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It’s Fresh-It’s New and I’m Ready Now!

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September 27.2015
Full Moon in Aries
10:50pm (EDT)

Total Lunar Eclipse

The energy has been building exponentially- retrogrades, lunar cycles and eclipses have been dancing the celestial dance and now the time for breaking through is at hand.

The Moon waxes Full late tomorrow evening in the astrological sign of Aries. Aries is Fire, new beginnings (the first sign of the astrological wheel), unbridled enthusiasm and just the injection needed to pull us out of the heaviness we’ve been experiencing. Now, that is not to say that there are not still challenging times ahead, but consider this Full moon an opportunity to reset and realign. The astrological sign of Aries is noted as the “baby” of the zodiac. I prefer to think of its energy more that of the child. Children are naturally enthusiastic and see no limits to what they believe they can accomplish. Children trust what is around them, giving unconditionally and embracing every new experience. That is until, they are taught fear, caution, mistrust and begin the process of creating blocks. This full Moon brings an opportunity to reset to that space of openness and receptivity, expecting only the best as a future outcome.

The Total Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon phases Full as the Sun – Earth and Moon line up; with the Moon passing through the Earth’s shadow. Spiritually, this energy can be considered as an opportunity of centering (our Earthly form) and opening to the strengthening of Solar Will (Sun) and the enlivened shadow of the Lunar Flow (Moon) of our Emotional self.


Click on the image for some very interesting scientific information about this Super Moon

Other Allies:

The Moon in Aries provides a fresh perspective when engaging the emotional landscape that is revealed in the fullness of Lady Moon. The planet Mercury recently stationed retrograde, as is Uranus and Neptune as well. Remember that Sun-Earth and Moon dynamic that is occurring during the eclipse? We have Fire – Earth – and Water at play. Retrogrades provide an intensity of focus of the energy of that planet. Mercury is retrograde in Libra (Air) – Uranus is retrograde in Aries (Fire) – and Neptune is retrograde in Pisces (Water).

During this super-moon the dance is a trio of Fire- Earth and Water, action/will partnering within the foundational and human experience that is expressed so beautifully through our emotions, desires and compassion.

The Sun and Retrograde Mercury recently transited into the Airy sign of Libra. Taking that into consideration, we have all four of the alchemical elements represented during this dynamic Full Moon and Lunar eclipse. The bountiful gifts of each Full Moon are punctuated by the relationships and interactions in a dance of emotional empowerment and active will. The gifts of this Moon are those of great expectations and excitement about all that lay ahead as we begin anew the inner dialogue (Mercury-communication) of  alignment (much like the alignment of sun-earth and moon in the eclipse) of Mind (Air-Sun/Mercury)- Heart (Moon/Neptune) – the Fire of Action and Will (Uranus) and Body (Earth).

Blessings of this Moon of grace and light…

Back to the Middle and Around Again: Pluto Direct

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26048712_sPluto Stations Direct
September 25
2:55am (EDT)

Distant planet Pluto stations direct early tomorrow morning moving from its intensity of retrograde that began back in April of this year. Astrologically, this planet of mystery and depth remains in the Earthy and Cardinal sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is known as the “Sea-Goat” which speaks to its energy of navigating both the heights and depths of experience with sure-footedness and a very grounded demeanor. At times, this grounded predisposition leads to inactivity as just the precise placement of action is sought; a pursuit which is not always readily attained. So, with this caution applied to Pluto, the planet of regeneration, death, crossings and those far away and unknown experiences, you may have felt stuck in the same holding pattern of expression and the replaying of the same life’s lessons.

Astrologically, the planet Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. Much like the ability of Capricorn’s Sea-Goat to reach deep into the emotional depths and rise to the mental heights, Scorpio is equally at home hidden in the earth(Scorpion), soaring for greater perspective (Eagle) and ascending within the Fires of Rebirth as the Phoenix. In this retrograde, Pluto’s shape-shifting is directed towards what is built as foundation (Capricorn) rather than intent upon reshaping the emotional selves. And, just as the Phoenix is the higher expression of emotion transformed into useable and regenerative desire, the goal of higher form here is one of knowledge of the truly Divine nature of our humanity held within the vessel of human form and experience.

I have always felt Pluto to be the point of return, that holds the patterns of all time. We cross the threshold of death (or release) carrying with us the lessons we have learned from experiencing that life. We enter into the unknown, hoping that we will return born anew and transformed through the gift of regeneration. We circle back, so to speak to what was our past, that has now begun our future as we stand in the present of our making. Pluto offers the gift of being able to simultaneously draw from our past, as we use the present action to weave the future that occurs seconds later.

The energy of this retrograde has been a drilling down deeply into the stores of what and who we are as manifest life forms. Think of drilling deeply into the earth, churning up soil, rock and more. Each layer being displaced in the uprising of this energy as the past story of each layer is revealed in present time. What is excavated dictates the response and reaction that will determine what the future steps will be.

Feeding into this revealing of sorts have been the counterpoints of Uranus (July 26) and Neptune (June 12) also being Retrograde. This gave the impetus of Fire (Uranus in Aries)- Water (Neptune in its Ruling sign of Pisces) and Earth (Pluto in Capricorn) weaving their magick of big and lasting change. Think the liquid flow of lava deep within the Earth’s core. I will be writing more about this over the weekend.

Now,as Pluto begins its cycle of return back to the mid-point of a present and processing state Mercury recently stationed Retrograde. This is the opportunity to slow down, unplug (from technology) and really listen to what your messenger self has to communicate about your experience of Pluto’s renewal. Take the time to carefully and thoughtfully review what contracts have been made during this Pluto retrograde at the level of Spirit and your place in the limitless flow of life, energy and intention brought into manifest form – namely you.

Take your time and assess your best vantage point to reach back to retrieve what of your past (lives) will inform this present form. Then, and only then move forward, each step with the sure-footedness of the (sea)Goat as you scale the mountain of the aspirations of your future being.

A Little Visualization:

Take some time looking at the picture I selected to accompany this post. Imagine the spinning of this top and its perfect point of balance as the cycle and flow of top and bottom move just so within the energy surrounding it. Each tip narrowing down(or up) to a thin and perfectly shaped point. If in perfect alignment it does not matter which end you begin the motion from, there are equal in their support of the center mass. This central point the place of flattening and leveling out providing enough circular surface to neither under or over tip. The top spins and simultaneously and seamlessly the energy of the top and bottom points spirals inward meeting centrally and providing the correct amount of tension for the center to spin, cutting through and creating its own vibration of energy rippling outwards, moving through time and space.

Now envision yourself as this top. The points of balance on either end, interchangeable and recyclable as past and future. Both points drawing inward to support the mass of your present experience. All simultaneously moving as one, yet distinctly apart. All shaping and reforming the energy that surrounds and is within you.

But, I Thought You Were My Friend? Venus Stations Direct

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Venus in Leo
Stations Direct
4:29am (EDT)

In the early hours of this morning, Venus, the planet of relationships and refinement, moved from its retrograde pattern and began its movement forward once again. The retrograde began July 25th and the dynamic of its focused intention caused a deeper than usual scrutiny of our relationships at all levels of interaction.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra which in and of itself gives insight to the way in which Venusian energy flows and changes its quality. Astrological Taurus is typified by its solid anchoring (Earth sign), stability of purpose (Fixed) and immoveable determination to secure anything it acquires. There is a deep emotional connection to those manifest things it assumes responsibility for and so deep attachment is fostered in guarding and standing ground in maintaining a safe and secure environment for those things or people.

Libra’s approach is also one of safeguarding, but because of the mental (Air sign) nature of this sign, it naturally seeks to refine and harmonize those relationships and attachments. It mentally takes inventory of all that is of beauty and quality and all that is lackluster in appearance and form and then weighs and deliberates how it will interact and forge a relationship with each aspect. In considering both of these approaches that Venus presents, it is no wonder that she is enigmatic and selective in who and what she offers her time, attention and gifts of engagement towards.

Venus began her retrograde in the very beginning degrees of the astrological sign of Virgo, sorter and analyzer extraordinaire. The focus on relationships took on the mantle of dissection and calculation; the first steps towards breaking down who and what were worthy of your time, affection and attention. As Venus transited into the later degrees of astrological Leo (Fixed Fire and electromagnetic attraction), this attention to the relationships, loves and beauty that was until then acceptable in your life was brought fully into Leo’s spotlight. Some of what was revealed in this light was the truth surrounding who you have attracted into your life that no longer meets the tests of greater discernment.

And, because this action was taking place when Leo was at its strongest and most developed degrees of energy, the wisdom and ability to release the illusion of old loves raised the intensity of your desire for change and perhaps, even higher standards around those who would receive the beauty of your affection.

The release of this intensity of Venus’ call to acknowledge and realize your own power to choose wisely and fully embrace those who will share your love and gifts of relationship and interaction may have caused you to second guess those in your life. Powerful change has been at play and you now have a different sensibility about what love and friendship, relationship and harmony, balance in all things and the freedom to choose your companions mean to you. How others will react to this change is of no matter and those who try to manipulate you into unhealthy relationships will have to go.

Venus is very good at allowing us to deceive ourselves by the glamour of what we idealize as beauty and love. She is also very good at showing us the truth of our own beauty and the value of ourselves, first in the manner in which we love ourselves and then as the organic flow of that love towards others. Being open to these lessons and heeding her wisdom in all of our affairs will dramatically lesson the times we will be called to say- “But, I thought you were my friend!”.

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