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Happy New Year and My Saturn Return!

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On this last day of the year, many of us will reflect on what has transpired in these months prior. We leave behind many things as we joyously embrace a “clean slate”. Every year on this date I review and analyze the failures and successes of the year and make plans to bring new light and a fresh perspective into the upcoming year.

For me personally, the year began as a year of challenge and unavoidable growth from what loomed large in expectation. So it is fitting that the end of this year marks another phase of challenge and growth, my second Saturn return. A Saturn return occurs when the planet transits or moves in direct alignment with the astrological sign and degree it was in when you were born. The importance of this event lies in the opportunity to steer course in an entirely different direction as you restructure your life….

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As Above, So Below- Sun in Capricorn

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Capricorn Sun

Sun in Capricorn
6:03 p.m. (EST)

New Moon in Capricorn
8:36 p.m. (EST)

Lens of Sight

Matter of continuum
Depth and breath
Of thin air
One step taken
Carefully and slowly in pace.

Diving deep to feel the
Sting of new beginnings
Structure and form
Taking shape as
Pause recoils.

The Master waits at the
Gate and the Adept
Reaches out gingerly-
The hand withdraws.

And the steepness of drop
Reverberates at the base
Of darkened well
Gold coins falling as leaves
Carried within the
Space of airy breath.

Once again, the ascent begins
The space of time claiming
The continuum of earthy
Strength and will.

One step taken
Carefully and slowly in pace.

The Sun transits into the astrological sign of Capricorn early this evening at 6:03pm (EST) and 2 1/5-hours later the Moon waxes New into the same sign. A double dose of earthiness and new beginnings of an astrological sign that brings the Fires (Sun) of will and the Heart (Moon) of great emotional depths into alignment.

The potency of this transition of interaction between Sun and Moon become the public stage of light for two other auspicious events that occur today- The Winter Solstice and the stationing direct of Uranus….

A beautiful dance of light and dark as the polarities move
through the heavenly ballroom of the Wintry Sky.

I see the brilliant orb of the Sun moving into Capricorn as his consort Lady Moon waxes New wearing her veil of darkness. The Winter Solstice heralds the shortest day of the year as night consumes Sun’s brilliance and we wait for the re-birthing and turning of this tide at Dawn’s light. And, Uranus, the phosphorescent holder of the Fohat (aka. electrical light charge) stations Direct, propelling us into a less intense focus of the interrogators’ light.

Capricorn’s Sea-Goat

The astrological sign of Capricorn is one of the Element of Earth and the Cardinal Modality. Its planetary ruler is Saturn; the supreme organizer and keeper of time. The natural energy of the Sun, that of shedding great light on whatever is in its spectrum, now has the assistance of foundation that is expressed in manifest form and the collaborative efforts of the below and the above. The Sun in Capricorn goes about its work creating from a solid foundation and then works its way through every challenge with deliberate and precise action. This is the opportunity to scale the heights of potential while remaining firmly anchored and grounded in the human experience.
The caution with Capricorn lay in the potential for inertia. The same slow and methodical approach that is accessed in aspiration for a goal can leave the aspirant lingering far too long in the comfort of surety of foot. Saturn’s input of organizing and restructuring lends a hand as the intended goal is plotted out, plotted out again and then still labored over with not much progress being made.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. Saturn is the Lord of Time and the energy of structure as held by the Gates of Time. This gives Capricorn a seemingly expansive perspective on time and using that broad view to set goals and with organized deliberation go about achieving them. There is the feeling that all of time is on their side and they are willing to spend inordinate amounts of time in pursuit of their goals. The additional quality of Saturn is that of regimented structure. This can sometimes lead to having a very narrow perspective about what the best course of action is, but can also serve to bring all the stray bits of resources into a useable well-defined unit.

The Element of Earth

Capricorn is an Earth sign. The quality of earth expressed in Capricorn is strength and agility in navigating the paths of life and material existence, both pleasurable and challenging. They are firmly rooted and anchored in whatever their life’s goal becomes and remain steadfast in acquiring the necessary resources to remain solvent and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

A Cardinal Modality

As we have already experienced with the Cardinal signs their primary directive is that of catalyzing and initiating new beginnings. The first Cardinal sign we encountered was appropriately one of Fire and served to begin the cycle of the Zodiacal wheel and Solar Year. The initiating quality of this sign was one similar to that of striking a match, setting fire to the will to create and providing the fuel to carry that intent forward.

The second of the Cardinal signs was expressed through a Water sign, Cancer and served to stimulate the emotions in a way of pushing the boundaries of these waters out beyond what would hold them hidden in the subconscious. This energy was expressed in the yearning and need to identify what is defined as home and family and that which supports loving and loyal relationships.

The third of the Cardinal signs was expressed as Airy Libra. This is an energy, whose goal is one of stimulating mind and creating new visions of what is possible to be made manifest in the world. Grace and beauty stand at the helm and the scales of balance weigh and measure what is worthy of creative mind.

Arriving in the space of Capricorn and the foundation of earth, the Cardinal flow of catalyzing is achieved in the manifest realm and the products are those that serve as a new source of anchor that provides a stable point of origin from which to move.

I bubble up from
Earth’s strengthening core
My intention filled with
Seeking what is held in
The great above.

I reach deeply into
The very heart of the
Midnight Sun of
Earth’s molten core.

Strong and stable from
A surface that is finely
Crafted and etched with
My many paths of pursuit.

The New Moon in Capricorn

The Moon waxing New in Capricorn provides the energy to lay claim to those things that provide anchor. If we use the flow from Sagittarius and the areas of networking we have forged and select those that are most viable calling into manifestation we can use the shoring up of Capricorn as each step of planning is created from solid ground. Calling on the energy of Saturn as ruler of Capricorn and its organizing skill offers the potential for not getting waylaid by inertia and indecisiveness; now not only having a solid foundation but also the necessary scaffolding and structure for ascent towards the pinnacle of goal.

The Winter Solstice


The night is cold and I stand facing the darkness; thick and almost opaque in its veiling. I think on all that has brought me to this point of the Great Wheel and call to myself the memories of lessons learned and shadowy places uncovered needing nurturance and cultivation. Each memory is illuminated from within and I feel the heat of my Inner Sun flaring out from center’s core; extending light filled streams of connection to each treasured sensation and image.

Tingling energy moves across my back affirming my growing anticipation of the promise held in the rising sun as I await the dawning of the Solstice Sun. I think on the moments of waiting I have seen at this same cycle of time the many years before and how each has held its own joy of new expression. I breathe into these thoughts, envisioning the flame of sunlight growing within myself. I breathe deeply into the joy of being able to turn the focus of that light outwards as the sun gains strength in the sky above and I attune to that same solar cycle within.

I look ahead and see rays of filtered light flowing around and through me casting their long slim finger-like beams on the snowscape in front of me. The time is now. One more deep breath in affirming the strength of the dark that has come before, and I turn to face the rising sun. Dawn of the Winter Solstice has come and with its rising so too does the rising of my illuminated self; forever changed…

 Tonight marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The polarity of Dark and Light is engaged in the space of one relinquishing its control so the other may gain momentum. This is much like the energy of Capricorn as its skill lay in the ability to move between light and dark, the above and the below, mind and the watery depths of heart.

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AND, Uranus Stations Direct
5:45 p.m. (EST)



Electrical Uranus stationed retrograde in July and has done its work of amping up the neural pathways, and general state of electrical energy for these past months. Irritability, instability and nervousness have been the undercurrents that many have been navigating as sparks flared with Uranus receiving the additional bolster of being in the astrological Fire sign of Aries. Aries, as we have learned is enthusiasm unbridled and place that energy in the field of Uranus and enthusiasm becomes agitation.


As the energy of Uranus peaked and has come to its waning point of release from its stronghold as it stations direct at 5:45 pm (EST) today, the effects of a thorough and precise pass through of maximum electrical current are readied to begin the process of integration and change, much like a rewiring and upgrade to greater wattage.


For more about the Uranus Retrograde read:

Uranus Retrograde-Deflecting Light

The Next Step


Knowing how each sign moves to the next and the interaction between each as they evolve towards completion (and threshold of renewal) of the wheel in Pisces tells its own unique story of the astrological wheel. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. Sagittarius acted as the initiator, propelling through the Gates of Transformation and new growth as the archer sought the goal of maximum reach.


Capricorn’s image is that of the sea-goat; equally at home in the depths as well as being able to deftly and precisely scale the steepest of cliffs.  Capricorn’s energy lends itself towards being ambitious in nature with a fixed determination to achieve. Because they have often had to climb steep hurtles, once achieving success they are able to use the lessons learned in the ascent to hold them securely at the top. Numerologically, the number 10 fits well in this definition. Ten is the beginning of a new cycle- one that is dual in nature and relies on the relationship of two numbers and their energies working collaboratively. One (1) is the singular nature- the “I”- whose awareness is solely within its own creation. Zero (o) is the limitless cycle (circle) of eternal birth, death and re-birth; one of the many cycles of the cosmos. Now, go back to the image of Capricorn. It’s sure-footed nature is dependent upon its own singular skill and persistence working in collaboration with the forces of nature, the cycles of season and time. What was inference in Sagittarius’ initiation of Nine is now the reality of endings that forge new beginnings that are stronger and more assured with the collaborative efforts of another by your side.


If we look at the dynamics of energy thus far, beginning with the cardinal sign of Aries, we could think of the three signs that begin the astrological wheel as the quickening Fires (Aries- Fire) within the body of manifestation (Taurus- Earth) that gives rise to aspiring towards the heavens (Gemini- Air). Now enlivened by the desire to “know”, the healing and nurturing (Cancer- Water) of what no longer serves this goal is brought front and center into the Light of Day (Leo-Fire) to be strengthened as it is readied for the detailed analysis of Virgo (Earth) that seeks to create a new form for its manifestation. Libra (Air) applied the finishing touches to what Virgo had reduced to the most essential components. Using the adaptability and deftness of a mind that could easily calculate and mentally weigh both benefits and detriments, Libra moved with skill and grace to accomplish what was made ready.

The energy of Scorpio provided the necessary prodding to explore the deeper aspects of the emotions and access the hidden keys of memory that has been hidden and within the fires of Sagittarius, the forging of what was tempered in the waters of transmutation into a more flexible and expansive form is at hand. Sagittarius looked out at the night sky and did not see only darkness, but imagined the beauty of what lay beyond sparkling from the heat of stellar light that are the wishes, hopes and dreams released to be share by the Cosmos. This vision shines brightly within the realm of the human experience as Capricorn moves through terrain that is unforgivable, yet still finds its place of acclaim atop the highest mountain.


At this time of the year, the emphasis is one of celebrating the Light and Dark as co-creators of how the months ahead progress as the Solstices (Winter and Summer) demand their share of Light and Dark. In the Northern Hemisphere, the holiday season is underway and communing and sharing the light of gratitude and expression of appreciation are the intent. The Wintry weather drives the celebrations indoors where friends and family gather, each having their own personal hurdles to cross in finally arriving at this place of love and light on the longest night of the year.


In the Southern Hemisphere everyone has been enjoying the heat of the Summer Month’s and the holidays we celebrate are those of vacation and a break from the daily routine of work. The Sun has shone brightly and now on the day of the Summer Solstice we linger outdoors in celebration of the Longest Day.


Although the celebrations of the season and the time in the Greater Outdoors pass, as the Solar Month progresses the lessons gained from being fully in the physical world and subject to its cycles of Light and Dark acknowledges the greatest goal of having an experience as a being of light in the world of physical incarnation.


As Above, So Below


This solar month is one of focus on the steps taken towards achieving each goal. This energy relates directly to what the Mind (Above) and the Heart (Below) can collaboratively manifest as each step of aspiration is carefully and orderly placed. Capricorn rules the 10th House of the Zodiac- the Midheaven. This is the venue where all the successes/failures are exposed for all the world to see. This is the House of personal acclaim and in the cycle of the Zodiac would be likened to the promotion or recognition for your vocation or avocation by those outside of your immediate family. This is the Solar month of retrieving all that has supported who you have become in your life’s journey.


In the chronology of the Zodiac, this phase of this Solar journey carries us into Capricorn and the results of all the hard work and effort are gathered in a place of recognition for work accomplished and reprimand for stones left unturned. This is the energy of the mature man or woman who has the confidence in their abilities to clearly see where they should affirm their loyalties and take action. The acclaim achieved in Capricorn is what carries forward next into defining our place within the greater community of Aquarius and its work of visionary synthesis.


And, so with sure footedness of the Sea-Goat of Capricorn that is the symbol of Capricorn, we call forth the energy of the Sun as it continues its zodiacal cycle. Once again we repeat the invocation that opened the Gate to this Temple. As you read through it think back to a point in time when you received public recognition for a job well done. Now, think back to all the steps that went into reaching that point; most importantly all the points of slipping and falling backwards, as you persevered nonetheless. And, in the end, the scrapes and bruises, the healing and the regrowth of any wounding that occurred was forgotten in the glory of pride and success. This is the gift of Capricorn.


As you read through the invocation, think about what each line of reference evokes within you and stimulates your own desire to hold as mystery that only you can reveal as you seek its deeper meaning. What goals are stirred as you read of RA’s power as expressed within the heart felt words put to paper. This is the power of planning and standing strong in your humanity as you pursue these goals. Use this gift wisely this solar month as we invoke the Solar month in Capricorn and awaken those fires of RA to quicken your surrender to the death of false perception and the rebirth of who you truly are.


Hymn to RA


All Hail to Thee, Mighty RA
Blaze of noon day sun.

Your fiery orb high in the
Sky above as we kneel
Beneath the heat of
Your radiance.


All the Gods bow to your radiance
All the Goddesses sing hymns of praise
To Your glory and man
Lays prostrate in humility
And devotion at the altar of
Your making.


Sweet music of adoration and offerings
Brought forth from the Black Land
Rise up in praise and thanks for
Your Sustaining Light.


All darkness flees at the touch of Your hand
All ceases its movement as Your expansive
Rays stretch across the morning sky.


The lotus opens to receive Your Touch
And the sands glisten as rare jewels
As You gaze upon each grain washed
Clean in the boundless ocean that
Reflects the brilliance of your face.


All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Who sits high
Above the world.


Khepra in the East
Atum in the West
Whose eye holds the
Point of Life and the
Trifold Arc of Power.


Your eyes see all and
You are the place of return
Within the glowing blackness
Of the Midnight Sun.


All Hail to Thee
All Hail to Thee
Amun, Amun, Amen!




Let …er Fly – The Magick of Sagittarius

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The Magick of Sagittarius
The Power of Reach Fueled by Seeking

The Magick of Sagittarius is complex and deeply layered with potential for multiple outcomes. Whatever we apply Sagittarian energy towards will have the signature of the traveller who is continually seeking new experience and action. This is change that encompasses everything in its grasp and then stretches to include even more.

Sagittarius’ strength lay in its flexibility and resilience as its changes course of action in accord with where the strongest current will carry its explosive arrows of catalyst. Accessing this energy is exhilarating and those seeds that catch the fires of Sagittarian intent will blossom strong and fully enlivened. Sagittarius is as much about the “journey” as the final destination. Workings that strive to keep the energy moving as decisions are made and action is taken thrive under Sagittarius’s enthusiastic nature.

The caution here is that of over extending. There can be a tendency towards having too many irons in the fire and although all are adequately heated and ready for the work at hand, each is diluted in intent as focus and will are spread too thinly. Having come from the intensity of Scorpio the action of Sagittarius lays claim to what has been excavated in those deep dark scorpion waters. However, if Sagittarius lingers too long in the emotional drama of Scorpio, those fiery embers die out and become too water soaked to ever catch fire again. To counterbalance this, Sagittarius may tend towards impulsive action trying to escape the floods but not being fully focused on where those new steps are taking them.

Sagittarius is the first sign of the third cycle of quadrant of Elements in progression around the zodiacal wheel. This is the third and last of the Fire astrological signs and in the order of progression, Sagittarius gathers to itself all of the creative and pent up energy and force that the other two Fire signs have generated. This is the progression from the first steps of Aries, looking out with fresh perspective and energy that is exuberant and youthful in its output. This exuberance is tempered and rallied into a space of blazing magnetism as Leo commands and ignites anything that comes close. This is charismatic will in its most dynamic expression. By the time we arrive at the third of the Fire signs, Sagittarius, the engines have been warmed up, the fires have been stoked, and Will to Action is pushing at the gates of expansive expression as the arrows fly seeking new goals to enliven.

Flexing Your Muscles


Sagittarius is Mutable Fire. Flexible and quantitative in quality, this active principle is expressed as sending out multiple streams of activity in diverse directions and hoping that something will take root. The flexible nature of a mutable sign also gives way to crossing beyond its boundaries and thus releasing what needs to be left behind so the next step towards advancement can be made. In Sagittarius this is typified by the beginning of many new projects, most of which will be left unfinished as desire urges them on towards something new.

Solar Month Magick

Enhances the creative will and creating a broader community of interaction:

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. The energy of Sagittarius is that of distribution. It is a sign of action. Sagittarius not only walks the path but blazes the trail and lights the way as it moves through new experiences. There is an underlying goal of expanding horizons while remaining within their comfort zone.

The Solar Month of Sagittarius is an excellent time to begin the work of networking and seeking out different paths of experience. Although Sagittarius is a Fire sign, there is much that relies on the creative mind as action takes hold and stirs the desire to explore and create new paths of connection. Think on the image of the Archer as the symbol of Sagittarius. There is a requirement of careful and thought-ful aim as the archer sets the arrow aloft. Calculation and precise intention are the only way the intended target will be hit. Desire and Will framed within the context of inspired mind create the strongest and most assured blaze.

The energy of this Solar month of Sagittarius next flows into the foundation of Earthy Capricorn. This is the astrological sign of slow and deliberate pace and it is this energy that guides the arrows shot freely from Sagittarius’ bow.

The Sagittarian approach can be used for short-term projects, but is most effective for long-term workings. A goal, such as expanding your work collaborations or plotting a new course towards achieving a specific outcome make use of Sagittarian Fire well. Similar to the New, Full and Waning cycles of the Lunar Month, beginning the working in the Solar Month of Sagittarius would be the first phase of exploring the options. Casting your net a little broader and remaining open to whatever you catch. As you move through the Solar month you will begin to recognize what will feed and nourish the desire to act and what should be tossed back- not being wholesome enough. A downfall and boon of Sagittarius is being able to generate excitement about multiple things simultaneously. As a downfall, this can distract away from the primary intent. But, used a benefit, it also can provide a very productive way of attracting multiple options and thus creating more choice for Free Will to be acted upon.

Using the cycle of Fire and those astrological signs of that element the next point of bolstering the energy would be during Aries’ Solar Month. The Solar Month of Aries provides the uncensored excitement that can be used to further what action has been decided upon. These are the energies that fully ignite the passion of trying without any limitation. This is the fuel that is precisely needed as Sagittarius opens the paths of choice that require pure joy and faith.

Having finally arrived in the energy of the Solar month of Leo, what has been reduced and refined as the finest of broths will attract far and wide those that seek its enlivening. Leo as a Fixed sign puts the finishing touches of structure and form to what has caught fires blazing strongly and fully and from this foundation the goal of aim may rise assured that it will reach its mark.

Lunar Magick: Time to Experi(ment)ence

Engages the will to action through exploration…

Use of Lunar energy in the astrological sign of Sagittarius provides the energetic principle of gently and slowly, if applied appropriately, those emotional waters that produce creative and stimulating action. Appropriate use of fiery emotions becomes the passion of great love that will give up life itself for the object of its love. Anger, when used to foster pro-active behavior can bring about change that transforms the lives of it touches.

Workings that require action that is infused with desire towards change, healing and growth make use of the outreach of Sagittarius. Causes that bring about the betterment of humanity can be catalyzed to reach a broader audience at the level of the heart. Workings that encourage movement beyond one’s own small world of identification and comfort are pulled within the tension of the archer’s bow and when released from an intent that is sure and steady take root as they pierce through the veil of illusion and self-centeredness.

The New Moon of Sagittarius would be used to seek out what stirs your passions and encourages you to commune with others of similar intent. Explore different scenarios and settings that relate to what you have set as your intention of reaching towards. The Full Moon of Sagittarius allows for igniting the flame of commitment and firing up the Will towards taking broader and more inclusive steps towards the intended goal. The energy of the Waning Moon in Sagittarius provides the cooling and setting period for what has been ignited. Opportunity to reach just a little further into what motivates your action allows the dross to burn away leaving the ash behind. And, even in this state of purging and reduction to ash there is the potential for it to protect and shield the small and tender shoots of new life that are quickening beneath.

Some Additional Astrological properties of Sagittarius
Keywords: Distribution, Interconnectedness, Expansion

The Archetype: The Explorer is the archetype associated with Sagittarius. Sagittarius thrives in what is new territory. The misconception here is that all this exploring is a preference to settling down and not heeding the call of wanderlust. The truth is that this is exactly how Sagittarius defines home. As family expands and becomes more inclusive and diverse from all of these great explorations, Sagittarius digs even more deeply into the joys and pleasures of being part of a community. The Explorer thrives in their explorations when the roots of their origins are the most firmly entrenched and reach broadly in support.

The mantra of Sagittarius could easily be-

“To boldly go ….”



Rules Astrological House:
The 9th House of the Zodiac, the House of Philosophy and Values

Moving through the Zodiacal Wheel’s energy, the First House is the singular “you” identified by your personality and who you are presently and who you who hope to become. The second House holds the possessions and things you have acquired that further define you. The Third House represents how you express yourself based on what you have learned of yourself (1st House) and what you have chosen to surround yourself with in the material world (2nd House). The Fourth House has taught the lessons of home and family; commitment and unconditional love for who we are now and who we hope to become. Arriving at the Fifth House we are now ready to emerge from the security of friends and family and stand courageously in the Light of the choices we have made, that have contributed to the crafting of this self. Moving on towards the Sixth House we are ready to give, to serve, to cultivate and to learn the lessons of harmonious interaction. Moving next into the Seventh House we stand ready to gather to ourselves all that we have learned on the journey thus far and use it to explore new paths, learn new ways of being and open to the partnerships forged on a new chosen path. The Eighth House of Scorpio brings passion and emotional attachment to the equation. Awareness of the physical pleasures of being human underscores the journey.

As we enter the Ninth House we are ready to initialize what those experiences have been as we load our bows with all that we hope to share and stir the will to action wherever the sights have been set. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius stands at the ready to push the extremes and encourage stretching to the limits of what we perceive to be possible. The number Nine relates to endings and serves as the threshold towards new beginnings. As we mature and add to the many people and experiences we encounter our philosophies change and grow as well. Some are elaborated upon and expand I their perspective and others wither and die, being left behind as we pass into a new way of being.

The colors of Red, Orange and Yellow are those that I see when I think of Sagittarius. These are the colors of a flickering candle flame. Blue lies at the core and is the hottest place of the flame and is also the color of healing; expansive sky and flowing oceans. The flash of blue contained within the surface of fire speaks of the healing nature of reaching out to others. The Fires of Will when acted upon have potential of burning uncontrollably or under the watchful eyes of a community being productive in their outreach.

The Hunger: Scorpio into Sagittarius

I stand on the horizon with my senses
Keen to the rhythm of life all around me
I breathe in the world’s offerings and
Send the experience outward, always
Looking towards the sun and sky
And that which is said to be beyond my grasp.

It is this reaching and straining that
Feeds my hunger to explore and extend
Beyond my limitations
And, once my will takes hold
All that lay within in my sight
Narrows to a single point of focus.

Restrained tension pulls against
The strength of carefully placed
Goal and the final pause of release
Is that which achieves its apex beyond
The keenest of sight.

Once again, the archer sets the course
As movement becomes dynamic
And primal urge bursts into the flames
Of desire and enthusiasm.

Tension gives way to flexibility of
Intent and directed will issues
Forth from that which has been
Carefully ignited.

I fan the tiny embers
That expand and become
Torches that are held towards
The highest of aspirations.
And just as sharpened arrows
Carefully aimed hit the core of
Their determined mark; these
Fires I set to burning within
You will give birth to spontaneity
And finely tempered form.

My paths are many and each is lit
By the embers I have set to
Smoldering deep within.

I am the teacher and the student
Who waits eagerly to blaze a new trail
I am the place from which the Phoenix
Arises and mine is the expanse that
Lights the way as the
Sea goat begins his journey.

Sagittarius is the Ninth sign of the Zodiac:

Seasonally, Sagittarius stands as space of pause from the celebrations of Samhain and Beltane in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, respectively and the longest night of the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere). This is reflected again in the number nine and the space of pause between what is ending and what will newly be started.

We stand at the precipice of focus in the Light and the intention of its waxing and waning. This opening requires calling out to what will be, expanding the horizons of what we know and seeking the insight of what we hope to be.

We have crossed the mid-point in the Solar Year and the 12 Houses of the Astrological signs. Each prior to this point has concerned itself with those aspects of our being that cultivate sense of self (Aries); sense of others (Taurus); expression of ourselves (Gemini); nurturing what we hold close to our hearts (Cancer); moving into our place of power (Leo) and claiming responsibility for taking a closer look at who we have become (Virgo); and finding that place of refinement through interaction. Scorpio marked the advent of self-knowledge and re-forming of what had come before as it is transformed. Sagittarius is now ready to shine and forge new connections as it moves purposefully beyond its comfort zone.

As we move through each of the Solar Temples in the coming year, it will become more apparent how interconnected they are. The story that is woven is one of growth and evolution that is just as relevant today as it was to the ancients. We learn from these natural cycles and their application is profound mundanely and spiritually.
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Sun in Sagittarius-A Tree of Fiber Optics

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A Tree of rare form
Lights the sky
Expanding and
Reaching in fiery
Limb and leaf.

In the early morning light
My beauty is graced by
Song bird’s beating wing
And awakening of leaf and life.

The noon-day sun cascades
Over my upstretched limbs
Heating and refining the
Visage of my furrowed bough.

Dusk descends and I strain
And stretch reaching up
Towards last Sun’s light.

And as darkness falls the
Memory of the day’s renewal
Lights the Paths that awaken
Community and expands
All that I know.

As we enter the Temple of the Sun, Qabalistically we are entering into connection with the central sphere on the Tree of Life, Tiphareth. The name given this sphere is Beauty and the energy is one of synthesis through sacrifice and integration through refinement of the sum of all of its parts. This is much the same energy that we experience in the course of a Solar year. The energy of each of the Zodiacal signs, their element and modality are modified and expressed through the brilliance of the Sun. And, in keeping with the evolutionary process of movement from one sign to the next, each is informed by the previous sign’s energy and contributes a part of its dynamic into the sign that follows. Please see the end of this post for recommendations about learning more about the Tree of Life.

Sagittarius and Jupiter on the Tree

Astrologically, we have learned that Sagittarius is ruled by the planet of expansiveness and abundance, Jupiter. We experienced the energy of an astrological energy that seeks, sets trails ablaze and then seeks some more; ever expanding its boundaries.

Within the Qabalistic Tree, Sagittarius and Jupiter hold sway in the Sphere of Chesed and the Paths of the Tree – 21st and 25th. When we speak of the energy of Sagittarius as lighting up the Tree in a very specific and technological way, we are considering the natural tendency of Sagittarius to use its skills of networking and forming enlightened collaborations. This energy is expressed as the networking within the Tree itself relies on lightning speed and it is exactly this “light” that enables a brilliant network to emerge.

The lessons learned from this type of exploration are those that encourage deeper probing of human motivation and desires. From these are crafted the tools that enable the seeker to know when to be merciful in judgment and when they are spot on about less than positive catalysts. This expansive outreach in a judicial way is found in the waters of the Qabalistic sphere of Chesed.
Chesed (Jupiter) and Tiphareth (Sun)

Chesed Tiphar

Tiphareth and the Sun

Each of the Sephiroth and connecting Paths of the Tree of Life holds correspondence with a planetary and/or zodiacal energy. The physical Sun stands centrally within our solar system, providing light and heat. Tiphareth provides the space of transformation and the full force generator that distributes what is processed so it may be utilized and transmuted by whatever it emanates its energy into. This is the sacrificial aspect of this sphere. This is the action of enlivening within its own source to ensure the continuation of the creative process begun within the other components of the Tree. So we begin in this central hub of universal energy and move out towards the flow of energy represented by the essence of Mercy found in the sphere of Chesed.

Chesed: The Sphere of Merciful Authority

Take my hand child
You have come far
And your journey has been

Come sit beside me
And feel the weight
Of expansion as it moves
Through your being.

Open your eyes
And look down
From the great heights
You have scaled as all
Comes to a precise point.

What once was unfocused
Has sharpened to a gaze of
Crystal clarity.

I offer you sanctuary
But you must walk through the
Heat of transformative
Change before
You come to me.

Chesed is the Fourth (4th) Sphere. Within the energy of the number 4 is the basis of foundation, solidity of form and function and endurance or permanence. Four indicates change (as in the four seasons), versatility (as in the four elements) and a nice solid equi-sided base upon which to build from those changes a versatile nature of enduring qualities. Four also relates to the planet Mercury; the planet of communication. The essence of the fourth sphere, Chesed, is the ultimate form of communication and then dissemination of that synthesized communication through the vehicle of compassion, mercy and grace.

Chesed is assigned the element of Water, and in making use of this watery nature healing, deep insight and an infinite “sea” of possibilities opens to the seeker in revelation of the greater purpose. These are the waters that have been quickened within the womb of Binah is its downpour towards Chesed. These are the electrified waters that have been infused with unconditional love and are in receipt of the fires of the Cosmos from Chokmah. These are the waters of inspiration and depth of intuitive nature that guides the course of those who choose to cross the perilous Abyss of Da’at.

The Sphere of Self-Awareness

The energy of Chesed is one of Consciousness that has received informed and generative spiritual powers from the Supernals and thus in turn emanates these in an expansive nature towards those Sephiroth that follow in order. In this state of being, consciousness has transcended beyond simple awareness of its Higher nature to awareness of how and where the point of origin of that Higher nature has evolved. It has in a way settled into the natural order and state of things and is at one with all, seeing itself part of all.

The 25th Path: Sagittarius and Jupiter
25th Path

Shine the light in the darkness
Of my illusory dreamscape
So I may see the veiling of
What has been falsely created.
A closer look and now what I
Perceived as illusion is the
Raw makings of profound truth.

Another look again and what I
Concluded has slipped through
My mind like ephemeral strands
Of astral debris.

The 25th Path is considered the Testing Consciousness. This process of proving validity and dispelling illusion comes about through the expression of anger and wrath. The necessary doubt of what is anchor more solidly was is true and verifiable by way of experience. The Middle Pillar is called the Mystic’s Way. The paths upon it represent the challenges and crisis that occurs as rapid and direct ascent to the Source is desired. These paths are not easy in their navigation for this reason and exponentially each step of progress made towards deepening the seeker’s spiritual path and presence becomes more laborious in its efforts. It is on this path that anger is transformed into surrender and wrath is transmuted into compassion.

The Planetary/Zodiacal Energy

The ruling planet of the astrological sign of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness and this state is the energy that flows through Sagittarius’s goal of collaboration. This is a state of expansiveness that can withstand the pulling back of the archer’s bow exerting just the appropriate amount of force so that the bow will not snap in two as the arrows of intent are haphazardly and dangerously flung about. Placement of this combined energy on the 25th Path provides the required focus of intent and will in an expansive way that fosters collaborative effort between Tiphareth and Yesod.

To read more about Venus’ energies, review the posts in:
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In numerology the 25th Path, or 2+5 reduces to the number 7. Seven is the number of possibilities accessible as a result of the efforts and work that preceded it. Seven relates to higher learning, and the actions taken in coalescing what you already know. This action provides the basis of having discernment about the choices made in exploring further pursuits and is the winning strategy of Sagittarius successfully engaged.

With this thought in mind, contemplate the choices that are available to you at this time on your spiritual path. Think about the products that each will provide and how these are in support of the realistic goals you have set for yourself in spiritual pursuit. Look at each choice as a path to be explored, asking for guidance as to which you should set out upon. Carefully weigh and measure each and finally calling upon the energy of temperance in all things, embark on a new journey towards the illumined fulfillment of your true heart’s desire.

Another Path of Expression: Jupiter on the 21st Path
The 21st Path: A Path of Merciful Grace
21st Path

The 21st Path is one of opportunity for grace. The state of grace has many meaning but within this path it is the reflection of the beginning of refinement of self and surroundings to become in alignment with the spiritual aspiration of selflessness and greater perspective. The lens of the camera opens and the world in which we claim our victories is seen for its narrow view. As the lens opens wider the expanse and truth of what we have claimed falls away and the real worth and value of those experiences is revealed as part of a larger whole that encompasses the victories of much more than ourselves. What happens in the stages between as each of the extremes coalesce on central ground determines the outcome of ascent to claim the Higher Self or descent for further refinement and accumulated experience.

The Planetary Energy

Vast expanse of space and time
Cyclic agent that holds the rhythm of
Universal Law within its domain
Builder and bridge of ever growing and
changing faith and mighty giant in
whose energy all are pushed towards growth
The thundering rumble of your cosmic song echoes
and reverberates within the core of my being
the pulse and push of life ever moving outward
seeking that which is beyond the perceived confines
of my grasp.

A moment in time where all is suspended in
A vast sea of potential and growth~ the horizon ever, and always
changing and moving just beyond ~
Forcing me to move further, deeper, more carefully into
the limitless temple of the mysteries.

You are the seat of moderation, giving form
the flexibility of the outreach
You are the wheel of transformation between whose flaming
spokes the arrows of the archer seek safe passage
You are the Light and the ferocity of the proud lion within
my heavenly home~ protector~ regal lord who
surveys and keeps watchful eye
as I walk the Path of Spirit.

The planet Jupiter is placed upon the 21st Path. Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness and inclusiveness. It is one of abundance and the magnetic attraction of prosperity of what is needed collectively. This quality of energy in connection to Chesed and Netzach maintains a constant supply of balanced and fertile inspiration. Chesed has the depth of experience that are the materials used in the process of creative outpour. The application of Jupiter’s energy works to bring these attributes to their fullest expression so that the maximum potential is held within the union of these two.

Tarot Key X – The Wheel of Fortune


Image: Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Note: Each of the Paths of the Qabalistic Tree has the assignation of a Tarot key placed upon it as further correspondence to its energy. The Paths 11-32 are represented using the Major Arcana cards.

Tarot Key X – The Wheel of Fortune is placed upon the 21st Path. This key is attributed as the Wheel of Destiny and also the Wheel of Life and Death. Considering this tarot key in that light the Law of Cause and Effect comes to mind and the role of karma and past actions that strongly relate to the sphere of Chesed. The energy of this key provides the opportunity for the victory of Netzach to take form. The quest for perfection and the overcoming of personality that would mar that process of refinement are the prime directives. The images of the Four Holy Creatures of spiritual perfection are held in the aethers; accessible yet easily transparent in their energies unless conscious awareness and action is taken towards clarifying their purpose.

In Conclusion:
As we consider the attributes of Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter and their impact on the Tree of Life the prominent focus is one of active engagement that seeks to broaden its horizons. This action is vital to the health and functionality of the Tree and its primary goal of interconnection. As we begin the process of stepping outside of our comfort zone, we rely on the hospitality of others. We seek counsel and advice from those we trust and then, and only then do we find within our newly expanded area of comfort the confidence to begin the search anew.

As the light of Tiphareth (Sun) shines brightly and radiates its vision of magnetic attraction throughout the multilayered branches of a tree that reaches far and wide in its expanse and impact we are reminded that in this vision of light extending towards light and darkness forming the paths of the space between, we realize the gift of action that extends the first hand of communion.

If you are not familiar with the Qabalistic Tree of Life, I would recommend reading through the article posted in my other blog, The Magickal Pen entitled “Geburah’s Might” to give you the necessary overview for an introductory base of working knowledge about the Tree. It can be found here:

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13 Keys to the Qabalistic Tree of Life

The Inner Chamber Series. R. Fennelly
Volume One: It’s Written in the Stars (2013)
Volume Two: Poetry of the Spheres (2013)
Volume Three: Awakening the Paths (2014)
Order at author’s website: Robin Fennelly

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December 17.2014


Jupiter Retrograde-Expanding Spaciousness

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December 8.2015
Jupiter Stations Retrograde
3:41 pm (EST)

The largest planet in our Solar System- Jupiter- stations retrograde this afternoon in the astrological sign of Leo. Jupiter is considered the great expander and has strong affinity with prosperity of all manner. Jupiter is the planet we use for money matters and financial gain calling upon the God, Jove as conductor of a strong and steady flow.

We have already explored the dynamics and magnetism of Leo in the Temple of the Sun and the fiery will to action that emanates from this brilliant centerpiece as the Sun itself reigns as ruler of this sign. When we think of Jupiter and Leo as co-conspirators the result is nothing less than spectacular!

The key point here is the retrograde stationing of Jupiter. As mighty Jupiter hangs in pause, things are going to expand and heat up. Beginning this retrograde while the Sun is in the fiery sign of Sagittarius adds an extra boost of dynamic flame to whatever it is applied towards.  The opportunity is one much like a hot air balloon. The heat exerted on the expansive balloon offers enough flow to cause the craft to rise and be carried aloft in search of new adventures. Leo’s  Fires applied to expandable Jupiter carry aloft the aspirations of will, desire and action to a place of the new trails and new connections of Sagittarius.

Now let’s apply this thought to the concept of spaciousness. Spaciousness is being open and receptive to allowing things to move through your awareness and being. Spaciousness is perceiving yourself as having room to grow and space gently between those intervals that gently pushes apart cell and structure as it creates space for more. Spaciousness is breathing deeply and fully taking in everything and still  not being completely filled as each increase creates paths of opening for more.

Now what if we could take this spaciousness and add layer upon layer of magnetism. As we expanded our spaciousness we drew more and more to ourselves. Each exhale opens a little more space to be filled. Each inhalation draws in magnetically what we wish to attract. And, so this cycle of expansion and contraction continues.

Let’s go back to the beginning and the traditional application of Jupiter’s energy towards abundance. This Jupiter Retrograde sets up the action of attraction, opening the “space” to receive this abundance and then breathing into the heart of its catalytic fires .

Jupiter remains retrograde until April of next year;so, use these months to slowly and steadily increase those areas you wish to be more abundant in your life.

Full Moon in Gemini- Your Call Cannot Be Connected As Dialed…..

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Full Moon in Gemini
December 6.2014
7:27am (EST)

Sun in Sagittarius

The Moon waxes Full tomorrow morning at 7:27am (EST) in the astrological sign of Gemini (Mutable Air). The opposition of astrological energy that naturally occurs during a Full Moon phase is the tug of war between what appear to be opposing energies. In this lunation that thought is best expressed as the “party line” or shared phone line where two conversations are vying for attention at once. Each is communicating in their own unique style, but the bits and pieces of detail are lost in the gaps between who is listening to who. The strength of Solar energy is mid-point in dynamic Sagittarius; expansive in its outreach and continually seeking new trails to blaze. Now, the cooling waters of Mother Moon are ready to talk it up and stimulate the mind as She finds her voice in communicative Gemini.

The quality of Mutable Air as catalyst in stirring up the emotional seas and the Fires of expansive Sagittarius seeking to spread out and claim their own path of networking and communication can produce a highly emotive and combustible effect. Whenever Mind comes on line, particularly the Gemini mind that can change direction as easily as a chameleon adapts to its surrounding’s color we have a potential for emotions being expressed that were fleeting and pertinent in the moment but dissipate as soon as rationale enters the picture. Add to this the Solar expression of Sagittarius, that seeks and seeks and seeks to find suitable burning ground and you have the dynamics for kindling sparks of idea, fueled by a desirous heart that may overextend and burn out before any real progress is made. Using the analogy of a phone call, imagine several lines of connection that get tangled in the transmission causing miscommunication to ensue with neither party reaching the intended recipient.

Please Hang Up and Try Again…..


The solution lies in the effort of trying. For each and every bright area that courses through the night sky of fully lit waters, just breathe and allow it to move of its own accord and land where it may. Although intent is the key ingredient in successful magickal work, so is knowing when to simply allow the desires to flow and let them blaze their own paths of connection. This also means standing firmly in a place of trust, that all will be communicated in the way that it should.

From a perspective of elemental correlate, we have the opposition of Sun in Sagittarius or Fire of Fire and Moon in Gemini- Air of Water. Water is the natural opponent of Fire as it extinguishes and heals what has been burnt. Air both feeds and extinguishes Fire; one setting the blaze higher and the other by its blustery gust creates lights out. So how do we use this info? My favorite analogy and one that I apply frequently to this particular astrological set-up is setting an exposed wire (Fire) in a pan of water (Water) and Electricity (Air and communication) sparks and sputters creating light.

This is an excellent Full Moon configuration for creating new pathways of thought pattern and using the emotional to guide the current of electrified charge that runs through it. Brainstorming and then passing these ideas through the filter of how they “feel” and what desires to bring them to life (Light) get fired up can go a long way towards reaching out a little further beyond what your normal selective process would be.

So plug in, and let those calls flow from mind to heart. Be receptive to what is communicated and then continue to leave that line open as you move through the waning of the Moon. What is viable and a stable and reliable connection will establish itself as that which is frequently called for insight and clarity. You may get a few busy signals as you tap into the greater network of other’s similar seekings, but keep the line open and try again.   With persistence you will soon have all of the circuit board lit up, effectively networking and beginning new ways of dialing in.

Chicago-CTA Switchboard-Operator-Merchandise-Mart-1957

Image: Switchboard Operator. Yes this was how phone calls were relayed way back when!

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December 8.2014
Jupiter Retrograde


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