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The Longest Day! The Deepest Healing…

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Summer Solstice
11:54a.m. (EDT)

Waning Moon in Aquarius

Sun Transits into Astrological Cancer
11:54a.m. (EDT)

Neptune Retrograde in Astrological Pisces (d. Nov. 27th)
10:36a.m. (EDT)

Tomorrow morning we welcome the Summer Solstice and the longest day before light gives way to darkness. There is a lot going on with the solar transit into Cancer and a Neptune Retrograde that will remain through November 27th. The Moon wanes in astrological Aquarius and we are already in the throes of Jupiter (Sagittarius), Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto (Capricorn) Retrogrades taking hold in April. Everybody wants in on the party and everyone wants to be the focus of attention. So, what to do with all of this palpable energy?

To begin with, just breathe! Take a load off and if you are able and the weather accommodates, spend some quality time outside tomorrow reveling in the light. Better yet, find a natural setting-beach, woods, mountains-and drink in the power and splendor of our world unadorned and embraceable and ready for the reciprocity of healing. Feeling better now? Okay, let’s get to the magick.

We have all of the elements represented in this line-up and the ability to connect these energies to align with the alchemical and elemental nature of our being. Saturn and Pluto have been hanging out in earthy Capricorn, ensuring that every step of the way has been carefully executed just as the goat navigates t he steepest of cliffs. Saturn naturally strives towards structure and a timestamp that is of no world’s making. Pluto heralds the death of what should be relegated to the past to serve s as the inspiration of the futures endeavors. This earthiness directly impacts our physical state of being and all that we relinquish in the transformation of rendering from the past, seeking the vision of the future while solidly anchored to a present that is instantaneously becoming the past that informs our future.

Jupiter and the Sun lend their own vision of Fire. Jupiter’s fire being the expansive quality that is the lighter fluid necessary for the flames to take hold and the control and contraction needed to maintain a product burning. The Sun moves of its own accord, in this case just stepping into the mantle of Cancer’s healing and homey waters. There is a natural soothing nature that occurs with the gentle warming of emotions (Cancer is ruled by the Moon) and intuitive gnosis vs. the full blaze onset that occurs with the Sun in any of its resonate Fire signs.

And, the Neptune Retrograde in its ruling sign of Pisces. For the time of the retrograde the tides will be still and the action that plays out will occur deep in the darkest and most hidden recesses of the emotional psyche. Compassion will be submerged and transformed to deepening discernment that comes only from love that has been drained of its original need to possess and is transformed into complete surrender to simply being. These are waters that have potential to heal.

The Lady of the Moon boasts the sliver of her waning as the aquarian airy nature of the cosmos flows through her streams of silvery hair. The vision is beautiful and powerful and the sense of the bigger picture and plan for the Universe is etched in the streams of moonlight.

The Longest Day! The Deepest Healing….

I would like to suggest that you take this day as a day for celebrating you and simply be in the warmth of the longest day with no concerns about what comes next. We’ve had that play out as a common theme for several months now and everyone is frayed and worn from the efforts. Even joyous events take their toll, so honor that as well. Access the peak of solar energy and the promise it holds for renewal and replenishment to draw into every cell of your being for use in whatever comes ahead.

So, here’s the metaphor and visual. Your favorite swimming spot. Sumer Solstice’ balmy heat as the light of the day’s sun slowly begins to give way. You reach out to grab onto the rope that has been your access to the cooling and deep waters below. And, just as the last of the day’s light colors the sky crimson, you swing out, let go and fall into deep and darkened waters. The water envelopes you like a soft shell ready to receive and cushion. The sun has almost fully set and the water is very dark and you feel the rushing of so many millions of tiny beads of water around you, you relax and allow yourself to sink as deeply as needed. These waters are exactly what was needed to cool and begin the healing of your body that was exposed for too long in the peak of this Solstice’ Sun. You reach the apex of depth and the ascent begins. No effort, just surrender to the natural physics of the dive and the rise. You reach the surface, breathe in the fresh air and swim to shore. Darkness surrounds you and the sign of renewal glistening in shiny droplets on your skin under the vision of Mother Moon’s waning sliver.

Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity. The day will be shortened ever so slightly, but this favorite place of diving deeply will be accessible. Time will stand still in this sacred space of your making and the tender and burned skin from the day prior will begin its healing.

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The Dawn Rises on Middle Ground

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December 18 – December 20
New Moon in Sagittarius into Capricorn

December 21.2017
The Winter Solstice
Sun in Capricorn
Waxing Moon in Aquarius

Yep, there’s a lot going on over the next few days. We’ve seen the patterns before, but each iteration of a new year offers subtle nuances; meaning that every New Moon is Sagittarius is not alike. There are core similarities but, even despite the transits and planets retrograding, there are gradients of color that express themselves.

I’ve been writing a series entitled 19 Days of Illuminated darkness that is a countdown to the Winter Solstice and some old and new ways of engaging the potency of this time. So I decided to add this into the mix as the Sixteenth (16) Day. An interesting note there is that numerologically, the number 16 reduces to 1+6=7. Seven (7) a number relating to the harmonious balance and interaction of polarized energy that is the double trinity of 6 and moves forward from that foundation to explore, reach out and pursue new paths of expression and learning. So, using this as the 16th post is a subtle nod to the power of delving a bit more deeply into everything that flows into that singular day of astrological event, in this case the New Moon flowing into the Winter Solstice.

New Moon in Sagittarius
December 18
1:30a.m. (EST)

The Moon waxed new this morning in the wee hours and didn’t remain long in this fiery astrological sign before moving on to Capricorn at 8:30a.m. This may seem like a very short hiatus but Sagittarius had been courting the Lady Moon for the two days prior (16th and 17th), stirring up waters and emotions that sought a place of quickening as Sagittarius released its arrows of catalytic action. This energy is particularly useful at this juncture just prior to the Winter Solstice and the reclaiming of the Sun in dominion over the night in growing length of duration in any given day. As with any fire, the beginnings of it taking hold and building a formidable light are dependent on the striking of a match, or some form of kindling and the tiny spark that becomes the glowing flame.

This starting of the fires presents itself well at this time of the year with holidays and family and friends in the foreground as we seek to deepen and show appreciation for those relationships we have grown and kept warm and active. The New Moon reinforces this building and creative collaboration in that another aspect of Sagittarius is one of networking and becoming the bridge to bring people together. You may be familiar with the saying “burning the candle at both ends”. It reference meaning that someone is overextending themselves and has not place to anchor in. I don’t see this as a negative thing depending on how those “ends” are co-creating. Everything requires a sacrifice of sorts so having the ability to quicken the fires of action and will using all parts of yourself, will most definitely result in a mid-point of blaze, but do not have to be lost in the equation. Remember the Phoenix and the gift of rendering down to ash, only to be reborn more powerful, beautiful and stronger than ever in a new more resilient form.

This New Moon today, moves a few hours later into earthy Capricorn. The astrological sign of having the gift of being able to scale the heights and the depths, sure-footed and successfully if only the initial inertia and uncertainty doesn’t stop everything in its tracks. This is the sea goat and the placement of our emotional seascape in this astrological energy can produce great staying power for those embers that were cast about from Sagittarius’ bow. As we move towards the Winter Solstice and the birthing of a new light it is the caution that is inherent in Capricorn that can be used to spend a little more attention in stoking the fires that will birth your Sun of strength and renewed light.

The Winter Solstice
Moon in Aquarius
Solar Month transit into Capricorn

The Winter Solstice heralds the dawning of the sun’s renewed energy and readiness to grow in power incrementally with each dawn’s rising. This will remain so until it reaches its peak at the Summer Solstice and the Northern Hemisphere returns once again to the embrace of the Dark Mother’s mantle. This is the bursting forth from the womb of Goddess’ light as her waters hold the vision of Aquarius’ concept of humanity’s evolution. Aquarius is an air sign and as such thought and concept, ideal and vision are keywords for its energy. Place this energy in the womb that will bring forth a dawn of sustaining heat and light and the blueprint is indellibly marked in every pursuit, most especially those matters of intuition and insight. This combination if accessed without reserve opens the intelligence of the heart; the concept of wisdom flowing from the inner chamber of heart and mind truly beating as one.

And, with this year’s Winter Solstice being able to harness the communicative style of Aquarius’ MoonDance helps to push Mercury from its stationary transit of retrograde as it moves direct on December 22nd.

The Dawn Rises on the Middle Ground

These next few days can be the priming of your engines for movement, clarity and emerging from what may have felt oppressive as the days were cloaked in night. Being mindful of all that has brought you to this point and what you may carry forward or leave behind when you arise and welcome the sun’s light at the Winter Solstice will give you the vantage of standing at middle ground. You are the Capricornian seagoat and its most comfortable place to begin its decent or ascent is in that sweet spot of the middle. Use this as your place of anchor and as the sun rises, and the days stretch forward with growing light, place one foot in front of the other with assurance that you have laid the necessary foundations and you are indeed not only capable but more than ready to scale new heights.

And, do not forget that “up” is not always the desired vantage point. That being able to sense and intuit when to shift course and begin the dive into fertile and flowing waters is part of the process as the sun’s light becomes intense and the coolness of shade and soothing waters of healing are required.

May these last few days of this calendar year bring you joy and may the New Year send you forth (much like Sagittarius’ arrows) renewed and fueled by the quickening of blazing your own trails of connection…..Robin


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Photo: Curbar Edge in Derbyshire

All A Quiver-Full Moon in Sagittarius

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SagPost2016 2
May 21.2016
Full Moon in Sagittarius
5:14 p.m. (EDT)

Sun in Gemini Transit: May 20
10:36a.m. (EDT)

We began the Solar Month of Gemini on Friday as the last 48-hrs. of Mercury’s (planetary ruler of Gemini) retrograde holds us accountable and cautious regarding matters of communication. Very opportune, giving the Full Moon’s energies of Sagittarius and the potential to allow the seeds of our catalytic will to be carried out into the world; arrows aflame! Think of this space of time as the additional care to be given as the archer’s bow and arrow are aligned precisely where we wish to hit the mark of change and stimulate new growth.

This is one of two Full Moons that will wear the mantle of Sagittarian energy, the second occurring next month on June 20th and will be in its 29th degree wearing its developed and mature garb. This Moon heralds the first steps in stepping into Sagittarius’ energy at the 1st degree. Even, this dynamic is one that we can harness, using this Full Moon’s energy with a similar intention of cycle that flows from New Moon to Full Moon. Apply this to the waxing of Sagittarius’ fiery energy: this Full Moon sees the first picking up of the bow that will then hold the arrow of intention that are released and, if sure and true, will hit its mark and become the fullness of flame (at June’s 29th degree Full Sagittarian Moon) and heat that cause lasting change!  Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Riding the wave of this energy, we are moving along a Fire Moon’s path that culminates on the Full Moon of the Summer Solstice, also June 20th and the transit of the Sun into the astrological sign of watery (and Moon ruled) Cancer. Think of this apex in this way:

On the longest day (Summer Solstice) when Father Sun crests in his vitality and strength, that heat is cooled by Mother Moon’s waters of fiery and quickened intent (Sagittarius). Their dance is a Tango, passionate and flowing, yet sharp and precise in the pointed nature and intention of each gesture and posture (the sharpened arrows of Sagittarius). He gives the full burst of energetic response, his emotions rising in heated desire (Transit into Cancer and waters enlivened by Sun’s rays) with each caress and entwining of embrace. The celestial music plays and as the day’s energies wane, the dance slows as the consummate union of Sun and Moon, Masculine and Feminine, Fire and Water herald the promise of new creation.

Rewind to this Full Moon of May: This is the space of planning, practicing and preparing for whatever the bull’s eye of your intention is. Bows raised in the first release of intention that we seek to enliven with the fires of change. Sights set on what will be catalyzed. Breathe deeply and let go! With the help of the Sun in Gemini, and its last efforts (Retrograde until Sunday, May 22nd) at slowing things down enough to give your intentions time to communicate with your actions, we have greater potential of actually hitting the goal with fewer attempts.

All A Quiver..

An additional dynamic to this Full Moon energy is a conjunction formed between the Moon and Retrograde Mars in Sagittarius. A conjunction occurs when the planets involved are within an orb up to 10-degrees of each other. In this case both the Moon and Mars are at 1-degree aspects.

Mars energy is active, assertive and can serve productively if positively directed. The retrograde intensifies the need to be active, so impulsivity or spontaneity can be favorable in allowing for flexibility of change or derailing the best efforts. This also means that tension will arise and the tautness that occurs replaces flexibility with rigidity. But, tension, more accurately just the right application of tension can bolster the efforts of  Sagittarius’ natural predisposition towards outreach and action. This ties in well with the directive of Mercury and its retrograde putting extra pressure on detail and precision in communication (or letting those arrows fly).

Envision this Mars-Moon conversation as one of emotional desire (Moon) that is allowing the will towards action (Mars) to assist in the co-creation of of change and broader dialogue that reaches beyond (Sagittarius) the normal boundaries that we often self-impose.

As the light of this blessed Full Moon shines stand in the space of your readiness to ignite the night sky with your arrows of action and intention….

Please enjoy a Pathworking into the Hall of Sagittarius
Flowering Embers



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Full Moon in Gemini- Your Call Cannot Be Connected As Dialed…..

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Full Moon in Gemini
December 6.2014
7:27am (EST)

Sun in Sagittarius

The Moon waxes Full tomorrow morning at 7:27am (EST) in the astrological sign of Gemini (Mutable Air). The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. In this lunation that thought is best expressed as the “party line” or shared phone line where two conversations are vying for attention at once. Each is communicating in their own unique style, but the bits and pieces of detail are lost in the gaps between who is listening to who. The strength of Solar energy is mid-point in dynamic Sagittarius; expansive in its outreach and continually seeking new trails to blaze. Now, the cooling waters of Mother Moon are ready to talk it up and stimulate the mind as She finds her voice in communicative Gemini.

The quality of Mutable Air as catalyst in stirring up the emotional seas and the Fires of expansive Sagittarius seeking to spread out and claim their own path of networking and communication can produce a highly emotive and combustible effect. Whenever Mind comes on line, particularly the Gemini mind that can change direction as easily as a chameleon adapts to its surrounding’s color we have a potential for emotions being expressed that were fleeting and pertinent in the moment but dissipate as soon as rationale enters the picture. Add to this the Solar expression of Sagittarius, that seeks and seeks and seeks to find suitable burning ground and you have the dynamics for kindling sparks of idea, fueled by a desirous heart that may overextend and burn out before any real progress is made. Using the analogy of a phone call, imagine several lines of connection that get tangled in the transmission causing miscommunication to ensue with neither party reaching the intended recipient.

Please Hang Up and Try Again…..


The solution lies in the effort of trying. For each and every bright area that courses through the night sky of fully lit waters, just breathe and allow it to move of its own accord and land where it may. Although intent is the key ingredient in successful magickal work, so is knowing when to simply allow the desires to flow and let them blaze their own paths of connection. This also means standing firmly in a place of trust, that all will be communicated in the way that it should.

From a perspective of elemental correlate, we have the opposition of Sun in Sagittarius or Fire of Fire and Moon in Gemini- Air of Water. Water is the natural opponent of Fire as it extinguishes and heals what has been burnt. Air both feeds and extinguishes Fire; one setting the blaze higher and the other by its blustery gust creates lights out. So how do we use this info? My favorite analogy and one that I apply frequently to this particular astrological set-up is setting an exposed wire (Fire) in a pan of water (Water) and Electricity (Air and communication) sparks and sputters creating light.

This is an excellent Full Moon configuration for creating new pathways of thought pattern and using the emotional to guide the current of electrified charge that runs through it. Brainstorming and then passing these ideas through the filter of how they “feel” and what desires to bring them to life (Light) get fired up can go a long way towards reaching out a little further beyond what your normal selective process would be.

So plug in, and let those calls flow from mind to heart. Be receptive to what is communicated and then continue to leave that line open as you move through the waning of the Moon. What is viable and a stable and reliable connection will establish itself as that which is frequently called for insight and clarity. You may get a few busy signals as you tap into the greater network of other’s similar seekings, but keep the line open and try again.   With persistence you will soon have all of the circuit board lit up, effectively networking and beginning new ways of dialing in.

Chicago-CTA Switchboard-Operator-Merchandise-Mart-1957

Image: Switchboard Operator. Yes this was how phone calls were relayed way back when!

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December 8.2014
Jupiter Retrograde


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Sun in Sagittarius: Aim High, Breathe Deep and Just Let Go!

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Sun in Sag
Sun in Sagittarius
4:38 AM (EST)

New Moon in Sagittarius
7:32 AM (EST)

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

The Hunger

I stand on the horizon senses
Keen to the rhythm of life all around me
I breathe in the world’s offerings and
Send the experience outward, always
Looking towards the sun and sky
And that which is said to be beyond my grasp.

It is this reaching and straining that
Feeds my hunger to explore and extend
Beyond my limitations
And, once my will takes hold
All that lay within in my sight
Narrows to a single point of focus.

Restrained tension pulls against
The strength of carefully placed
Goal and the final pause of release
Is that which achieves its apex beyond
The keenest of sight.

Once again, the archer sets the course
As movement becomes dynamic
And primal urge bursts into the flames
Of desire and enthusiasm.

Tension gives way to flexibility of
Intent and directed will issues
Forth from that which has been
Carefully ignited.

I fan the tiny embers
That expand and become
Torches that are held towards
The highest of aspirations
And just as sharpened arrows
Carefully aimed hit the core of
Their determined mark these
Fires I set to burning within
You will give birth to spontaneity
And finely tempered form.

My paths are many and each is lit
By the embers I have set to
Smoldering deep within.

I am the teacher and the student
Who waits eagerly to blaze a new trail
I am the place from which the Phoenix
Arises and mine is the expanse that
Lights the way as the
Sea goat begins his journey.

The Sun transits into the astrological sign of Sagittarius in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow at 4:38am (EST) and 3-hours later the Moon waxes New into the same sign. You cold think of this as the double reverberation. The archer draws back its bow, lit with the solar arrows in the midst of night’s hold and the emotions built up from holding back in release allow the arrow to shoot forth, determined and carried on the freshness of Dawn’s light.

The astrological sign of Sagittarius is one of the Element of Fire and the Mutable Modality. Its planetary ruler is Jupiter; expansive in its abundance, prosperous in its outpouring and huge in its impact. The natural energy of the Sun, that of shedding great light on whatever is in its spectrum, now has the assistance of something of weight and substance that can deliver the 1-2 punch of Solar enlightenment. And, if that is not enough to get you going and stirred to action, dodging those carefully place flares of Sagittarius’ fiery arrows set forth will call you to a more aware state, if for no other reason than defensive measures. The Sun in Sagittarius is the ultimate networker. This is the opportunity to engage everything and everyone who you think will be supportive in helping you achieve those loftily aimed goals of action and dynamic will.

Just as our last solar month of Scorpio had maximum potential for reinventing ourselves and transforming all these little known treasures that make us who we truly are, Sagittarius is now ready to stretch and grow expanding upon what was brought from the fuels of intense desire and try out all the new ways this transformed self can make use of what it has learned. The attribution of the Archer to Sagittarius speaks of the control and preciseness in aim required to be successful in what it sets out conquer. That is also not to say that in the trying, there will be many failed attempts, but that is after all how we learn, grow and become more malleable and flexible in the actions we follow through with.

The caution with Sagittarius lay in overextending and flexing muscles that are not quite ready to stand the true weight of what it seeks. This presents in spreading so many seeded areas over so much ground that the effort taxes the seeder and the quantity lays waste to the successful quality of a much more limited seeding fueled by selectivity and discernment.

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Sagittarius. It is the largest known planet in our Solar System and has long been associated with abundance and in particular manifest gain and prosperity. If we apply this action to that of action-seeking Sagittarius we could liken it to the speculator who makes no gain unless the necessary funds are supplied. There will be the flexible contraction and expansion of inflation and deflation that occurs and if, just as the Archer carefully plots his course, the gains are cashed in at just the appropriate time, prosperity will ensue. If not, all will be lost in reckless aim. Calling upon this energy in a productive manner and bolstering it with the energy of the Sun can produce results that increase the results of any endeavor in a manner of steady and smooth growth.
The Element of Fire

The overwhelming energy of Fire is that of transformation through change. Expressed through the action of Sagittarius, this Fire is one that sends its sparks out in many directions with the aspirations that one or two will energize, take root and ultimately become the bonfires that quicken and transform. If actively engaged and passionate about whatever change is set into motion the catalytic fires of “will” travel far, fast and wide. Like a brushfire this fast moving energy can raise everything in its path, but if tempered by a strongly framed boundary of Higher Will, the fires will blaze with discernment and affect positive and productive outcome.

Although Sagittarius is a Fire sign; there is an underlying nature of air that supports the efforts of this action. Air fans or extinguishes the fires in accord with the degree to which it flows. Air as mental activity, can override an impulsive nature towards action or feed it exactly the correct calculations to make it blaze even higher.
A Mutable Modality

As we have already experienced with the Mutable signs their primary directive is that of flexibility and creating the necessary boundaries that permit endings of what is no longer needed so that the flow towards new life may begin. Think of the receding shoreline that is carved in suitable manner by the ebb and flow of the tides. With each drawing in of tidal breath, life is pulled from the expanses of the sea’s depths and with each exhalation of flow some is left behind and some is carried out towards new horizons and new beginnings.

The first Mutable sign we encountered was appropriately one of Air (Gemini) the essence of expansion and flexibility where it weaves its course. The mutable quality of this sign was one of adaptability of mid, thus allowing for the torrent winds of communication to form rhetoric for all that it touched.

The second of the Mutable signs was expressed through an Earth sign, Virgo. Here the emphasis was one of growth through analysis, sorting and putting everything through the trial and filter of what would anchor and serve as base to built and expanded upon. Virgo took hold of the reins and the control exerted crafted the appropriate boundaries for each thing it was called to.

We now have arrived at the third of the Mutable signs, Sagittarius, and having received the blessings of regeneration and rebirth for the preceding sign of Scorpio, stretching the limits and contracting to spring forth what can only be imagined on horizons yet to be birthed are the actions to be taken. Fire blazes the trail, destroying much in its path, but also providing the ash of composting that protects the new life already stimulated into growth beneath the surface. What energies may be raw, vulnerable and unfinished, but as it reaches in seeking its supports everything is nourished from its efforts along the way.
Fires burn hot
Between loins
Ready to give

Life spills forth new
And unblemished by
The ravage of time and
Structured restraint.

Embers smolder from
The after birth of form
That has been called
To seek more of its kind.

Expansion seeks to complete
The action it has catalyzed
And from this desire borne
On the arrow of the seeker’s
Will the seeding begins anew
And Fire burns hot between
Loins ready to give birth.
The New Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon waxing New in Sagittarius provides the energy to catalyze all of those dreams, hopes and goals that have lain dormant. Reaching out and interaction, networking and researching what tools and people will be of the most help are intentions well served by this Moon. A traditional use for this New Moon’s energy is one of seeking financial prosperity; largely because of the support of Jupiter. This is a goal that all would benefit from; but I also like to think more globally and seek those things that will make me more abundant in all of my life’s workings. Prosperity in all endeavors brings more to each of the layers that encompass that larger self.

The Hall of Sagittarius: A Pathworking of Expansive Reach

To begin your process of sifting through what you wish to accomplish, spend some time with the Pathworking below. When you have completed this contemplation, record in your journal what you wish to actively seek during this Waxing of the Moon and the Solar Month. Click Here…

Neptune Stationed Direct

PhotoELF Edits: 2012:08:07 --- Saved as: 24-Bit JPEG (EXIF) Format 98 %
11/16/2014 2:04 AM (EST)

The intensity of the waters have receded and we are seven (7) days into the forward motion of Neptune in Pisces. During this time of retrograde, there was much illusion to be found as the murky waters can be deceiving in what the precise and accurate location of anything is. Emotions were raw and vulnerability was at an all time high causing many to shut down emotionally, so deep was the pain and suffering that was so profoundly experienced. Now we have the ability to see more clearly and to allow ourselves to be guided once again by our emotions – tempered by mind. The timing of this forward motion is using its lessons to guide our hand (heart) as we ready ourselves to actively seek our will through the light of Sagittarius. Neptune offers the place of deep insight and holds key to the mystical realms of knowingness crafted by compassion. The intent of wielding mastery of a sharp and pointy object (the arrows of spiritual truth) is in the knowing of when and where to aim and discerning what must be slain for nourishment and what must be allowed to thrive and grow more fully until the time is right.

Wash your hands of aiming in waters of healing and trust your instincts before you propel yourself and your will forward. Heed the warning of being submerged too long in what serves you not and clouds your vision and steals the breath of your determination. Arise to the surface holding the trident of flame, air and water and pierce through what would keep you fearful of acting upon your desires. The power is held within the drawing back of the bowstring of your heart’s gnosis and the release of action pure of intent and true of aim that emboldens anything lacking the fullness of its expansive reach.

The Next Step

Knowing how each sign moves to the next and the interaction between each as they evolve towards completion (and threshold of renewal) of the wheel in Pisces tells its own unique story of the astrological wheel. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio offered mystery and the taste of initiatory experience, but Sagittarius is the true initiator, putting it all on the line in search of community. Numerologically, the number Nine (9) heralds the ending of a singular nature and the threshold that passes into dual relationship- 10 being the next in line. The inference is one of endings that forge new beginnings that are stronger and more assured with the collaborative efforts of another by your side.

If we look at the dynamics of energy thus far, beginning with the cardinal sign of Aries, we could think of the three signs that begin the astrological wheel as the quickening Fires (Aries- Fire) within the body of manifestation (Taurus- Earth) that gives rise to aspiring towards the heavens (Gemini- Air). Now enlivened by the desire to “know”, the healing and nurturing (Cancer- Water) of what no longer serves this goal is brought front and center into the Light of Day (Leo-Fire) to be strengthened as it is readied for the detailed analysis of Virgo (Earth) that seeks to create a new form for its manifestation. Libra (Air) applied the finishing touches to what Virgo had reduced to the most essential components. Using the adaptability and deftness of a mind that could easily calculate and mentally weigh both benefits and detriments, Libra moved with skill and grace to accomplish what was made ready. The energy of Scorpio provided the necessary prodding to explore the deeper aspects of the emotions and access the hidden keys of memory that has been hidden. Now, moving into the fires of Sagittarius, the forging of what was tempered in the waters of transmutation into a more flexible and expansive form is at hand. Sagittarius looks out at the night sky and does not see only darkness, but imagines the beauty of what lay beyond sparkling from the heat of stellar light that are the wishes, hopes and dreams released to be share by the Cosmos.

At this time of the year, the emphasis is on collaboration, making new friends and spending time with family and those we treasure. The holiday season fast approaches in the Northern Hemisphere and the wintry weather drives people indoors, seeking warmth and refuge in the arms of loved ones and at the hearth fires of home. This is the time of offering freely of yourself and seeking out the most appropriate gift to express your feelings. This is the time of action as the business of the season moves us from party to home to work to shopping and in this business we generate our own sparking heat from the efforts taken and the love shared.

In the Southern Hemisphere the focus is on the warmer weather and getting outdoors once again to visit with and enjoy the activities of Spring and Summer. We take holiday and set aside extra time to enjoy relaxed time with those we cherish. The Sun shines brightly growing in its strength and the longer days seduce us to remain longer in the heat. We feel energized, alive and a willingly participant in the glory of life and all the new adventures we set off upon.

Although the celebrations of the season and the time in the Greater Outdoors pass, as the Solar Month progresses the lessons gained from seeking out others to come play and join in the experience is one of expanding what and who you know. This is the true growing of an abundant and prosperous life, filled with joy and the people who catalyze that joyful state within you as you pass it along to those you interact with.

Aim High, Breathe Deep and Just Let Go!

This solar month is one of focus on striving actively towards reaching our goals, expanding our circle of community, resources and talents and seeing where all of this takes us. This is the Solar month of adventure, exploration and trying on something new to see how it fits.

In the chronology of the Zodiac, this is the space of time to prepare to step into your full glory. To assess your strengths and weaknesses and than put them out there for reaction and response from others. The next phase of this Solar journey carries us into Capricorn and the results of all the hard work and effort are gathered in a place of recognition for work accomplished and reprimand for stones left unturned. This is the energy of the mature man or woman who has the confidence in their abilities to clearly see where they should affirm their loyalties and take action.

And, so in the spirit of adventure that is Sagittarius, we call forth the energy of the Sun as it continues its zodiacal cycle. Once again we repeat the invocation that opened the Gate to this Temple. As you read through it think back to the first time you were social and accepted for who you were without question. Think back to all the plans, goals and desires to be a mover and a changer, carving your own paths and inspiring others along the way. This is the gift of Sagittarius.

As you read through the invocation, think about what each line of reference evokes within you and stimulates your own desire to hold as mystery that only you can reveal as you seek its deeper meaning. What passions are stirred as you read of RA’s power as expressed within the heart felt words put to paper. This is the power of creativity and its ability to transform all that it touches. Use this gift wisely this solar month as we invoke the Solar month in Sagittarius and awaken those fires of RA to quicken your surrender to the death of false perception and the rebirth of who you truly are.

Hymn to RA

All Hail to Thee, Mighty RA
Blaze of noon day sun.

Your fiery orb high in the
Sky above as we kneel
Beneath the heat of
Your radiance.

All the Gods bow to your radiance
All the Goddesses sing hymns of praise
To Your glory and man
Lays prostrate in humility
And devotion at the altar of
Your making.

Sweet music of adoration and offerings
Brought forth from the Black Land
Rise up in praise and thanks for
Your Sustaining Light.

All darkness flees at the touch of Your hand
All ceases its movement as Your expansive
Rays stretch across the morning sky.

The lotus opens to receive Your Touch
And the sands glisten as rare jewels
As You gaze upon each grain washed
Clean in the boundless ocean that
Reflects the brilliance of your face.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Who sits high
Above the world.

Khepra in the East
Atum in the West
Whose eye holds the
Point of Life and the
Trifold Arc of Power.

Your eyes see all and
You are the place of return
Within the glowing blackness
Of the Midnight Sun.

All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Amun, Amun, Amen!

The Hall of Sagittarius: A Pathworking of Expansive Reach

Posted in Astrology, New Moon, pathworking, Sagittarius on November 21, 2014 by themagickalpen

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and sit comfortably allowing your breath to establish an even and relaxed rhythm. Make note of any tension you may be holding in your body and as you exhale gently breathe that tension out; allowing it to drop around you like beads of water. Allow any thoughts that wish to have your attention to be acknowledged and then gently let go to pass as leaves in a gently flowing stream.

Turn your focus and attention to your breath. Allow the space of your consciousness to move with the rise and fall of your chest and the filling and release of the lungs. Continue in this manner for several breaths; allowing each to become softer, smoother and slower. With each breath your physical body appears to become lighter and your center of consciousness floats upwards towards the inner eye. You feel enveloped by the mist of transition between the Physical and Astral. And as this veil thins you step through a veil of dark blue mist and find yourself standing centrally in a circular room. As you look around you see that this space opens out to a star lit night sky. The velvety blackness above holds a twinkling of starry light that fills the panoramic view above. The walls encircle you and are of a deep bluish purple. As your eyes adjust to this room you notice an archway just ahead of you. The glyph of Sagittarius, the Archer hovers in the entryway.

You pass easily through the glyph of Sagittarius. Little sparks of flame lay at your feet creating a pathway through which you begin to walk. You look down and get a bit closer to one and notice that from each of the sparks a single flower appears to be in the process of blooming. As you look more closely, inspecting each along the path you see that some are viable and some wither and die as the spark goes out. Some appear to be desperately trying to take root and others never seem to catch on at all.

You think on the image of the archer, bursting with enthusiasm at the promise of hitting the center mark. The strain of arrow pressed back against bending bow and the sigh of release and effort as it is sent towards its destination. The energy of enthusiasm that turns to disappointment at those arrows shot in vain and then turning to pride in accomplishment at those that hit the target fills this space. You remind yourself that a sharp eye and a steady hand can be the detriment or the success of your endeavors.

You continue moving along the path and as you look deeply at each of these tiny flames you are reminded of the many times you have exerted your will in disbursed effort and the outcomes of those tiny flames of action you set forth. You think on all the experiences you have been afforded by putting your intent out into the greater world, and how those successes and failures have shaped and transformed who you are now.

Your attention is drawn to the sound of something crackling just off the path you are walking upon; and the smell of wood burning wafts thick in the air. You turn in the direction of where the sound seems to be coming from, your pace quickening till you find that you are now running fueled by enthusiasm and excitement about what you may find. You realize you have run nearly to the end of this uncleared passage your aim clear and true.

You stop suddenly and find yourself in a clearing, a bonfire raging hot and colorful just ahead. No one else is around and it is untended, although appearing to be perfectly controlled. As you walk closer you can feel its heat and the sheer beauty of its flames reaching upwards sends shivers of excitement running through you. You look down at your feet and see that the field is covered in the tiny flowers you saw on the main path held within the tiny embers of flame. They form intricate and diverse meandering patterns, but all coil in to the central bonfire. All feeding into its mass.

You realize that these are the arrows of thought, idea and action that are released with intent and purpose. You now understand the necessity for many options to be offered up before one or two can actually ignite what will blaze longer and with more intensity than expected. The one successful endeavor is fueled by the will and desires of many. You take in the smell of the fire as it burns; the depth of multiple colors dancing within its flames and the sound of crackling and the hiss of release.

You deepen into these sensations and you gently close your eyes and when you open them you are surrounded by the blue veil of energy that carried you to this inner sky. As you take a few more deep breaths and fill the intent with awareness of your physical being and return to your physical space, the mist clears and the smells, sounds and sights of the room in which you began our journey floods your senses. You feel the floor beneath you and the chair on which you are sitting. Noises of the mundane world come back filling ear and mind with thoughts of going about the rest of your day or evening. You take a deep breath in, savoring the vestiges of your astral journey and the insight it provided, and strongly exhale out affirming your oneness with the present moment of physical time and space.

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