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A Full Solstice Moon

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June 20.2016
Full Moon in Sagittarius
7:02am (EDT)

Summer Solstice
6:34pm (EDT)

Solar Transit into Cancer
6:34pm (EDT)

Mutable Grand Cross
Phase 2

Just when you thought the astrological energy couldn’t get any more complex, we arrive at the Summer Solstice. June 20.2016, numerologically and aptly a number 8 ( 6+2+2+1+6=17/8) is bursting with auspicious moments. In numerology, the number eight represents the image of the lemniscate; or time eternal and cyclical. If you position the number eight on its side, this is the symbol of the lemniscate and the openings on either end are both points of entry and release. Past, present and future occurring simultaneously and continually as what was moves through the central crossover space of the present and immediately enters into the future. Given the dynamics on this day of the number eight, we are experiencing some events that occur rarely (decades) and are strategically placed in juxtaposition to what we are familiar and comfortable with in the “norm” of astrological events.

Today marks the second Full Moon in Sagittarius; the first occurring last month. The archer has practiced aim and sharpened those arrows in one more effort at bringing to fruition and full realization of what desires have been smoldering in the fiery bow. This first also occurred when Father Sun had just changed his garb to reflect Gemini’s duality and flexibility in communication and creative thought. Today, another costume change is readied as the Sun(transits) flows into the watery garb of Cancer’s healing lunar filled waters. Home and family being the primary focus as communicative outreach takes a backseat and heart heats up the ebb and flow.

There is plenty of time for this changing of the garb, as this day of The Summer Solstice is the longest of daylight in the year and every last ray is held tightly in the space of memory marking the solar wisdom of the waning of the year and increasingly shorter minutes of daylight until the Winter Solstice. And, the planetary energies have been re-positioning themselves from the First noted mutable Grand Cross configuration at the Dark Moon on June 4th. Now, in the place of Venus, her partner Mercury; quite at home in his ruling sign of Gemini has stepped in to offer the necessary resistance to Saturn’s Sagittarian structuring. Where Venus sought refinement that at times was more akin to idealization, Mercury just wants to get the information out there; order and structure not a prerequisite when the need for discourse moves swiftly.

Venus has joined the Sun in the soothing waters of Cancer basking in the beauty of a well-illumined space that reveals all the treasures that she seeks in her quest for harmony and balanced grace.

Change your Partners!
Mutable Grand Cross:Phase Two

 (Retrograde) Neptune in Pisces & Jupiter in Virgo
(Retrograde) Saturn in Sagittarius & Mercury in Gemini

The suggestion for navigating these Grand Crosses was to sit as the observer. This hold true for this iteration as well and should not be considered passivity; rather an opportunity to allow time (Saturn’s gift) to shake out what MUST remain before we impetuously run in to “fix” things. A reminder regarding the Mutable action of this Cross. Flexibility implies endings and new beginnings; however creating an untimely demise has lasting repercussions from which the process of regeneration can be much more challenging!

Venus in the line-up on June 4th provided the potential for amicable endings before Mercury moved into position, in this phase, to begin the process of communicating and directing the impetus of next steps (new growth). Additionally, Neptune stationed Retrograde on June 13th providing more murkiness to the matters of heart and emotion as greater depths are reached pulling on the naturally expansive nature of Jupiter in the opposing sign of Virgo. The weight of the world’s tears and emotional outpourings (Neptune in Pisces) have pushed deeper into the the womb of earth’s fertility (Virgo) and it responds by accommodating and flexing (Jupiter) appropriately.

Retrograde Saturn is still intent on redirecting the fiery catalysts of Sagittarius as the master of versatility (Mercury) steps up to prod and loosen the tension allowing those arrows to fly and begin new dialogues (Gemini) and brain storming that moves what remains inert.

Waiting in the Darkened Wings


Why wait? Why Observe? Because waiting in the wings are two additional players whose influences are part of the bigger picture. Mars and Pluto have been retrograde since mid-April in the astrological signs of Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively. These are the both planets that offer an intensity that slowly builds, and can remain largely transparent in its real effects until precisely the right cue is given and the stage is theirs.

Mars urges action and change that is assertive in its manner and in the astrological sign of Scorpio, the most complex of the signs, Fire (Mars) and Water (Scorpio) have the potential to reach a boiling point that pulls to the surface what lay as discarded remains at the bottom. The caution is that much of what has been discarded has been so for a reason; past hurts,harmful actions, unkind thoughts and words, etc.. This is where the need for discernment and clarity in put some of these into action to effect productive change requires a slow and steady command infused with supreme self-control.

Pluto carries the seeding of what has been composted as past endeavors to allow for the vision of what future products may be. In the astrological sign of Capricorn, the effects of this are primarily in the earthy (or manifest) realms and are directed by slow and steady progress that can maneuver through the extremes of the highest and lowest intentions. The goal is one of securing just enough information that will inspire and reveal confidence in the knowledge that when you are ready to take action in your life, the way will be sure-footed and purposeful.

Anchor Into The Beauty of Your World

fl arbol de la vida

Just breathe. Be the observer and take in the beauty and energy of this planet as the events of the cosmos unfold. As you celebrate the Light of the Solstice day and the Full Moon, anchor deeper into the gentleness of the Mother. This is the space of quiet and refuge as the cosmic energy reaches critical mass. Look out and up towards a sky patterned with the leaves of a Tree and re-member the strength and resiliency that is held within.

In our current class, I offered up a drumming respite to connect with a tree, moving into its roots and drawing up the intention of strengthening. I offer this again to use if you wish as the heavens move in their cycles and great change is still to come. I invite you to use the space of this longest day to find sometime to sit under your favorite Tree and simply be…

Journey Into the Tree: Recorded Drumming Meditation


New Moon in Gemini-React With An Informed Response

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June 4.2016
New Moon in Gemini
10:59p.m. (EDT)

Sun in Gemini

Mutable Grand Cross
Phase One

Neptune in Pisces & Jupiter in Virgo
(Retrograde) Saturn in Sagittarius & Venus in Gemini

The Moon enters a new beginning late Saturday evening and brings with it a host of stellar events that will shape how we move through the weeks up to the Solstice Full Moon on the 20th, and beyond!

The buzzword for this month is Mutable Grand Cross and it carries an intensity and potential for reaction or response. A Grand Cross occurs when four (4) planets create aspects that result in 2 dynamics (or lines) of opposition; intersecting creating 4/right angles at the mid-point and thus forming the geometric image of a cross. Additionally, these four planets each represent the four alchemical elements (earth-air-fire-water) of one of three modalities; meaning that they are the four elements of a Cardinal (beginning catalyst) – Fixed (stability of synthesis) -or, in this case – Mutable (flexibility of ebb and flow) Cross.

The Mutability of this auspicious celestial event provides the lessons of adaptability and resiliency. In the cycle of the three modalities, the Cardinal beginnings or seeding moves towards the Fixed intention of synthesizing and providing structure so that the energy may be utilized. Once the bolstering and defining work of the Fixed nature is complete, this newly organized energy moves into the space of Mutable imprint, where it may expand, test its flexibility and in so doing, ultimately release its former constraints and bring with it the experience of its journey that spills into that will be birthed anew as it feeds the Cardinal spark of new beginnings. This Grand Cross of Mutability is both a time of releasing what has been outgrown and feeding what will be the next phase of journey that heralds a new way of “being”.

There are two (2) Grand Crosses that will occur this month- the first at the New Moon and the second on the Full Moon on June 20th. In both instances retrograde planets remain and, in the case of the second, the inclusion of a Solar transit and the Solstice. As with most astrological events, these aspects and dynamics do not happen all at once, but are the peak of planetary movement inching its way towards creating enough change to form a dynamic pattern that refuses to remain unnoticed. Remembering this is a way to keep yourself on track; maintain a balanced approach and choose carefully how you will re-act or respond to the accumulated energy.

Gemini – The Erudite Professor or Eloquent Persuader?

This New Moon and Sun in Gemini are tools that can be used to navigate the opposition of Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. One of the Cross lines of opposing agendas will occur with Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini. This means that Gemini is represented three times: New Moon, Sun and Venus. This also means that communication may have the same effect as listening to a broadcast of crossed wires and mixed signals. We just experienced the loosening of Mercury’s Retrograde (the ruling planet of Gemini) on the 22nd of May, and are still receiving some of the errant waves of miscommunication that are lingering behind.

Saturn seeks to control and re-order whatever it lays its application towards and the weight of this energy remaining retrograde in Sagittarius, can act in a way that suppresses the organic flow and outreach of Sagittarius’ inquiring nature. Sagittarian Fire seeks to find the place of viable landing of multiple arrows of connection and action that are dispersed. Now, that aim and release is imbued with a highly structured and controlled approach, putting on hold the natural spontaneity of the Sagittarian archer.

Venus seeks the balance and harmony of a refined order that produces beautiful result. Beauty, not limited by the visual constructs of what “beauty” means to us personally, but broadened to see the inherent beauty in the design that contributes to what that construct becomes. Venus wearing the mantle of Gemini adds to this balance versatility and adeptness around how that balance is expressed and what form that expression takes. Gemini is the master of duality (and manipulative persuasion, if necessary) and facility of style surrounding all manner of communication.

Put these two together on the same line of trajectory, as is the case of this line of the Grand Cross and false starts, hiccups and what seeks to order can actually create a jam up of efforts at communicating clearly and in harmony with a defined and precise aim.

This dynamic also leaves open the space for persuasion to take hold, simply because it “seems” like the right course instead of holding steady and choosing a response that has knowledge and consideration of previous experience as its guide. That also means, being patient enough to allow that information to come of its own accord.

Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo..

The second line of dynamic in the Grand Cross is that of flowing waters and expansion that moves much like a ratchet, step-by-step; carefully organized and analyzed. As partners, yes I did say partners, in mastery of movement Pisces has finely honed the craft of overflow and freely giving of its emotional reserves and Virgo has mastered the art of restricting and allowing only what should run with a strong current do so. Virgo, as a sign of earth provides the container for what Pisces would naturally flood because of its organic instinct towards acting as provider and insures that there will be adequate supply left of that outpouring to renew, rather than deplete.

In this line of the Grand Cross we find Neptune in its sign of rulership, Pisces, so the dialogue between the two is a tale of old friends. A point of tension and opposition arises from Jupiter in a more restricting sign of Virgo. Imagine the damming up of what has mastered the tides of expansive reach that moves in accord with the rhythm of calibrated contraction as needed. Virgo tightens that contractive action, making sure that everything is in order and each outcome has been evaluated, verified and then checked again, before any expansion can occur. Emotions that arise from the deepest space of our vast ocean of experience and memory that would, otherwise, have been transparent in our sightline are now placed in a holding pattern to allow for greater scrutiny.

Sit As the Observer..

As difficult as it may be, the best course of action is to simply sit as the observer looking out as the waxing light provides a better view of what the options are. Breathe into the space of acknowledging that you may be feeling the pull of your emotional self to react rather than wait for the correct response that will insure you move from an informed heart-centered space. Acknowledge that although you are feeling pressed to restructure aspects of your life that you have not been in clear communication with for some time, this reaction could result in your overlooking a very useful, albeit small, detail of previous experience that will resurface when you remain still and open enough for it to gain your attention.

A Center Point of Calm Response…


Alchemically, Mind and breath (Venus in Airy Gemini) have the potential to move with a grace and refinement that is your personal signature of harmony achieved through the beauty found in the process.

Will and action (Saturn in Fiery Sagittarius) are enabled to burn brightly in a structured and orderly way that endure time and catalyze the smaller fires of continued outreach towards collaborative and communal effort that is both aligning your internal communal s(S)elves and the outer world you inhabit.

Compassion and a healing heart (Neptune in Watery Pisces) can flow fully and with the appropriate discernment that heals and soothes without depleting its own reserves and capacity to give.

Prosperity and the realization of an abundance (Jupiter in Earthy Virgo) that provides what is needed devoid of excess and becomes fruitful in manifesting the space of gratitude are honed within the “knowing” that the earth of our bodies and home will sustain.

Find the space of stillness within. Find the space of receptive communication that flows. Find the gift of patience and deepening of your own self-aligning nature. Find the center point where each of the dynamics of this Grand Cross have opportunity to flow into, fuel and inform, so that you may find the resonance that is uniquely your own path towards future growth.

Blessings of this New Moon and this first Mutable Grand Cross …

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