. Add the dynamic of the Sun’s energy and we have the support of the masculine and feminine principles, collaboratively working together in support of manifesting a stable foundation that is both prosperous and abundant. This is the earthy quality of Virgo and the ability to draw from its resources concrete and useable products.

The energy of the New Moon expressed through this process of testing and analyzing offers the opportunity to align heart and what we “feel” about whatever the Virgo energy is focused upon as an additional measure of its viability before it is broken down into the parts that become the sum total of a new whole.

Let’s Talk About It

Mercury, the planet of communication is also in the astrological sign of Virgo. The Virgoan energy creates a communication style that is riddled with detail. And, I do mean “riddled”. This gives the dynamic of lots of information to be shared about a singular query. So much so, that the answer may seem to be so buried and the means by which it is communicated so muddled by facts and statistics that it’s difficult to receive the simpler message.

More Layers of Detail

The three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain retrograde. These are the planets that were discovered in more modern times and are considered to be the higher amplifications (esoteric expression) of three of the Seven Elder Planets:

Electrically Charged Uranus in Fiery Aries adds dynamic awareness to talkative and naturally head-strong Mercury

The veiled Watery depths of Neptune (and His Trident of Fire) in Pisces lifts the loving refinement of Venus to a place of compassion

Pluto in Earthy Capricorn finds the cyclical wisdom of peace and regeneration in the brutality of Mars’ aggression and wielding of death’s mark

Uranus has been slowly and incrementally turning up the volume on our neurological receptors. With the advent of this New Moon, the ability to concretely hone in on what needs the closer scrutiny of Virgo’s New Moon may seem like a moving target. Take some deep breaths and consciously slow down the approach. The Moon as She begins her phase of Waxing will offer the healing waters that can be used to quiet this frenetic energy. The key here is finding the balance between productive stimulation that calls us to action aiding Virgo’s need to analyze and giving body and mind the adequate rest and relaxation that will prevent the process from overwhelming.

Neptune provides the gift of being compassionate and gentle with ourselves as we peel back the layers of all aspects of ourselves with Virgo’s assistance. Tap into these deeper waters of the emotional self with the attitude of gifting yourself with the grace and intuitive sight to see clearly and respond appropriately to what is reveled in this journey of excavation.

The Pluto retrograde in the astrological sign of Capricorn continues its efforts to bring into realization the mistakes and successes of past efforts. The goal is one of strengthening what moves forward from this point in a way that will insure that the resultant action taken will stand the test of successfully navigating future challenges. Pluto, in its form as the planet associated with Death and ancestral knowledge offers great potential for acceptance of the frailty of what we build if we only see its permanence defined in the present moment. The gift of Death is in the ability to reach back into the reserves of what created the being that we currently are and realize the impermanence of that vision as ever changing and reforming into what is continually in the process of being birthed anew.

The opportunity during this Virgo New Moon and as the Sun also waxes in strength under Virgo’s scrutiny lay in being able to access the Plutonian wisdom of all time and all space and use this as an additional layer of support as Virgo goes about its work of refining. Capricorn is an Earth sign very much aligned with the mind-space of physical and spiritual vessel of self and can serve to inform more deeply the space of “between” what we have as past learning and what we will become. This is the space of the present where we are able to make the adjustments needed.

The slowing of their orbits and seeming pause invokes a vision of being under the watchful gaze of developed mind (Uranus), heart (Neptune) and Will (Mars) to act. I would encourage you to re-read the posts about Uranus and Neptune’s Retrogrades.

Uranus Retrograde: Deflecting the Light

Lifting the Veil: Neptune Retrograde

What Sort Are You?



Take some time on the eve of this New Moon to sort through how you define yourself in the physical world. What are your strengths? What would you like to bolster and strengthen? Writing it down gives your impressions a concrete and tactile energy as the words manifest on the paper.

Now, look at what you have written and as you go through each trait, pause and allow your feelings (Moon) to settle in around what that trait is. This is the narrowing down process. When you’ve gone through each thing, select one that you would like most to really dig a deeply into and cultivate. This will be the focus of your intent of working as you move through the Solar Month.

Sit in quiet reflection and begin to allow yourself to open responsively, ready to take a closer look at the trait you have selected. As you move through this month, the energy waxing toward the Full Moon, spend some time each day peeling back the layers that comprise this trait and being open to the opportunities that may present that enable you to express this trait in a deeper way.

The process would look something like this:

One of the characteristics I would like to explore more deeply and refine is my impatience. I move and think very quickly and at times become (unjustly) annoyed when everyone else does not keep pace. As I sit under Virgo’s New Moon and make this the focus of my efforts, I am going to analyze why I choose to respond in this way. I would also be considering how it may make other’s feel when I respond impatiently. As I move through the Solar Month, I will continue to explore this response and pause and make note whenever I perceive myself to be impatient.

As I sit in my daily meditation, I will revisit this state of impatience and identify what prompted it, analyze I this was an appropriate response or simply me reverting to natural tendency. I will incrementally and purposefully gather this information and with each addition to what I come to know about the reasons for my response in this way, I will be able to fine tune how and when to use it in a productive way.

An Additional Note for Consideration:

Mars (assertion and action) is conjunct (working in collaborative support) Saturn (order and) structure today (3:30 p.m.). This would be an optimal time to use this energy of action in an orderly and structured way as an adjunct to the already very methodical Virgo. Whatever you choose to sift and sort through will be supported by taking the action needed to reestablish order as it is re-assembled by Virgo’s grace.


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